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AC:FA parts discussion 1.3
New reg, new stuff to do.
After playing for over 3 days and extensively testing designs with Archangel/Atdsutm I can safely say this is the most fun AC game since SL with much improved weapon and part balance.

General impressions:

General mobility is reduced from 1.2 and there is a greater emphasis on normal boosting especially for less efficient designs. Flying is still common, but

Bazookas and heavy weapons like grenade cannons can hit things now thanks to their muzzle velocity increase and the general slower pace of the game. Which is a good thing since 1.2 only rifles and laser rifles were the only weapons that can hit anything outside sniper weapons.

I’m quite surprised with the poor performance of the MARVE online. Statistically, it’s supposed to out damage other weapons, but I’m having a hard time getting the shots to connect. I may be missing something in the process of making them more effective weapons.

MGs are easy to use weapons, and the MOTORCOBRA has become more popular than ever with excellent PA stripping capabilities and a huge melee ability, ROF, and longest range of standard MGs.

Sniper Cannons still rock, and perceptively made a bit better due to the slower pace of the game. Though the 049ANSC seems to be the overall best value for weight SC compared to the somewhat nerfed 050ANSC. With the difference of only under a hundred points in muzzle velocity, the 049’s other advantages make it the superior weapon over the 050’s slightly greater accuracy. The heavy 061ANSC still seems to be worth it despite its heavy equip weight.

Rockets are a bit of a hit or miss. They can potentially do GRATUITOUS AMOUNTS OF DAMAGE thanks to their much beefed up damage rating, and their splash damage actually makes delivering that damage possible, but without a lock-on, it is still hard to get a beat at your opponent, especially if they’re in the air, where I’d usually rely on the rocket’s splash damage upon impact on the ground to deliver the hurt. The 5 shot spread rockets in particular can be dangerous in the right hands, and a direct hit double salvo can potentially rip an enemy AC to shreds faster than anything else in the game.

Missiles miss a lot more now thanks to their reduced agility stat across the board, but the DEARBORN missiles still seem to do a good job at tracking opponents.

Generator balance became weird. There are more useable generators, but the weight difference is just absurd for some. Useful ones include, but are not limited to:

Linstat (Highest KP regen)
Aliyah (Though a bit heavy)

To be honest, I liked the gen balance in 1.2 better and it’d be alright if they prolly retained their weight levels in 1.2 with some tweaks that were introduced in 1.3.

I’d like to get comments from the Ting bros on how effective BZs and Grenade Cannons are against heavies and mids based from out fights.

Anyway, expect part reviews soon.. At least the ones who's stats have significantly changed from 1.2
I'm also up for a few rounds every night, so if you see me online don't hesitate to contact me through PSN or YM if you want to test things out.
from what i have noticed.......

bazookas are semi effective at a closer range and good if your AC is fast in closing the gap with your opponent. im thiking of a double bazooka stun lock, with arms good in handling recoil.

its also more practical to for your AC to have a multi range set of weapons so you can switch accordingly as going CQC is hard because of the very fast range fluctuations in the game.

The 1K rounder MG returns with a vengeance, the MOTORCOBRA (and machineguns in general) boast an increase in muzzle velocity by over 100 points from 1.2, and somehow, that was enough to make it the easiest weapon to use, and one of the most effective weapons to use in FA 1.3. The high PA damage stat on this weapon makes it easy for users to strip PA off their opponents, or deal the actual damage itself in the long run. It’s also light enough to be wielded by almost any unit type in the game, and its high melee ability makes it easy to track opponents even off screen. It also has near bottomless ammo reserves making it suited for endurance fights. However, it is still primarily a close range weapon due to its slight bullet spread, and thus not a true game balance breaker like the 063ANAR in 1.2.

063ANAR 1.3

The best weapon in 1.2 has finally been balanced with lower accuracy, damage, and a lower magazine reserve. The 063ANAR current stats seem to place it on the level of the ACACIA with greater accuracy and a slower rate of fire. It is still a good weapon for gauging or poking opponents from a distance because of its accuracy and huge ammo count.

Grenade Cannons:

SAPLA 1.3:

With all the general speed decrease of ACs, the SAPLA got a muzzle velocity boost which now allows it to hit targets even in the air. Against ground targets it can deal a large amount of damage due to its short reload and damage rating, and two of them on an AC can make short work of even the most heavily armored opponent, stunning repeatedly provided their PA is broken through. Though primarily a short range weapon, if paired up with a rapid-firing, PA stripping weapon such as a chaingun or a machinegun, the damage rate increases as the lower an opponent’s PA gets, due to the SAPLA’s poor PA penetration along with other grenade cannons in general. However, with 12 rounds and a fast ROF, each miss from this weapon is keenly felt. However, pound per pound, it is still the best grenade cannon in the game. IMO it should weigh heavier, at least as much as the hand mounted TRAVERS grenade launcher because as it stands, I feel it is still too light for its capability.


The OIGAMI got a nerf of around 100 points of speed for its muzzle velocity, but the OIGAMI boast to be the highest stunning weapon in the game. Even tanks can be stunned by this weapon even with full PA, allowing various weapon combinations to be paired up with it. But it still has the same 10 rounds of ammo, and it still just as heavy as before. Equipping 2 SAPLAs do a better job for most situations than a single OIGAMI IMO.



The LINSTAT now boasts the highest KP regeneration rate of any generator before it without sacrificing much output for a very light weight of 500. With this, it is well suited for defensive ACs with low drain and efficient boosters, allowing them respectable mobility with almost instantly regenerating PA, which lend to their survivability in combat.


A light but very balanced generator, the JUDITH has decent KP and EN refresh at only 650 weight points. A light generator with no real weaknesses overall, prolly has the best EN/KP to weight of generators.


A slightly heavier version of the JUDITH with marginally better KP and EN refresh at the cost of 900 weight. The bonuses are somewhat insignificant compared to the JUDITH, but it never hurts to have extra EN and KP refresh for extra weight in some designs.


A generator with high KP and EN refresh, this boasts the 2nd highest EN refresh next to the SOBRERO. However, the ALYIAH is very heavy at 2800 untuned, and is preferable only for heavies in need of energy without sacrificing PA with much weight to spare.


Still the highest EN output generator in the game. It also has the lowest KP regeneration rate, making it a risk for some designs to use. Its high refresh should compensate its low KP regeneration by giving an AC virtually unlimited mobility.

Other things of note:

The general decrease of FCS radar makes it somewhat necessary to tune the radar refresh rate on most designs, or to supplement radar performance with back mounted radar parts.

Missiles aren’t as bad as I originally thought. They can hit some opponents, but not as often as in 1.2. They’re still good for distracting opponents and confusing an opponent’s radar screen.
thanks Boss Rick for the review I think I now what to change to my AC (no its still gonna be a LW that sports the OIGAMI I just love the weapon XD)

I'd like to say that normal rifles are back in business! The decreased speed of the game makes the regular rifles usable once again. I am loving my dual MR-R100Rs~ Sad to say, as blading was never really my specialty (I depended on reg 1.2s extreme blade tracking), I had to remove my blade.

I agree with Lord_Leperman's thoughts on the 03-Motorcobra. Its better than ever in this reg, and I say its about time MGs got boosted. The increased muzzle velocity, paired with stable arms that track good, and you've got yourself a killer of a weapon! I had a friend of mine track me for 3 seconds with 1 Motorcobra and 1 063ANAR. Before I knew it, I had lost almost 5k AP! WOW!

Now, for my own thoughts:

Argyros/G (Generator):
This reg murdered the Argyros/G. With a staggering weight of 5600 (or was it 5800?), I removed it from my designs ASAP and replaced it for the more-balanced Hogire or Lahire generators. While it still retained that incredible Output, Capacity and even more KP, the weight just doesn't seem worth it. This thing's actually MUCH heavier than the OIGAMI now!

Lahire (Generator):
As it stands, I'd consider this the best lightweight generator in the game thanks to its incredibly rebalanced stats, boasting quite a high KP output and a very impressive EN Output (recovery rate).

Rachel (Main booster):
With the decrease in game speed, the slower Rosenthal booster is now very much playable while having the lowest QB drain among all the main boosters.

Judith (Main booster):
Same reason as the Rachel. Although slower in forward boosting, its superior aerial movement and speed makes this a very worthwhile booster.

Aaliyah (Main booster)
This thing is a DEMON. The decreased game speed allows this thing to get you around faster than most conventional arms can track. While still drainy, those that know how to fully utilize the 2nd-level QB will be zipping around like nobody's business.

Hogire (Main booster)
As it stands, the Hogire (for me) comes as a close 2nd when it comes to speed, while not being as drainy as the Aaliyah. This pretty much replaced the Polaris for me.

Assault Armor-type Over-boosters:
Bah... I was SOOOO waiting for something like this and now, they had to nerf it! I absolutely LOVED spamming this back in 1.2, but now, with the fixed 30-second KP recovery time after releasing an Assault Armor, these, IMO, are now garbage.
[All systems online. Kojima output normal. Synchronizing AMS Compatibility... Done. Engaging Primal Armor... Done. All systems green. Firing main boosters.]
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Shayde, I added you in PSN. Let's test some designs and things if ever you see me online.
Sure. Hope to see you online soon. Too bad I only have 3 designs, lol.
[All systems online. Kojima output normal. Synchronizing AMS Compatibility... Done. Engaging Primal Armor... Done. All systems green. Firing main boosters.]
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ACNM (I forgot the correct order, might be ANCM) Long Range Spread Missile

The ACNM is a 52 round, long range spread missile. I classify this as a long range weapon due to its extended flight time of 300 frames as opposed the normal 240 frames for most missiles, however it is also the slowest firing Spread Missile launcher at 150 frames. The extra 60 frames of flight time allows for greater distance coverage for the missile, and the large ammo reserves ensures that you can pummel an opponent into submission at long range, allowing the player to heard an opponent to a limited degree, or force them to engage in close combat. The missile’s flight path starts at a small upward arc, which is useful when firing from behind short obstacles or from light cover. For my purposes, I usually pair this up with either a Sniper rifle/cannon or the PHACT for long range bombardment, at close range, I’d just switch to a weapon that fits that purpose instead.


Sniper Cannons seemingly became more effective in 1.3. While unchanged from the previous regulation, the overall slower pace of the game has made them more usable at longer ranges this time around. 36 accurate rounds of bazooka level damage are nothing to scoff at IMO, and its 44 melee ability means it can be used at mid-short ranges to some degree. Offline, I love this weapon a lot more, as there is no lag between shots, and snap-shooting (Quick aim, then fire without taking into account the opponent’s trajectory) becomes quite effective even at the edge of the lock range.


The 300 frame reload (5 seconds) and high drain will turn some people off, but its damage and accuracy are still supreme. Best used on low-drain ACs with backup close range weaponry, particularly heavies who don’t move much and rely more on strong armor plating and less of mobility to survive.


This Rosenthal rifle has become an attractive alternative to the BFF 051ANNR due to its higher melee ability, lighter weight, faster rate of fire, comparable accuracy, and damage per round. With the general decrease of rifle firepower, these were one of the few less affected by the rifle nerf, and thus become one of the better choices in the rifle category. I usually pair this up with the nerfed 063ANAR because of their complementary traits and almost equal accuracy.


Close range rifle with high damage, rate of fire, melee ability, and fair accuracy. I’m beginning to retract my earlier statement regarding this weapon, and say that its one of the better close range weapons to use besides the MOTORCOBRA. The MARVE can be used with effectiveness at around 350-450, but it is still best used at closer ranges for most of the shots to connect. The only real downside to the MARVE is its low ammo reserves marked at 150 (30 in the gun, 120 in reserve) and its heavy weight for a rifle at around the low 920s. In 1.3, its boosted rate of fire at 16 frames means it can go toe-to-toe with some MGs in terms of damage racing.


The 700R is a much lighter version of the MARVE, with little compromise. Its rate of fire is less at 17 frames, it loses around 75 points of accuracy, and a couple of points away from its melee ability and around a hundred points of damage compared to the MARVE. In turn, the 700R is much lighter than the MARVE at below 600 and with a much larger magazine size and ammo reserves, thus making it an attractive close range assault rifle for lighter ACs that can’t carry the MARVE due to its heavy weight.

GA gatling cannons.

I really wish they’d give these weapons accuracy and damage boosts at around 850-950 and 1000 respectively, but decrease their rate of fire to 6. As it stands, they’re much like their 1.2 counterparts and IMO inferior to mag-fed, hand-mounted machineguns because of their low melee ability, which is similar to low end assault rifles.
Hrm.. i'm still using the Lahire, would it be good with a Hogire based design? Or maybe a White Glint based design? If you are playing online?
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Depends actually. There are some parts of the base frames that are good and some parts that are bad. I personally like the Hogire head, but the rest of the parts are just bad, especially the arms (since I enjoy more mobile combat). White Glint parts, though having excellent mobility and maneuverability for a middle weight, suffers from somewhat high drain and slightly lower weight capacity compared to other middle-weights. My favorite White Glint part would have to be the arms due to their high mobility and stability while having reasonable weight and drain, while the part I dislike the most would be the legs due to their low weight capacity and having 5000-ish weight.

I find the Lancel legs a good mix between the two of the above-mentioned frames and its become one of my favorite parts, having only 200 points less mobility than WG legs, but with less weight, drain and higher weight capacity, enabling a wider array of weaponry to be equipped onto the AC. Its pretty much all-around IMO. Give it a try.

For arms, I usually use either White Glint, Lancel, Aaliyah or Latona for my lighter frames and Hilbert for my heavier frames.

Never really paid too much attention to the heads, so other than the Hogire head, pretty much anything goes for me.
[All systems online. Kojima output normal. Synchronizing AMS Compatibility... Done. Engaging Primal Armor... Done. All systems green. Firing main boosters.]
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