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Pulverizer weaknesses - Rexzo - 11-09-2010

Tank-leg:Super slow can't rly dodge anything
Quad-leg:Horrible Stability
Bipedal:Has to stand still for most of it's attacks
Hover-Leg:Cowardious and bad aim it's self (not the like EO like things but they do horrible damage themselfs [also extremely horrible against micro missiles and dun let the battle last longer than it should prolonging this battle just annoying and leaves you w/ less Ap for the Archangel])
Archangel (Airbone):attacks rapidly however small damage per hit and it's barrier attack has horrible aiming
Super Archangel:it's attacks looks the same as the previous one from wut i saw on youtube the only differance is the super laser (huge but from wut i saw on terminater 98 videos u just bunny hop and left right left right [confuse the pulverizer's aiming? {edit: the super archangel is not much more compared the the regular just stronger offensively, defensively and ap-wise, i guess mobility wise to since it loves to keep moving unlike the previous one}])
Basicly i'm saying that each pulverizer has a huge weakness though u don't see them when you first fight them (cuz most ppl like me were intemidated like crap when they see the pulverizers, like how the Archangel killed Ziniada in less than a minute w/ only a couple of hits when it took me forever to kill her and in the cheap ass way Glare) though when you found these weakness out the pulverizer's all of them are easier than the most AC i defeated both the hover-leg and arch angel w/ my Genesis AC (And that has low fire power i just added 1 micro missles on my Back unit R for the hover leg)

RE: Pulverizer weaknesses - Goat - 11-11-2010

Every pulverizer (except the one in the secret mission) were vulnerable to missiles; the forementioned didn't have any AMS and were weak against shell-based weaponry.

The one on the secret mission had one, but it was still weak against shell-based weaponry but significantly had more AP iirc (about twice the AP of an AC) than its predecessors. Pilebunkers, rockets, and zooks are my choice here.

RE: Pulverizer weaknesses - Rexzo - 11-13-2010

I know but the hover-leg one was espically horrible against missles since it's in the air in the first place...the super pulverizer seem no different taht the airbone one just fires more of it's basic attacks (the green homing things you dodge like you do missles) blue lazers hav just horrid accuracy red usally hit you (just like the last one note:it loves to stand still when using this attack) the super laser i thought was gonna be tougher to dodge infact i thought this boss would be alot overall harder than wut i feel like it is Glare... espically cuz i had to do every single mission so i decided to use just dual rifles for this last brawl. (i personally stop using centus arms after i defeated Zinadia and Deamon i only go cheap whenever i dun feel like facing the raven or don't think they're worth my time) Bang bang

RE: Pulverizer weaknesses - atdsutm - 11-14-2010


RE: Pulverizer weaknesses - Rexzo - 11-17-2010

Super Archangel: horrible stability, it's paths are always straight (so you rly dun hav to aim that much [especially if he's coming your way]), Blue laser has horrid accuracy, Red laser amazing accuracy but stands still to use that attack, the green energy thing you dodge them like you do missiles, Big orange laser just stay atleast 250km or w/e the number ryt by the lock-on (psp version: it's alot weaker than wut i heard from the ps2, it's dmg range is that of a LX-cannon, however the huge breaking ability is still there), the target huge so any spread solid weapons is the best idea

P.S.-the tactics depends on wut weaponry you choose (i did dual rifles so basicly to do this and be successful you hav to dodge all of his attacks as if it was instinct except the red laser you rly can't dodge that no matter how hard you try Ermm however the more often he does this the more dmg you can do to him in little time because he stands still doing this [just make sure you dun do the same])

RE: Pulverizer weaknesses - darkdragon_ycart22 - 12-17-2010

Actually, the Super Archie is the most stable of them all, since it doesn't flinch against HP bullets unlike its normal version [I've been in a funny situation where it tried to blade me, but it can't because I was raping him with dual HP's. The stun causes it to forcibly repeat its attack animation, till my guns reloaded, of course. LoL. Or maybe that was the Hover?]

RE: Pulverizer weaknesses - taurustrin - 01-06-2011

how to defeat PULVERLIZER (personality)

tank type : anything
quad type : anything (but don't try to get close to it)
biped type (normal) : face it with laser blade (LB4 on quad is the best choice)
hover type : any micro missiles or CENTAUR
biped type (super) : no weakness for this type, just find yourself way to beat or survive.
archangel type : dual shotguns, any micros.
archangel type (inverted colour) : again, dual shotguns, any micros.

RE: Pulverizer weaknesses - darkdragon_ycart22 - 01-06-2011

micros won't work with the Super pulvie... so far, the CENTAUR+RM3 is the most effective missile combo against it, but still is simply far from enough. I haven't tried using LB3 on a Loris Tank and then stabbing it on him. Other options are the NIOH, Flamethrowers, Spread Bazooka Arms, CETUS, Dual M2's, PIXIE3 alone. SRSLY, many options out there. Even the Starter AC can kick its blue a*ss if you're good enough =p

RE: Pulverizer weaknesses - Rexzo - 01-07-2011

ok i can see shotguns on the archangels but you still have to get somewhat close to them to actually do damage spread bazookas work well too
Superbiped-just use dual rifles and boost backwards and somewhat bunny hop (just small ones though) so u can easily dodge the pulvie's blade wave

I found out that the WB18M-Centaur can take out the pulvie's easily (except super archangel cuz we all know that it has ams [i'm guessing it stands for Anti Missle System])

RE: Pulverizer weaknesses - darkdragon_ycart22 - 01-07-2011

yup, it is Anti-Missile System. Blue-ass has an abnormally high AMS response rate, probably around 90% like in SL's IBIS. The best missiles to partner with CENTAUR are the Missile Weapon Arms, except the Vert/Small one.

RE: Pulverizer weaknesses - Rexzo - 01-08-2011

Damn 90%?! wish i had that and ibis had a good ams? i didn't noticed b/c i nvr used missles in silent line well ibis still sux cool looking but sux

RE: Pulverizer weaknesses - darkdragon_ycart22 - 01-09-2011

LoL... Never mind using missiles. Just setup a speedy biped with only PIXIE3, and you're good to go. Like what we said, there are lots of options to take it out.

RE: Pulverizer weaknesses - Rexzo - 01-12-2011

lol i know i've played LR for awhile like about 3 or 4 months maybe more. Starting it out was very hard indeed espically since i started the series from AC4 n ACFA
and LRP was the first thing i got out of the portable series but now all of it is fairly easy (however i may have to pratice w/ the archpulvies (normal and super) since it's been awhile since i battled either of them

RE: Pulverizer weaknesses - atdsutm - 01-18-2011

wow , i really didnt know there were specific weaknesses of each even though i have played LR a lot before.

RE: Pulverizer weaknesses - Rexzo - 01-25-2011

When i play a game i'm really into i tend to be very observant to the AI's moves except the tank it usually takes me less than 20 secs to kill tank leg