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AC: Realistic or Arcade-ish
Armored Core 1, PP, MOA, 2, 2AA, 3, and 3SL series do not have these "heat boost management tweaking" etc. NX, NB, and LR have these characteristics. I'm sure AC4TongueF also has these realistic characteristics. But the question is should they backtrack or not?

It doesn't affect me, so there.

Whatever happens to AC, well I have no plans on parting a game that I have played for so many years. If From backtracks it's features to the 'early' AC games, well it would be very complicated due to the reason that in NX, NB, and LR have these characteristics. If they wouldn't backtrack, and they added another 'realistic' feature, I hope it's going to be enjoying, not frustrating. Fromsoftware's previous AC games were pretty arcade-ish which involved many fast-full-action-shooting-explosions. They may tweak another feature, but it will not affect me anymore since I got used to it's features anyway. Hopefully, if there'll be a new feature that'll be implemented, make sure the feature isn't frustrating to play with.
It doesn't affect me, so there...

I don't mind really... As long as there is a part of AC being Arade-ish and at the same time realistic, I'll play it... or maybe even if it looses both. All I have to do is adjust myself to the game anyway. Wag lang nila palitan yung controls sa pure analog! Ipapa-apak ko sila sa Principality ko!
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Actually my choice lies in none of the above.

Why? Because this whole heat mechanic they put into AC is actually a good one, but implemented incorrectly. They made it become almost the centerpiece of the whole design in NX, and even though it's less apparent in LR, it can still be a bother sometimes. Heat can become a balancing factor, if done right. So far, it hasn't been.

However, I wouldn't like to let FROM have their way with the series too, although that is what will most likely happen since they're the ones actually creating it. Tongue
I hope that they listen to the fans soon, otherwise they may be left with a crumbling franchise. What would make it all the more painful if that happens is that it has a lot of potential to be something great.

On the other hand, what will happen to AC4 will affect me, since I would be shelling out a lot of money to play the game, LOL. I'd be very very disappointed if it turns out to be garbage.

So there... keep some of the designing intricacies, but not all. Too much complexity makes games unfun.
basta ako realistic parin ang AC sa akin dahil sa first person view kasi parang feeling mo kaw nag pipiloto ng AC mo yung lng ang masasabi ko
May point si Grim...

Naramdaman ko yung effect ng heat sa AC's dati sa Nexus...
Pakiramdam ko, Humina na yung heat sa Nine Breaker... Pero sa tingin ko, ako lang yun...
Wala na akong paki sa heat sa Last Raven... And to tell you guys the truth, it's the last thing I think of in my designs now.

Kasi, kung ayaw mong ma-bacon sa loob ng AC, ilag na lang ng ilag... As long as maganda yung GRB setup ng AC na gamit ng nagpi-piloto, kung hindi, mauuna pa yung missiles sa pag-marshmallow sayo.

Ito na siguro yung sinasabing -separating the white from the yolk-...
Sa heating siguro natin malalaman talaga kung sino yung magaling sa assembly, piloting at both... No?
'Signatures are overrated.'
too much realism equals less fun (except sa mga nerd)
too much arcade-ish equals spamming w/o tactics

dapat may balance... hehehe

dismayado ako sa Nexus kasi sa sobrang realism ang na-incorporate sa game... ayun... too much heat, slow AC movement etc. waahhh... nawala ang fun factor :sad: , siguro temper factor meron (buti na lang, matiyaga akong mag-customize at himayin ang game physics ng Nexus kaya nakagawa pa ako ng mga "functional" na AC's)

nung na-release ang Ninebreaker, medyo naging OK na rin kahit papano, heat was toned down, slight speed increase, revamped part stats... so yung mga baguhan pa sa AC, medyo magiging OK sa Ninebreaker... :excited:

now that Last Raven was finally out (at tinapos ko sa loob ng 2 weeks, kasi may work ako Shades ... gasgas na gasgas na sa mga kamay ko ngayon) whew! LOL AC speed was great, heat was manageable without using the "trend gen-rad-booster combos" (but if you didn't pay attention to it, heat pa ang papatay sa iyo) and parts stats are OK (pero may ilan pa rin na medyo "inappropriate" yung stats) . mas marami na akong mga parts na pwedeng pag-eksperimentohan (kasi nga, heat lang ang nagre-restrict sa akin na gumamit ng ibang parts) ok nang mag-conceptualize ng mga AC designs :wink:

so... yun lang... destroy the balance means destroying the game itself... siguro pwede na yung 60% realism and 40% arcade-feel :smile:

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Does not Affect Me.

Para sa akin it does not affect me kse di naman ako naglaro ng AC dati eh... last year november lang me umpisa mag laro... AC NX yun... so it adds realism... tama yung isa post that it should be fun but not too arcadish and not too real... i think though the heat management system that FROM put in the game is about right... why... well if you think about it parang kotse... normal running nun at 100kmph is hot... and if you think about the different weapons... they also apply heat... especially the back mounted galvatron gun... sorry i forgot the name and the ladon... add that with the normal operation of your AC... Plus it also sees how good a person is in making an AC... Sorry medyo nerd lang kse ako... but of course who isnt... kung into cars kayo... normal lang na setup diba... eh parang kotse ang AC natin ahehehe... kse dati la ako paki sa kotse... eh i needed a new engine sa kia ko... so sinalpakan ko ng Mazda Z5 DOHC engine... 180+kmph no problem diba...then yun nalaman ko na yung iba... aheheheh parang AC aheheeh...
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