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Your Weapon Combination
Well if you wanna put something here about your offensive/defensive combinations, well just post 'em up.
Oh yeah arrange them in order from most to least favorite combination.

<span style='colorWhistleed'>At least 1 combination and at most 2 combinations.</span>
<span style='color:purple'>EO cores</span> are allowed of course (e.g. Dual HP's and 9E)

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Explain why you picked that combination</span> :mellow:

<span style='color:purple'>E2 core, PIXIE3, NIX, and Urchin
Dual HPs, then Dual Wraiths + OB then Urchin</span>

I use these combinations because... well it fares up quite fair but it packs up heat and makes the enemy's energy gauge recharge XD

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>EDIT: LOL NOW THERE'S A REASON</span> <span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'>XD</span>
Dual shotties + OB: SP on the right, 76S on the left, + EOS.
Mini-Sawa + Handgun + OB: 98L on the right, HP on the left, + 840/UL.

"These are a few of my favorite things..."
Yeah, that was lame. :meh:
You might also wanna put why though, so that we could have a discussion going.

Well I like the first combo for the sheer fun of it. Shotties are uber-weapons, LR just hasn't realized it yet. And with OB, things just get a lot more meatier. Tongue

The second combo, as some of you might notice, I use on my current staple, Madness. Nothing much to say there: the Mini-K's one of the most (if not the most) accurate gun in the game. And with increased gen caps and reduced booster charge drain contributing to easier dodging in LR, that's always a good thing. The HP's for dealing out a quick ton of damage, not to mention heat, to the other AC. And again, OB makes it all the more crazier.

Overall, I like the two 'coz they're fun.
ako eto weapons setup ko pag VS AC or Arena

R-HANGAR: HANDGUN na 100 ammo

Ang BAHO ng weapon setup ko amf T_T
Nothing wrong with that :smile: Malakas naman makasira yung FENRIR eh.

My combos are:

SHADE2 (or KARASAWA or Minisawa) & NIX + E2
Deals very fast, but a little on the drainy side LOL

PERYTON & NIX + Hangered ROC4 & LB4
Deals damage fast as well, though this is mostly used on OB and Hanger cores.

Deals hit and part damage quickly, the only problem is Griffon (lack of ammo at times)

I believe I have more, but I forgot them :sad:
[Image: nines.jpg]
:bigsmile: Shadow + Spectre still rocks...
LOL Shade + Nix strips AP...
:excited: Silky + Nix does same, only slower...
:blink: Karasawa + Fenrir... Try shooting this in your enemy's face...

I have lots more where these came from... It's just that, I don't remember their names... :excited:
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serene ang sakit na combination yun wahehehe LOL
Matagal aku d nakapagpost ah...Anyway...

Ngayon eto akin eh...

R Arm - 98GL(light grenade,d ko sure kung tama ung serial number)
L Arm - RLA(linear rifle)

Ito ang aking current favorite.Mahusay yang combo na yan pag vs lalo na pag nakaconnect lahat...Una nade tapos follow up ng tatlong RLA tapos nade ulit.Mahusay magpainit tong combo na to,tska ok sa part breaking.May ilan nagcomment sa ACO ok daw ung combo eh,basta makuha mo ung timing.Honestly,i dont know why not too many use the arm grenades...They're hella fun!They're currently the center of my designs and this is one of them.


R Arm Zook(kalimutan ko serial number,pero kahit anong zook naman pwede eh)
L Arm LB3,or any blade(kahit ano na trip ko)
Back Unit NYMPHE + Missile extension

Eto naman mejo tricky na combo...Close in sa kalaban tapos NYMPHE tapos pag nalito na cla sa missile o kaya nastun cla ng ilan sa missiles blade na,tapos zook,tapos blade ulit...Kelangan ku pa ba explain kung bakit gusto ku to?GG to boi...Wala ba tlga blade tracking?May usap usapan kc sa ACO mas effective ang tracking pag may back radar eh...And i have tried,meron nga ata kc mas effective tong combo na to nung tinry ku eh...Ewan ku lang ha.Kung may tracking nga,makakatulong yun kc kelangan mapredict mu kung san ung punta ng kalaban after nung missile salvo eh.

And finally,for some cheese...

Core EO E2

Pepper spray!Close in and fire...Simple.This combo is quite straight forward,and quite the same with the results.Fastest record ko ng ganitong combo laban sa isang heavy tank na mataas ang solid def soak 18 secs.Ewan ku kung mabilis na yan,pero yan record ku laban sa tank eh.Kaya lang naman mabilis yan kc madali dumikit sa mga tank,d rin naman sya makaiwas wahahaha...
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Eto pa iba... ito yung mga madalas na ginagamit ko ngayon...

:mellow: 69M+Nix, parang Silky+Nix, kaso nga lang walang energy consumption.
:blink: Ogre+1SP, nakalimutan ko yung pangalan eh... Di ko kasi kabisado. Basta, the heaviest High attack Bazooka on the left, 20 ammo plasma "rifle" on the right.
Wub 88G2+95G, dual grenade pistols... Eto yung madalas ginagamit ng mga mahilig sa mga de sabog... Including your's trully. Nakakatakot lang daw tignan...
'Signatures are overrated.'
kung kalaban mo mahilig sa close range ^^
Kaya nga si [K.E.O.S] ko close range eh.
'Signatures are overrated.'
(forgot the name, but it's Etzam Nar's MG), NIX and E2 + Urchin

I use it close range and it kills an AC fast. I just want to use weapons that emphasizes atk heat. XD
Primary: RS sniper rifle & HP handgun
Secondary: HP handgun & H69 handgun

this setup rocks my socks. does damage at just about any range and is great at damage racing in close quarters too. the handguns help to exploit the F73H fcs' parallel sight and the RS sniper rifle rounds fly fast enough so that i don't have to work too hard to time my shots. also, HP's at both stages mean more stun.

it's kinda cheap though. some tournaments may ban HP handguns as hangered weapons, so i would just switch the hangered HP for another H69.

the only downside to this setup is that it's all solid shell damage. but i use this setup because i'm lazy and it deals quick damage without having to do a lot of work.
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Machine-guns and missiles. Sometimes rifles (linear and laser) kung gusto ko magtipid ng credits.


BTW, most of these weapons are paired with GAR, FUNI or RM2/3.

I was really fond of watching Robotech when i was smaller so i ended up trying to emulate Max Sterling's piloting style in most of the mech games i play (except for Front Mission 3/4). I use these weapon load-outs in most of the ACs i pilot but do change them when the situation requires it.

I haven't really played any AC game online yet so i'm not sure about any banned stuff.
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R-hand: 93LR (Linear rifle)
L-hand: R3

it's simple, easy to use (except for the slight lockbox problem),
and both guns link well at the range I need them.

No to mentions, they link well with the Rifle EO's, and it's scorchingly accurate, with decent damage.

Not as damaging as some other gun combos, but I like it for its brutal reliability and consistent shot - this was the setup that I used when I killed my very first pulverizer!
*sniff* Happy;
[Image: totallyrandomkane.gif]
HP, Ghast, 98E and URCHIN
Ghast, (Etzam's Mgun) and 98E core part

I just love using these close range combinations. It builds up heat and it diminshes their energy gauge away easily + it'll burn your AP in seconds.

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