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LR Challenge: Underground Investigation
For you gunslingers...
(09-11-2010, 06:26 PM)Goat Wrote: H3 is already cheap btw, although I haven't exactly tried handguns against the superior pulverizer (secret mission); I've been using them only for PvP matches and trying to look for different combinations since clearing LR. Still, pulvies don't have an impressive amount of shell def so it should still do the job. Also, rockets are good against pulvies in regards to the aiming; they're too big to miss 70% of your shots. XD

True to that the H3 has way too much ammo for handguns... Roll eyes Hence the difficulty rating of "Easy". I'm going to try this mission without backweapons and see if I can still beat it... Dual DRAGONS (closest equivalent to energy handguns besides pulse rifles), now that is a challenge!

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