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Make Your Own AC Part Descriptions!
You guys know those little captions that describe AC Parts? In this thread, post what you think will make a better/funnier caption for a particular part.
I'll start:

FURUNA - It's like having KRSW INSIDE your AC!
ORCHID - Heavy generator enough to power a city
ETTIN - Insta-lose.
BIKUNI - Yes, such a part exists.
"Numbers are not part of the real world; they're part of something else."

-Prof. Rolly Panopio, UPLB Math Division
/U - This core part is the shit. Really.
Dragon - Mediocre laser rifle like the Skull, Spirit and Python.
Fenrir: Bigger, Badder, and not so much better...
LGL - pls. stop abusing the stun goddammit.
PYTHON - ZOMG we thought it was 1337!
[Image: nines.jpg]

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