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Your Raven
Etzam Nar is a girl in Ninebreaker, pilot of Proto Exus.
And no she didn't fight any pulvies, let alone destroy one Blink
Nooo, its Etzan Nar(Etzam Nar pala yon, hehehehe) well di ko maintindihan yung mga sulat sa Ninebreaker, ahh basta Etzan Nar, para kakambal niya, hehehe.
My first impression of you was right

But there is still that needs to be done

We must hurry

No offense but... Can't you be more imaginative?
'Signatures are overrated.'
Real name: Millis Raid
Monicker: Mile Step
AC: Dark Krestel I/II

rough history:
The first known account of the raven was at the earlier years of the Ark, powerful, ingenious, and unpredictable this raven has the one undisputed record of piloting ability and cunning: on a vital mission for the ark he faced four ravens alone in the middle of a high class enemy facility he accomplished the mission with flying colors...

the reason that mission was unique was because he deliberately never participates in arena matches and always restrains himself during missions as to not get a high rank, he always says it takes the fun out of things.

after some time he left the Ark and the whole sector for a back water city in the badlands for reasons he only knows and there he established a mercenary corps much like the Ark where a small number of ravens joined him. In the mercenary core he acts as the leader and coordinator rather than as a fighter in the field. This action displeased the Ark officials and accused Millis and his group as rebels.

a unconfirmed report stated that a elite force of leaded by an unnumbered amount of ravens lead an assault with the purpose of eradicating Millis and his mercs.
Most of the ravens that came back either where on empty transports or had their ACs "heavily incapacitated", some never even came back.

Ark officials denies that any such operation did occur, stating that their ravens had more pressing matters to attend to than a small band of vagabonds... Coincidentally there was another report that said that a number of ravens have suddenly "vanished"

Millis and his merc corps survived the assault of the unknowns but didn't participate in the battle between Vertex and the Alliance even after numerous attempts by a whole slew of different factions to recruit them. his group gave emphasis in restoration and relief work rather than in powerplays that where going on all around them.

known for his unorthodox fighting methods and his unique ability to "modify" his equipment no one has yet defeated him in combat since his enlistment as a raven.

Even if he displays Dominant characteristics and capabilities he denies that he is one stating that he just practices more than the average guy.

... thats it for know ...

(serene this is my practice run for my character for the manga what do you think)
(side note: sorry its taking so long)

.... actually last week ko pa dapat na post to pero naubusan ng internet load ung com namin sa bahay ...XD
whargarrblwhargarrblwhargarrbl[Image: whargarrblcounter.jpg]  ...
*deleted because cringe*
I'm very bored. Can't play in the meantime so I'll just post here instead.

Raven Name: Nadel
Consort Name: Petzereule
AC Name: Augensuchende
Bounty: 65,000c
Side: Vertex

Desperate, cold, and calculating. A former informant who used to work alsongside his brother who is also a Raven. His brother was KIA and decided to follow his brother's footsteps not because to know who killed his brother, but aims in knowing on how it is to be a real mercenary. Known to be sadistic and also excels in fast-paced combat and in espionage. Proceed with caution when attempting to fight the Raven.

Raven Name: Aikia
Consort Name: Xenos
AC Name: Olinautikos
Bounty: 40,000c
Side: Alliance

Paranoid and neurotic. Known to be insane in most cases. Doesn't accept missions on daytime. Totally mysterious and no information is still available regarding the pilot's background. There might've been a connection between his reason in becoming a mercenary and his Raven name. Keep a close on this Raven.

Raven Name: Zoloogo
Consort Name: Traumweber
AC Name: Ziegengott
Bounty: 95,500
Side: Neutral

Possibly a "Dominant", rumored to be dead. A Raven who pilots an AC with a very old, legendary emblem symbolizing a Goat God. It has a psychological impact on one of the older Ravens. Rumor has it that this one actually is responsible for activating the unmanned-suicide weapons. The bounty on this Raven is a bit high though.

Raven Name: Etymonfloser
Consort Name: Tragosseinschs
AC Name: Neokratos Ein
Bounty: 55,000
Side: Vertex

Previously a Raven who joined the Raven's Ark before the unmanned-suicide weapons. Decided to retire after failing two missions and was also thought to be dead after the release of the suicide-unmanned weapons due to his AC being seen turned to dust. No information available how this Raven survived the ongoing conflict and what the reason of the pilot's return is. Keep a close eye on this one.
Pilot Name: Black Flame
AC Name: Shadow Fire


Highly Mobile and Agile, a well balanced pilot on both ground and air combat. His AC provides him with good offense and defense coordinated to his style of piloting. Little is known about him or his history. Many only have knowledge of his combat skills. He moves like the roaring flame in a massive inferno. Quick to react to any situation, he will deliver relentless punishment onto his opponents.
"Stand tall, shake the Heavens"

Back of case of "Xenogears"
Bored and Thread Reviving...

I've got 2 ravens that I usually use, as pilots and as fan-fic characters... Would like to know how to draw to depict them though... T__T


Raven Codename: Phoenix
Real Name: Only the surname is know, "Alex"
Age: Unknown, estimated to be between 20-30. (When not counting years in cryogenics)
Gender: Male
Height: 6"00 ft
Weight: Unknown
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Skin Taint: Faded, Yellowish White.

Raven Background:

In his early age, was taken away by a secret organization created by splinter groups of CREST, MIRAGE and KISARAGI. The group performed many unknown experiences on him, the latter taking the name of "Project Neo-PLUS".

He exhibits many different types of abilities that are apparent to normal PLUS ravens, but on the opposite of them, he only had a few implants in his brain. He keeps with him a special item, that when in contact or in vicinity with another one of the same kind, activates the bearer's PLUS abilities.

He first came in contact with an AC when he was put on a field test, with 20 other test subjects. He killed all of them, save 2, who were his best friends. Taking the opportunity, he revolted, and with his 2 friends, ran away.
He later became a Raven, during the AC3 era.
Then, he underwent cryrogenics at the end of AC3, after having destroyed the controller. It also seemed that he had a mental instability at that time, most probably due to one of his 3 best friends dieing in an accident. He was in love with her. He also had to kill his other best friend, the later being on the opposite side in a mission.
He awoke many years later during the AC-NEXUS timeline.
Escaped death when the UNKNOWN kamikazes devastated the earth after the NEXUS incident, but had his left eye scarred.

Supposedly died in the end, letting BJ/Cascade Ranger successfully destroy the Intercine, while he rammed into the aerial pulverizer, letting BJ take a clear shot.

Armored Core Name: Heaven's Blaze
Armored Core Description: A lightweight close range fighter, this AC excels in the mobility and close quarter departments, being able to outflank, outmaneuver and outgun most other enemy ACs at the specified range.
The AC has got different variations, but all hold a distinctive level of similarity, especially the one of rapid fire weapons combined with missiles.
The different variants all differed on the defenses/speed ratio, some preferring one, others preferring the other.

Pilot Performance:

The PLUS abilities give this raven an extraordinary battle performance, but this is activated only when another Neo-PLUS experiement with the "PLUS Synchronizer" device is nearby.

When in normal status, the raven is still able to exhibit a good amount of skill, blending skill with resourcefulness. However, the insane reflexes take a hitch, as well as the ability to use back cannons.

Neo-PLUS effects:

- It gives the same effects as the PLUS
- Can drive people mentally unstable
- Works in a different way than PLUS. While PLUS actually made the subject no more human, Neo-PLUS simply allowed the user to be "synchronized" with his AC, actually "feeling" the AC. This also allowed him to effectively re-direct power to the appropriate sources quickly to allow back cannon firing while on bipeds and such.
- Only 3 subjects are known to have survived. (Although one died in the AC3 era)


- AC3 era: Although he beat Ace, he never accepted the 1st place and remained in the B-Class rankings. (he had got a special shot at Ace due to his mission performances)

- ACNX era: Ranked 11th In the arena

- ACLR era: Was considered along with BJ and Zinnaida as one of the best freelance ravens out there, although he did favor Vertex more than Alliance.

That's it, long I know, but that's my character that I created... XD

Well, I said 2, it's more like 3 chars that I always use, but the 2 one will come later.
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Cool stuff T98. The one good thing about Armored Core's bare storyline is so much stuff can be made up for fun.

BTW, reading my post in this thread now, two-plus years later is quite embarassing.
(12-10-2009, 11:18 AM)Grim Wrote: Cool stuff T98. The one good thing about Armored Core's bare storyline is so much stuff can be made up for fun.

BTW, reading my post in this thread now, two-plus years later is quite embarassing.

I have to agree, Armored Core's lack of story makes lots of things possible, although this makes it a bit bad when playing on single player... (Yeah, only PS1 and AC2 had good AC stories, the rest was... somehow not so good)

Anyways, here's the second character:

Raven Codename: Azure
Real Name: Only surname is know, "Yuji"
Age: Unknown, estimated to be between 20-30. (When not counting years in cryogenics)
Gender: Male
Height: 5"80 ft
Weight: Unknown
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Taint: White.

Raven Background:

Like Phoenix, he was subjected to the "Neo-PLUS" experiment when he was still a young boy. He was the "perfect" result, having attained a relatively good level of reflexes and AC synchronization, while still retaining all his mental factors, unlike Phoenix's who had his mental stability decayed a bit.

However, the upgrading effects of Neo-PLUS worked less on him than on Phoenix, thus why both were kept alive.

He first came in contact with an AC when he was put on a field test, with 20 other test subjects. Among them, were Phoenix and Haruka, his 2 best friends.

The fight was grueling and ended up in a brawl between the 3. Both boys hurriedly turned on Haruka to make as if they were going to kill her, but just blew of some weapons of her AC.

They then fought a fake duel, and when Azure pretended to have lost, and Phoenix was about to kill him, they turned on the scientists and ran away all three.

Azure later became a Raven, during the AC3 era. He fought many battles, often teaming up with his two best friends as consorts.

However, he did not take part in the controller's destruction like Phoenix.

After the controller's destruction, all 3 friends kept being ravens. Unfortunately, Haruka died in an accident, leaving a torn Phoenix who had been in love with her. Phoenix lost all his mental stabiity that remained, and went on a berserk rampage during a mission.

Azure was sent from the opposing party to try and stop him.

The fight was grueling and brutal, but Azure, knowing Phoenix's weakness, used Haruka's name to startle him a bit, and then profited from the confused situation in which his friend was to block Phoenix's AC's and force him to give up.

Phoenix had seemingly calmed down, and Azure let him go. However, what ensued was a brutal back stab.

Azure would've been killed, but Phoenix, trying to fight with his own insane spirit, deviated his shot from the cockpit without knowing it, but netherless, still had the impression that he had shot the cockpit.

Azure played as if he was dead, and left Global Cortex. He then secretly followed Phoenix to see wherever if the latter would recover from his mental instability.

When Phoenix underwent cryogenics as a test experiment for KISARAGI medicine, Azure also volunteered.

Azure awoke many years later during the AC-NEXUS timeline.
He was the one who didn't arrive in time to stop the KISARAGI team from releasing the Unknowns.

He survived the attack, and later came back in AC:LR. Met Phoenix who was also there at that time.

They had a rematch, and it ended in a draw. Both then teamed up with Zinnaida, BJ, Jack-O and Evangel to stop the pulverizer threat.

All of the above ravens are supposed to have died in the final battle, save for BJ.

Azure was considered K.I.A when he interposed himself between a Pulverizer's blade and Heaven's Blaze, saving Phoenix.

Armored Core Name: Alastor
Armored Core Description: An AC named after the Christian demon of vindication and vengeance. It bears an extremely powerful energy rifle, and a support handgun as well as missiles that allow it to dish out quick damage bursts. It's surprisingly agile for an AC wielding the huge KARASAWA rifle. Like Heaven's Blaze, Azure often changed the AC's configuration, and it varied from a lightweight to a medium weight AC, although the KRSW always remained. It's latest version is a light bipedal type AC.

Pilot Performance:

Azure, when in Neo-PLUS mode, exhibits superb reflexes and skills, nearly matching those of Phoenix. What sets those two apart though, it their battle preferences, Azure is a lot more tactical and surgical than Phoenix, relying on precision shots, while Phoenix is more of a rapid fire maniac.

In normal mode, he takes the same hitch as Phoenix, but is still a threat to be reckoned.

Neo-PLUS effects:

His Neo-PLUS effects are about the same as Phoenix's save for the fact that Azure retained all his mental stability.
One thing though that seems to have developed in Azure alone, is the fact that he is able to see seconds in the future.


- AC3 era: He remained in the B-Class rankings, always avoiding a fight with Phoenix, who was just one rank above him.

- ACNX era: Ranked 1st In the arena. (After having defeated Genobee) He had taken another alias and his visage from most of the public, mainly to not be recognized by Phoenix.

- ACLR era: He was not considered as a Raven, as he appeared out of nowhere and did not take any missions, but intervened at some points (he killed Caspian when the latter had an unfair advantage over BJ in a 3 on 1 fight).

Char 2 of 3. Now, only Haruka's remaining... To lazy to post her now...
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I copied T98's format for this... Need fodder for my fic, anyway. Smile

Raven Codename: Bathory
Real Name: Zoey Elizabeth R. Shimomura
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4"
Weight: Refuses to reveal
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Tone: White

Raven Background:

Born to two Ravens, 30 years after the Silent Line incident, Zoey fell in love with AC piloting only shortly after she could talk. At 8 years old, she had already been spending all of her spare time - and then some - in the AC simulators her parents had installed at their apartment. And even then, her performance would have stunned anyone watching replays of her virtual sorties.

In fact, such was her infatuation with the Raven way of life that she would regularly beg either of her parents to take her along on missions. And, against their better judgment, they would agree; whenever they refused, little Zoey would throw tantrums that often woke up the neighbors, causing embarrassment for everyone involved. Besides, with both of them working full-time, no one else could take care of the little girl. And every time she sat on her parents' laps in the cockpit of an AC, she dreamed endlessly of the day she herself would be piloting one.

She would get her wish.

But in the most tragic of circumstances.

When the Nexus incident brought forth the Unknowns, Zoey was 16. Owing to their skill, both her parents had been tasked to defend the Ark from the suicide weapons. And while she begged to be taken along as had happened time and again, she was met with firm refusal. This time, neither all the pleading nor all the tears in the world would have changed her parents' minds; in all likelihood, this mission would be their last.

Which it was. Zoey's father's AC was torn to shreds after no less than a dozen Unknowns plowed into it. Her mother survived, but only barely, and just long enough to make it to the Ark's hardened shelter where she would see her daughter one last time. Poor Zoey was forced to receive her mother's Raven license from her hands as she breathed her last and died. The mechanics who had worked with both her parents could only watch the young woman weep her eyes out at her double loss.

As her parents had friends in the Ark's upper echelons, her formal induction came barely a month after the incident. But it was small comfort as Zoey still grieved for her parents. Even her AC design reflected it; consciously or otherwise, her AC's frame echoed that of her parents, both of whom were partial to lightweight units. Her choice of weapons - micros, orbits and a linear rifle - likewise consisted of a combination of the ones they used to favor. As for the name... at that moment, Zoey still hadn't thought of a name for the machine that would become her partner for the next few years.

Known to the older, more experienced Ravens as simply 'young lady', Zoey slowly but surely made a name for herself. Word traveled fast on how, from rank 30, she managed to make it all the way to rank 10 in the VR Arena. Those intrigued by her fast-growing reputation more often than not underestimated the quiet, frail young woman, only to realize their folly when they face her in battle. The ones who had met her in missions were slightly less lucky, as rarely would they live to tell the tale.

And those lucky enough to have survived would tell stories of how they seemingly managed to blow her mech apart with a well-placed shot from a linear cannon or bazooka, only for her to fly into an unstoppable rage and leave their AC a smoldering wreck. Thus Zoey Shimomura became known to her peers as the Raven Bathory, with her AC receiving the epithet, The Witch.

Armored Core Name: The Witch
Armored Core Description: Lightweight AC that specializes in attacks from all ranges and all angles. The pilot is known for her liking of autonomous attack drones such as orbit cannons and an energy-based EO system. Coupled with micro missiles and a linear rifle, the seeming fragility of this unit belies a ferocity both frightening and breathtaking to behold.
Surprise, I actually like the description Evil Panda wrote. Tongue
Haha yeah that's one of the best bios written here so far. LOL
I do these things best. Smile Besides, I need some fodder for my fic, like I said. Tongue All I can say is that my take on the Witch actually has a reason to be crying. Lol.

Here's my second one... Enjoy. Big grin

Raven Codename: Bitterness
Real Name: Frank J. Etheridge
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140lbs.
Hair Color: Ebony black
Eye Color: Red
Skin Tone: Pale

Raven Background:

Quite shady, even by Raven standards, Frank Etheridge aka Bitterness was once the pariah among them. He once had a much more famous older brother, the Raven called Skyward. Those close to the brothers would tell of how Frank looked up to his brother, often assisting in repairs to the AC. Whenever Skyward had a mission coming up, it was usually up to Frank to collect information as to the mission details. In short, he had a part in the substantial level of success his brother experienced.

Of course, moreso in the Raven fold than anywhere else, success tends to come with enemies - which was exactly what happened to Skyward. Frank often warned his brother to be careful, but he would just laugh it off, flashing a grin and a thumbs-up. And given how those who he encountered in missions often came off worst against him, there seemed to be nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately, skilled a Raven as Skyward may have been, he was otherwise no more remarkable than any other human being. It all came to a head the day he refused a mission to blow up a civilian monorail. Crest was of course highly displeased at this refusal, and their murder of him, right in front of the his younger brother's eyes, served as a good, if grim reminder of his mortality. The irony was that that happened to be the night he applied for the his little brother's Raven license.

Given how close the two brothers were, no one would have blamed Frank for shedding tears over what happened. To everyone's surprise, though, that wasn't the case. Instead, Frank took his fallen brother's AC, The Hunter, and, knowing exactly who the killer was, intercepted him during one of his missions. Next he went after the executive who had ordered the hit, shooting down his chopper as it flew by in the night.

This of course caught the eye of all other active Ravens at the time, and it colored their perception of Frank from then on. And Crest, none too happy with the death of one of their own, put a price on his head. The handle he picked as a Raven, Bitterness, was highly appropriate given the kind of treatment he had to put up with coming from his peers and society alike. Thus he cast his lot with Vertex, relishing the opportunity to finally visit justice upon his hated enemies.

Armored Core Name: The Hunter
Armored Core Description: Highly mobile AC that excels in close-range combat. The pilot derives the most enjoyment from raining down machinegun and handgun fire at his opponents from above. Its scarred, silver-hued plating is a testament to the many battles it has survived.
Goddamn. Looking back at those bios we made back in 2006, they now seem... inadequate. LOL
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."

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