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Your Raven
Name: Unknown a.k.a. "Hay Wire"

The pilot is unknown, as in unknown gender,name or age.The AC pilot got the name Hay Wire for his/her rebellious attacks on other ravens, those who survived these attacks say he/she said that he/she was looking for someone "worthy". A highly dangerous pilot specializing in both sniping and blading;he/she must be avoided at all costs

Howz that sound eh? Ninja ninja fly!! Ninja
[Image: 142183_zps37998c8a.gif]
Something detailed...

Name: Jaeshi Maria Asca
Code: Serene, DeathSong
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 45kg

Likes : Anything cute, Cats, AC Instruction Manuals,
Hates: Crustaceans, Cigarette Smoke
Hobbies: AC Design, Reading
Habits: Walks around a room while thinking, a habit which irritates some people.
Tag/s: Thinker, Innova, The Wyvern

About Raven:
A complete thinker, his thinking habit is a result of his deep thinking which not only allows his mind to wander, but his body as well. This strange habit of his resulted to him being able to see past his peripheral vision, a strange skill vital to multi-taskers like him. He uses names of stones, metals and colors for the serial codes for his AC's.

The Wyvern is a self proclamation. Indicating that he is capable of using high speed AC's and destroy with them. He proves this whenever he is using his AC Nionizel.

He likes cats, but is allergic to them. He wears a medical mask just to bring his pet cat Sayuri with him to the cockpit.

It is said that he is a potential Genocider due to his love of poweful weapons, but this is yet to be confirmed.

- An extremely old school AC showing that he is a veteren, he brags that he destroyed most of his opponents using just this AC during the peak of his skills. When this AC was destroyed, Jaeshi has quit the arena and focused on becoming a mechanic.

Nionizel XCD (nyon-zel)
- A fully customized AC designed for special pusposes. It appears and performs like a normally built AC, until Jaeshi releases the AC's limiters and switches to Exceed Mode.
'Signatures are overrated.'
Name: Rick
AC: Halimaw

The transition has been smooth for this former decorated Air Force major who turned in his old flying machine for a new set of wings; a raven's wings. His knowledge of various combat tactics show a deep relationship and coodrination between numerous weapon-systems, which reflects in this raven's flying style: a coordinated barage of weapons designed to overwhealm an enemy.

His piloting style also reflects his love for the clouds, as he often takes to the skies to deliver raining blows upon his opponents. Despite his bias for the heavens, he has great respect for those fighting on the ground, and has adopted their use of armor and firepower into his designs. Viewing patience as a virtue, he often practices a defensive stance when it comes to combat, however he is just as equaly proficient in doing offensive strikes.

He has recently claimed the number 1 ranker spot in the arena, and now he prepares himself for the inevitable downfall. He does not care for the title as much as other ravens do however, as his experience of being a soldier has taught him the value of brotherhood and camaraderie between his fellow men, prefering more the company of the underdogs than anyone else. A true soldier's soldier, he'll stay with those who fight along his side.

Additional info: Years of experience as an Air Force major have given him a natural instinct for dodging missiles.

*Editied for correct spelling*
"Inevitable" and "Camaraderie" Rick. Get Firefox 2.0 with spell check now! LOL LOL @ unintentional unpaid plug.
OC Nix is so OC Smile) j/k
Blah. Just for the RR mangga, lol.

<span style='font-size:12pt;line-height:100%'>AC: Alkaiser

Raven: Goatling

Consort Name: Skopos

[Image: Alkaiser.jpg]

Raven Profile:
A Raven who always tries to keep a low profile by covering his face with a gas mask and usually wears a full-body, bullet-proof armor. Usually makes an appearance to every mission, preventing to get noticed and tries to collect data about other Ravens. Thus, he gained the nickname Skopos and used it for his own consort name. Skopos means observer in greek language. Every Raven knows who he is due the reason that whenever he 'observes' a Raven in a mission, he is usually on top of the Alkaiser's head with his gas mask and armor on. Tries to run away whenever spotted by another Raven. Usually a stalker.

Battle Strategies / AC configuration:
The AC is equipped with two HP guns with two WRAITH hangers. The AC is equipped for short duration battles and is usually used for scouting due to the pilot's 'stalking' activities concerning Ravens. Uses his two HPs at close quarters and uses his missles with the RM3 at medium range. Does not attack at long range and tries to charge at the enemy to lock on and duke it out. This is probably the pilot's weak point.
Gas mask???What's the age??
<a href='' target='_blank'>Gas Mask</a>.

Age? No data, sorry.
For RR's Manga

Character Data:
Name: Jobet Glinoga
Code: Serene
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 45kg

He is said to be the son of one of the ravens who helped destroy the Pulverizers (Airborne Pulverizer Ending).
He respects his mentor and shows his respect to him through his strong sense of justice and his AC's emblem.

<a href='' target='_blank'>Clairvoyance</a>
<a href='' target='_blank'>Empathy</a>
<a href='' target='_blank'>Teleportation</a>

<a href='' target='_blank'>Telekinesis</a>
- His telekinesis is powerful enough to destroy an AC's internal parts. So basically, he can't crush an AC, what he does is pinpoint his psi on a single small target which could create massive internal damage. Him being a mechanic makes this skill the most lethal he has.

- He also uses his Telekinesis to move AC's like puppets. Unfortunately, it takes too much psi and produces too much stress on the user.

Something he calls Improvised Acceleration [Fuzes Telekinesis with Teleportation]
- Rarely used because of the huge physical drawback, and is said to be usable only twice in a lifetime. The first use triggers slow cell deterioration, shortening the user's lifespan by 30 years, the second kills him by accelerating the first use's effect. Jobet Uses this attack to attack while teleporting.

He never uses his Psychic Abilities unless it's a do or die situation because he already used hi Acceleration once, using his abilities slowly shorten his life.
'Signatures are overrated.'
Pilot Name: Shadow
AC Name: Phantom

Real Name: UNKNOWN
Sex: Male
Location: UNKNOWN

A relatively new pilot to the Ravenfold, few is only known about him. The only thing that is certain is that he just appeared after Ark's collapse. It is known that he only strikes from the unexpected, hunting Ravens just to find out who's the strongest and thus, he was called as the Shadow-The Phantom who strikes out of nowhere. It is also certain that he pledge his loyalty to no one.

AC Maneuvers and Tactics:
Weapon Diversity at its fullest. Uses weapons in combination, in conjunction with one another, as to offset each other's weakness and to maximize offensive potential. There is wide room for tactics and variability in range due to the diverse weapon load out. Balance between Mobility and Defense is another priority.
"It is our ignorance that make us say we know everything..."<br>"The only thing we need to fear is fear itself..."

Pilot Name: Raven Master
ACs: Eversors Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Tacitus, and Magna
Common AC Used:Eversor Magna

One of the oldest Ravens in the Ark, he has a usual tendency to "lose himself" during battle. He is also known for spacing out in his private time, thinking about his loved ones.

His AC is known as the Tank Destroyer for its special purpose of destroying tank ACs due to their low energy defense, fitting the translation of its Latin name: Great Destroyer.

More coming soon...
Jade: Ah, the scent of love is in the air.
Luke & Tear: Love?!
Mieu: I don't smell anything. What's it smell like? Apple gels?
Jade: More like a certain young religious leader.

-from a ToA skit... (related to current avvie...just read the skit yourself and you'll get it)
Note: From Armored Core 4
LINX: "Shayde"
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (He's actually 24, but he doesn't reveal it)
Height: Unknown (Although rumors say it's 5'9'')
Birthdate: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown (So unknown, even I don't know it! XD)
NEXT/AC: Blackwing, Blackwing.S, Blackwing-C

A Dark Horse, he is only known by his codename. Unusually silent on the battlefield, he finishes his opponents with precision and speed, only to vanish in the aftermath of the battle. His motive for fighting is currently unknown.

A jet-black NEXT with gold-colored joints and red highlights on its body. It is equipped with a long energy blade on its right arm and a high-powered rifle on the left. It uses vertical missiles for long-ranged assaults and is most deadly when it fires its "Darkness Trifecta", which is ironically, three large and bright energy beams fired simultaneously from a wing-like weapon on the right side of it's back. It emphasizes speed and balance.

"Blackwing Type-S" or "Super", this NEXT is a variation of Blackwing. It is slightly slower, but much tougher in terms of defense. While it retains the original design's energy blade, it now utilizes a laser rifle for powerful, concentrated shots. Now with two "wings" equipped on its back, it unleashes it strongest attack, the "Triune Ultima", obliterating his enemies in concentrated blasts. It can, however, be fired one after the other, becoming the "Consectivus* Trifecta". At times when the energy blade is unfavorable, it switches to a rapid pulse gun for additional firepower. While seemingly tougher and more powerful, it suffers from a constant, albeit slow, energy drain and cannot participate well in prolonged battles.

"Blackwing Custom", this NEXT is another variation of Blackwing. While retaining the original base design, its weapon loadout has been changed with an emphasis on high-speed mid and short-ranged combat**. The wings have been removed for double Hi-Laser Cannons. Its shoulders host a Buckshot Launcher, which it fires at close-range in combination with its rifle attacks, effectively removing any sort of shielding its target has. With the new weapon loadout, it has developed 2 new moves, the "G.B. (Grand Burst) Maneuver", in which it fires both Hi-Laser Cannons and Buckshot Launcher at the same time, and the "Blade Burst Slash", where it performs a slashing attack and fires the Buckshot Launcher and one of the Hi-Laser Cannons simultaneously, doing an immense amount of damage to its enemy.

*Note: Consectivus is just something I derived from the word "Consecutivus", medieval Latin for consecutive. Consecutivus sounded lame and too long so I removed 1 letter "u", turning it into Consectivus.

**This refers to the "farther" variation of mid and close-range, NOT "in-your-face" close-range!

PS: The color scheme was unknowingly derived from a Super Robot Wars original mech, the DGG-XAM2 Ausenseiter or the RTX-011R Huckebein Mk.III.T (Trombe). What I mean is that I had already thought of the color scheme long before I even heard or knew of these mechs.

P.P.S. The attack names are purely for my own amusement. I do not mean to say them whatsoever.

How's that? LOL
[All systems online. Kojima output normal. Synchronizing AMS Compatibility... Done. Engaging Primal Armor... Done. All systems green. Firing main boosters.]
"Blackwing, let's fly!!"
Darkness Trifecta and Triune Ultima??

Holy spit I wish I could have names like that,but alas,AC just doesn't seem fit to announce an attack's name because in reality I don't think aircraft pilots shout "feel the wrath of my 'Deadly black bloody hell missile attack version 1.9'!!!!Now Die!!" LOL LOL LOL Besides,attack names are for those who has unbelievable powers which only he alone can use,mine can be done by anyone.Or you could just shout "get ready to fry Maggots!!!" then perform the attack without saying the name Big grin

Spit I forgot to post my character as well,nah maybe later....

(-_-) amma' bounce yo
m m
LoL Haha. Don't mind me. I'm just being dramatic. LOL I wanted it to sounded cool. Big grin Guess I'm just too used to SRW games where they DO announce their attack names LOL I never really imagined my LINX actually saying it anyway. But you gotta admit, it DOES sound cool, doesn't it? Big grin

BTW, love the rabbit. LOL LOL LOL
[All systems online. Kojima output normal. Synchronizing AMS Compatibility... Done. Engaging Primal Armor... Done. All systems green. Firing main boosters.]
"Blackwing, let's fly!!"
Codename:Etzan Nar(who knows this guy?)
Siding with:none(but he helps Vertex time to time)
AC's used: as long as this certain AC has met his expectations

He is one of Vertex loyal Ravens, but most of the time he works alone, he kills his allies that try to help him, 'cauz they might interrupt his plans, capable in figuring out the enemy's weakness, but he usually does the madman tactic, he accept's mission that's mission is to destroy an Alliance forces(and he loves it!!)

Also one of Jack-O's most loyal Raven and might be his 2nd in command, but too bad for Jack, cauz he did not accept the offer, he also helped to stopped Alliance invasion to Vertex, and the person who destroyed all Pulverizer's.

Be warned, he also accompanies Zinaida sometime.
My first impression of you was right

But there is still that needs to be done

We must hurry

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