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Best way to practice?
Armored Core is serious business. Jason
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But anyway, when I'm playing alone, I just train against TR-Liger of the versus arena. He's definitely not the most difficult opponent but the point is that you can actually use tactics that are effective against humans to a limited extent.

With other AI opponents such as Evangel and Daemon, they just keep sticking to your ass and everything just turns into an I'll-outturn-you-while-stunning-you-with-LGL-and-flying-up-and-down fest. -_- Sure they're pretty challenging to beat, but you don't really learn skills that are so applicable to human versus.

For practicing to aim up and down, TR-Elk and Zinaida are pretty effective.

And for testing how susceptible your design is to heat, there's that guy with the SHADE and GRIFFON and LX.
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