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who's the hardest enemy that you've encountered in any of the AC series?
Lucifer and the Tank AC (one of the top ten) in ACNB. That tank can crush you in less than a minute. Also Necron and Pale Horse of PP and Napoleon in MoA, rain of DEATH.
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I have already told you my hardest enemy.

So now, it is time to reveal the hardest enemy of The Last Raven.
hardest enemy?? well it will be:

IBIS: he's the ancestor of the Pulverizer, i tried to use an AC design using a KRSW, and no back weapon, but i did not got an S rank
Blue Pulverizer: It uses AMS!! so missiles are no use, and using Bazooka is a hard to master
Zinaida: her simple AC and the Uber type is also hard to kill.
Evangel: well I think some of you easily defeated him. my problem is he uses his Moonlight.
Omega: well that mission where you have to kill him is pretty hard, the area is almost packed up.

uhm, I think I post also how to beat them
My first impression of you was right

But there is still that needs to be done

We must hurry
in LR Evangel is my archrival,I had an easier time beating up zinida (weird right) its just that darned linear,he's to good with it.Everyone else I can beat up and down the battlefield.Well it doent apply when im against multiple AC targets,like that one mission where you must kill zuben then rim fire,thats always been hard for me.
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exile from ac3 was probably the most frustrating arena AI to beat. damn cheat.

the rest were just pretty easy to figure out how to beat.
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1 on 1? The 9ball in nexus. The one where you have to smash some generators to get to. I had to tick it to kill it. I can't kill it head on.

more than 1 on 1? There's a 5 on 2 situation in fA. You friend won't last so, make the most of your time together.
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I can't beat Pulverizer Archangel in Last Raven so maybe that was my Nemesis
Amazed by how so many people can't beat last Zinaida or Last Pulverizer even with help sometimes... Being an AC pilot must be a gift lol.

One guy that comes to my mind is...

- Silver Fox. AC:SL. Why? His missile combo murders you (I stole the missile set). Of course, that was when I didn't know how to dodge those missiles to much, or use decoys. Still a pain in the ass,

- Last Raven Zinnaida:
I broke a controller over her. Was not until I realized that using a quad at my level wasn't good, and I needed something fast and powerful. Thus, Heaven's Blaze (old one) was born, and the game Last Raven wasn't a problem anymore. Tongue

Other guys are helluva easy fight... (that might be because I played last raven first... so all games became easy...)

Who said IBIS is hard? I kill him in less than 10 seconds. (without a parry blade on top of that.) PROOF:

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Matthias AC2, the epitome of cheapness.
in The Last Raven, Zinaida was the hardest to beat. In AC: 4a, i can beat white glint HARD in my fourth try (with my AP left is less than 30%)

But, since i can beat them all, my nemesis would be my own shadow.
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Agreed. He's still overpowered even now. LOL
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But not when you have him use flightsticks.
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That ridiculous Pulverizer from the hidden LR mission. For a while I really didn't think you were supposed to be able to beat it.
(12-02-2009, 02:10 PM)Sforza Wrote: Lord_Leperman

I also agree ... only way to beat him is have someone play cammy in sf4 at an adjacent tv XP
whargarrblwhargarrblwhargarrbl[Image: whargarrblcounter.jpg]  ...
*deleted because cringe*

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