defeating daemon.
I can't match Lucifer's style.

He's fast, and he hits hard.

can someone give me an AC design that can beat him.

I did it with a fast ac and missiles the point is when the lgl starts firing run the stun is the thing that makes daemon hard ... well IMO you can suffer hits from the others weapons ( special mention for mister dinky laser MG ... even if he has human + or OP-I)
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*deleted because cringe*
Ah daemon, yes he's fast, and people will be darn angry about him, anyway what I did is I use a tank, yes tanks are risky, try to include the LX or Geryon3 (make him suffer for the heat, meaning overheat him, so he will not boost to the sky) or use a biped and and Cetus weapon arms, stun him...............

Oh yeah I'm not sure though
My first impression of you was right

But there is still that needs to be done

We must hurry

Core Frame:
Mayfly | E2 | XS | Cougar2
10,0,0,0 | 10,0,0,0,0 | 0,10,0,0,0 | 0,0,0,0,10
Internal Systems:
Birdie2 | Limpet | g91 | ANANDA
0,5,5,0 | ~ | 10,0,0 | 10,0,0
Armaments and Countermeasures:
none | none | none | none | Pixie3 | Nix |

10, 10, 200
200, 200, 200
200, 0, 200
10, 10, 200
200, 0, 200

Weapons are all yellow.

as soon as the match starts, boost hop into about half-way into the arena and then start flying up above him, then turn on the EO's and wail on him with both of the machine guns.
Try using a De-Pulversizer core setup. And make sure you don't miss.

Machinegun Arms + Karura + Rm3 + E2 Core
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i use a micro missles and a linear rifle and i choose LORIS for great aimming accuracy
well, i supposed that daemon (what i think is the strongest i've fought) but he has a pattern try and guess to analyze this. What i think that daemon is not the good one when you practice if you understand his movement he only do is to jam you with annoying LGL and he always pressure you..

I think equip the fastest design then use any single and powerful attack rifle. try if you can use RL with only TP then a very good distance to hit him then don't ever stock on the wall it may screw you for almost 2000damage.. the important is you must understand his movement and pressuring
Just CR-C98E2 core + Dual Sylphs

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As J.E. has demonstrated, Dual Sylph, E2, and VIXEN or any leg with really high turning speed should get the job done.
Fifteen goddamned seconds. Nice.
It was my online version of LR vs alexwaslaguna back then.

Anyway another option is to use a heavy AC with high stability if you dont like getting stunned.
Dual wield BP bazookas and stick to the ground, that should take him out fast too. If you're still having trouble, use a high stability AC like J.E said.
[Image: nines.jpg]
I prefer taking down Daemon by just circling him and continously fire him with the dual Rifle AST system LOL

[Image: upeo113pr8.gif]


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theGrim Wrote:Fifteen goddamned seconds. Nice.

j.e replied with a 13 sec vid...
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*deleted because cringe*

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