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Old AC3 videos - Lord_Leperman - 08-31-2009

Naitoh, one of the more prominent Japanese AC players, has recently uploaded a bunch of AC3 videos from a Japanese tournament back in 2003.

With the recent resurgence of AC3P, some people may be interested in how the old AC3 stuff used to work, so here they are. I dunno if people can still pull off the stuff they used to do on the PS2 on the radically different control scheme on the PSP.

Also, compare and contrast this with the Master of California 3 tournament videos from the other side of the Pacific, also from 2003 if you're interested.

MOC3 videos:

RE: Old AC3 videos - Penguin Deus - 09-04-2009

I was gonna post this in the comments section of that article but I figured it'd be fine to say it here instead. They definitely never stopped liking the old games. Difference in exposure, mainly. I stilll would be totally willing to play LR with people if there were any to play.

Imori's bot was interesting. I like that he went away from the hzl50 and went with the jolly rancher sword instead. I understand the logic, though. Also, I think he wanted to do a bit of showing off.

RE: Old AC3 videos - NiX - 09-04-2009

I found the dual large rocket heavy to be pretty strange though. But the blader hover was pretty awesome! And yeah, Imori was definitely showing off. Like how he just dropped the rest of his weapons to blade the guy to death in the last vid.

The world really would be a better place if there were more people to play AC with.

RE: Old AC3 videos - Penguin Deus - 09-04-2009

Yeah...well NX and NB killed it for Cali. LR was starting to bring the scene back but AC4 put the nails in it! It's unfortunate since we had the biggest and strongest AC following in the US here. Sad

Oh yeah...Imori ran a moonlight hover with...some gun probably at some Japan vs. Korea exhibition back in the day. That was pretty cool.

RE: Old AC3 videos - Lord_Leperman - 09-04-2009

I'm pretty sure he was packing a Ksaw in that exhibition match, but I don't know what he had equipped on the left arm.

Still I am totally amazed that he can pull off a rocket switch in the middle of a blade strike. That's just crazy reflexes and timing.

RE: Old AC3 videos - Penguin Deus - 09-04-2009

Yeah you're right, it was a ksaw and a sword. All I remember was he pulled a really sik OB move in the ruins and cut the guy from behind. It was really cool.

The best part is you don't have the full match so I can't show you the cool cut. Curse you, Leperman!

RE: Old AC3 videos - NiX - 09-04-2009

Hahah I remember those days. Match vids were really hard to come by back then because of limited means of recording, limited hosting options, and slow internet connections (56k! LOL ).

RE: Old AC3 videos - Penguin Deus - 09-04-2009

Yeah it was the worst. I don't even know how we lived back in the day.

RE: Old AC3 videos - Terminator98 - 11-13-2009

So, this is the true power of AC3 pros... Interesting. Anyways, I had no idea PD was here... XD