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Max arm weight on cores
I was playing around with LR, looking for a way to fit the 93LR, BP, and a set of heavy arms on a SELENA core, which is impossible due to restrictions on max arm weight stat. So I tried it out anyway and found out that it made no difference in terms of accuracy if your max arm weight stat were overweight or not. I've tried the same arm and weapon set on the E2 core (the core with the lowest max arm weight stat IIRC) and it made no difference in performance. The accuracy results were also the same through fights in the arena, generating the same accuracy results for both overweight and non overweight cores.

A couple of things though, I've tried it only on single shot weapons such as rifles and BZs. On automatic weapons, I've tried the NIX and had consistent accuracy results from AI testing on both overweight and non-overweight cores.

So there, my conclusion is the max arm weight stat on cores is a bogus stat...
What's the "arms overweight"
status supposed to affect, in theory?
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It did affect accuracy back in AC3 and SL by not double locking at opponents for shell based weapons... with the exception of energy weapons IIRC back then.
It was supposed to affect accuracy I think...
It happens to me a lot...
Parang wala ngang epekto eh...
Or baka... Mas gumanda pa yung performance...
'Signatures are overrated.'
I did some tests and I can agree that it doesn't seem to affect anything. I think that the arms overweight thingamabobber is just a carry-over from the previous AC games, where it did affect accuracy and speed.
hmm... i've never actually tried to overweight a core's max arm weight. but it has been my observation that accuracy increases the further the core's arms are underweight. could just be me.

anyway, i'll give the overweighting thing a shot and see what happens.
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Parang walang nangyari. 'Tried to make an Arms overweight AC. Hmm it doesn't affect the accuracy. Maybe you can try checking if there's a problem in Aiming adjust time. I forgot to test it though. XD

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