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Question about color schemes - esreveR - 11-04-2011

I've noticed that some websites have listings of the color schemes used by Arena rankers. I'm curious how they find these. I'm also curious how some web sites find the parts listings for various mission ACs that never appear in the Arena, or how they find what optional parts Arena rankers have equipped. But first things first: Where do those color schemes come from?

I know the "Press Start+Select on beaten ranker bio to steal emblem" trick, by the way, but it doesn't seem particularly helpful in answering my question. I don't even know if that is at all related to it to begin with. But still. Anyone know?

RE: Question about color schemes - NiX - 11-04-2011

They just make the closest approximation of the colors. For parts and optionals, I'm sure they just guess as well. No real point in trying to reproduce the AI rankers. Their ACs are usually highly inefficient.