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Armored Core Write-Ups
Why aren't there any (or very few) good AC write-ups? Does the game lack depth? Is it not interesting enough to write eloquently about? I just came to that realization after reading some BEAUTIFUL StarCraft write-ups.

(there are several others. and regularly published too) is an awesome site. They show true dedication to a game they love (StarCraft). Sometimes, I wish AC communities could be even half of what Teamliquid is (EDIT: Then again, no other game has professional leagues as developed as that of StarCraft. But still.).

Maybe one time, if ever I become really inspired, I'll try my hand at composing an AC write-up.
Dammit! No one noticed my style balance topic was a write-up in disguise! Tongue

Seriously, I've often thought of writing one but it always seems that I haven't played "enough" of the game to make sweeping statements. Also, I don't think a lot of us play that often with the entire spectrum Armored Core has to offer to relate to whatever's being said. I could be wrong though.

Write-ups do exist though, joust's "How to make a tournament-worthy AC" is one example. There just aren't that many of them.

But hey, if anyone wants to I'm not stopping them. The Republic needs all the content anyone can give. Wink

EDIT: The pics in their articles have no connection. Haha WTF.
Hahah actually most of the pictures were connected. Others were just random pics of SC progamers

Look at this!!! They even come up with mathematical equations to explain outcomes in the StarCraft progaming scene! >_<
For fans, by fans.
This game leaves a lot of story lines to made.. I mean tons.

There is so much fantasy in this game, I mean I know i wrote some for a highschool project. I don't know where it went though.
I don't think Nix really mean fanfics or extensions of storylines, rather analyses of the game through writing. Like aspects of the game which are often murky or too complicated to learn all at once. Write-ups give the opportunity to present these ideas in the writing style you choose, all while being informative.

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