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Formula Front PSP Frustrations
Really belated topic considering when it was released!!

1. The AI is dinky and playing in manual will pwn it.

2. The unbalanced parts from LR say "hello, nice to meet you" because the PSP version came first though nobody actually played it because it was lame:

RS is still the same, HP can still be used as a hangar weapon, Loris + Lemur 2 are still there, UA is still awesome and being underweight can give massive speed bonuses, TP is still there

3. The auto-vertical aim feature takes a huge chunk of difficulty away from the game. With a good EO core, it's like having 4 accurate EOs. It may also affect the player's aiming skillz in other AC games in a bad way.

4. The only "good" point is that parts cannot be reused, but there's really no point to it since all the parts are available at the beginning. Besides, who wants to just watch ACs when they can play?

5. Our PACT 3 ACs can be used for FF.

6. Only challenge is in playing other humans. Good luck finding other Pinoy Ravens that aren't already members here.

On the plus side, at least it's still an AC game, unlike that PS3 release LOL
Anyway, been practicing Lili in DR for the whole night and it broke my brain so I can't exactly narrate properly.
My perceptions of FF are based on the PS2 version which I've played for some time, and not the PSP version.

The game's physics are exactly similar to those in AC:NB, including the new parts introduced in NB, as well as the balance changes from NX (such as a higher attack power for the RL, increased weight of SRFs, incresed ROF of AST handguns).

The auto vertical aim makes most sideway FCS' dominant in many cases, and there's no option to turn this off in the PSP version IIRC (because of lack of proper control buttons I presume).

The SPARTOI is the only direct firing missile system you'll need because of its above average accuracy compared to all other missiles, the CENTAUR was also been reported to be on the same level as the MV verts.

If we are going to implement PACT rules, let's just remove the TP booster ban since the acceleration stat hasn't been implemented yet and the real dominant boosters are the GULL series because of their very high efficiency. The "no repeat parts" rule was a good idea IMO, and just needs a bit of tweaking for further human vs. game play.

The game's great for portable gaming though, as it is the only game of its class on the PSP as far as I know. I dunno about 4 player support for the PSP though, has anyone tried if its possible? That'll make it easy mobile gaming competitions as we can forgo the bulky hardware.
We did. When the number of players reach 3,the game speed is greatly reduced unless you guys are using AI. I was just wondering,how come I never saw G97,gull2,vulture3,TP2 etc. on LR????I mean I thought this game was released before LR???
So, after more testing, I think the game is more broken than I had originally thought Ermm
Why? BP owns everything.

Just finished every single AC/stage in the game in one sitting with just one set-up and -nothing- else except of course the required parts like an FCS, generator/booster/radiator, etc.


BP (no hanger, left hand or back weapons)

... *sigh* Fromsoft talaga. Wacko
Yeah that's my cheesebot for LR too. Eye3, Loris, UA, FA, BP, BP, TP specifically.
I think the BP is not so cheesy in LR as it was in NB/FF (To the point it was banned in some NB circles in Japan IIRC). The downgraded shot velocity (1010 => 980 IIRC), ROF (from 72 => 98. It was the 2nd fastest firing BZ in the game in that version), and noticeably lesser degree of accuracy from NB/FF, balance it well against other top weapons in LR.

Oh, and hovers rocked in NB/FF, the lack of part breaking and awesome boost speed has lent to their battle longevity.
Oh yeah my cousin said to me that he cannot pilot an AC, he also said to me that he can build an AC, but the AI uses it. . . . .

can anyone answer it??
My first impression of you was right

But there is still that needs to be done

We must hurry
Jack-O Wrote:Oh yeah my cousin said to me that he cannot pilot an AC, he also said to me that he can build an AC, but the AI uses it. . . . .

can anyone answer it??

You can switch control modes in the PSP version but not on the JAP PS2 version. I was able to finish the game so quickly because I completely ignored the AI controlled version.

I think the player is given a choice at the start of every match.
Parang Monster Rancher.
'Signatures are overrated.'
BP and LX owns pretty much anything in this game. I do like creating AIs for my ACs though, it makes it easier for me to gauge my ACs' capability by watching it.
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