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who's the hardest enemy that you've encountered in any of the AC series?
for me it's Roughneck from Armored Core Project Phantasma, i think the AC's name is Dual Terror, man, i really got a hard time beating him. Chair
Hardest? definitely Daemon. I never found the right AC to beat him until I built the Abel design.

which needs to be updated, btw. I have an AC4 version that beats the mess out of anything >_>
Shouldn't this be in AC Stuff? Anyway, the mods will come along. Tongue

For me, the most challenging (read: cheap) AIs can be found in the Master Arena of MOA. >_<

Ace, the 1st Ranker of AC3's Arena is also memorably challenging.

Oh, and the baddies in AC2AA's Lost Field were pretty hard too!

EDIT: Oh wait, how could I forget that giant MT in AC2. >_< That bastard took me countless tries to beat.

Okay, with the AI it'll have to be Silver Fox from SL and ACE (IIRC) from MOA's EX Arena (The all white, lightweight AC with two laser cannons and a laser rifle with all the PLUS extras included).
I don't really remember the names, but I'd have to agree that some of the hardest came from MoA. lol
Rick is a dominant. The AIs even say it when he plays the last missions.
Nineball Seraph for me.
I had to cheat with a design to take him down.

Tanks + Nb Seraph = blade wave ignorance
to the mods,

sorry i posted at the wrong topic.. Chair

And maybe Ultimate Nine Ball. I'm guessing we all had a tough time on MoA AIs since we were all newbies then haha.
NiX Wrote:EDIT: Oh wait, how could I forget that giant MT in AC2. >_< That bastard took me countless tries to beat.

I hated the next mission after that where you have to face 3 AC's all at once.

now, if we're talking on how hard it is to defeat just one of them, it's pretty easy. all at once is a different story.

if we were going for a lot of enemies all at once, I'd say Marche Au Supplice or w/e the mission was called is the hardest 4 enemies in any AC game.
I didn't find that 3-AC-opponents mission to be so hard... IIRC, my AC actually only had the Karasawa MKII equipped. That gun is SERIOUSLY broken. >_<
uber zinaida(lr) and the yellow tank with dual gls from PP
moa AI can be cheaped out!!! ring out victories for me until I reached napoleon him I really fought but got him on my second try so I can't say he was hard.

anyway its always someone in the middle (in the arena) that always gives me headaches ... that seems to be a standard trend in my case.
whargarrblwhargarrblwhargarrbl[Image: whargarrblcounter.jpg]  ...
*deleted because cringe*
The hardest for me was (and still is) a certain AC from MOA's Extra Arena that "believes the colors red, white and blue and laser weapons are required of a hero". The bastard used dual IR24s plus a Karasawa (IIRC) and took me around three hours to take him down.
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Lucifer (Daemon) for sure. anything else i can eat for lunch np...
Hahah don't get too caught up fighting against Daemon. His playstyle isn't very realistic as no human opponent can duplicate what he's doing due to non-OP-I design limitations. TR-Liger of the versus arena, the VR Arena's Top 2, and Evangel are probably the best opponents to train against if you don't have any other humans players to go against (thought they're still pretty unrealistic).

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