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AC (PvP) Match Videos

Me and Rick just messing around the other day. Tracking's gone to hell.

There's also been a recent influx of new LR vids by way of ACU. Just head here.
PACT 1 targeting was better for me LOL.

I'll shape up soon though.
I'm not sure if my vids qualify for tournament/competitive! If they did I'd prolly be playing like a fag. Tracking from pact1 to that recent vid look about the same to me.
That's fine. This is basically PvP match vids dumpsite, since there isn't that much out there to begin with.

#36 --> I'm not sure if this has been linked here before, but this account is full of AA/AC3/SL videos recorded in really high quality.
Me and LCC just started doing our own fantasy duel thing for Last Raven, they're up on my youtube, and with decent quality.
Hahah "decent quality" is being really modest about it. Tongue
Well there's still a lot to be had. For instance i could even upscale them to 1080p to get even higher bitrate from youtube, and I could use the highest quality deinterlacer on the free market-- tempgaussmc.


A couple of us over at acu are getting back into kai again. I'll try to have some really good matches uploaded eventually, and even ones vs Penguin Deus.
I dont think I ever posted this....

I dont have any full match vids to post, but here is a gameplay music video that Rebelsoul PK made of the matches at the Silent Line NC tourney way back in 2004.
Among the participants are myself, Mirshan, Rebelsoul PK, Ketsu, Arcadia, and many other lesser known players.

"do you know what this is? neither do I, I made it in my sleep...I put a button on it. I wish to press it, but I don't know what it would do" - Gune from Titan AE

People are actually playing LR again.

Japanese ACLR vids where TP isn't banned. There might be some NB in there too.

Joust's channel with MOC2 (AA?) Vids.

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