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Your Raven
WTF bat wala akong raven!
revisions anybody XD
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To hell with revisions, i'll be making an entirely new character! Chair

When i feel inspired, that is. LOL
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
...I seem to have caused an uproar. @_@

What uproar? The puerile display of behavior you see here is as perfectly normal as it should be for an RR thread, my good man. Gentleman
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
ill try to create mine
Raven Codename: Phoenix
Real Name: Only the surname is know, "Alex"
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 6"00 ft
Weight: Unknown
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Skin Taint: Faded, Yellowish White.

Raven Background:

A stranger to his origins, Phoenix only remembers his early days as a lost child on the streets, wondering and having to beg to sustain himself. All that changed when he was taken by a group of scientists, and became a test subject for the Neo-Plus experiment. He stood out amongst many because he had an extreme compatibility rate with the Neo-PLUS system. The implants and modifications that had been done to him did not seem to be rejected, unlike a very large majority of the other children, who could not cope with the changes.

During his life as a test subject, Phoenix quickly befriended two other children, a boy named Azure, who would become his best friend, and a girl named Haruka, someone who would change his life forever.

Phoenix made his first contact with an Armored Core at the age of 17, along with 19 other children. They would all be pitted against each other in standard ACs to measure who was the most successful of the experiments.
The fight took a very long time to start. Each one of the youths refused to engage there former friend, those that had become akin to brothers and sisters. A drastic measure was taken to assure there corporation. Security ACs hired by the scientists started gunning down the test subjects mercilessly. Seeing death both ways, the youngsters did not have any other choice than fight.

After a long and gruelling battle, there were only 3 Armored Core left standing. Phoenix's, Azure's and Haruka's.
They however, could not fight each other. There bond was so strong, that they rebelled against the ones who were using them as guinea pigs.
Successfully escaping the facility, and laying it to ruins, so that no more horrors like them may be created, the trio went on to live a normal life.

They could not live a normal life though, they had the blood of Ravens within them. From the very first time they touched the AC, they could not let it go.

Phoenix and his friends became Ravens during the AC3 Timeline. Phoenix was a particular anti-Controller Raven. He fought strongly to free the layer from it's domination, and finally succeeded, when he destroyed the controller's core, and paved the way for the road to earth's surface.

Behind the scenes of battle, Phoenix led a Romantic life with Haruka, both slowly falling for each other. Phoenix also strengthened his bond with Azure, having them become like brothers.

Phoenix would later go trough a very troubling experience though. Haruka would be the casualty of an accident. Lost without her, he fell into a depression, and his insane personality that he had success fully suppressed for years surged back forwards.
Going on a killing spree, he murdered countless people on his missions as Raven, often killing the innocent or the defenseless.

Azure was sent to stop him.

Both engaged in a very violent battle, but Azure came out on top when he used Haruka's name to awaken Phoenix's dormant "righteous" conciousness.
This allowed him to pin down Phoenix's AC. Unable to kill an old friend, Azure spared Phoenix. However, Phoenix's insane persona hadn't said it's last word. While Azure had his back turned, the "evil" persona took control over Phoenix again and shot Azure in the cockpit, seemingly killing him.

Unknown to Phoenix, he had through his will, apparently deflected the shot from the cockpit, hitting the side.
The unstable Phoenix though, did not see this, and thought Azure dead as well.

The apparent death of his two closest relatives seemed to wake him from his madness.

Still depressed, and not at his peak during the Nexus time line, he played a very minor role in the story. At the end, he was severely injured by the Unknown suicide attack that devastated the world. His left eye was scarred, this forcing him to either wear a false eye or an eye-patch.

During the Last Raven timeline, he met his two best friends again. They were all alive. Time had passed, and yet they hadn't aged, thanks to the PLUS side effects. He is said to have died during the last battle with the pulverizers, ramming into the final Pulverizer, allowing BJ to charge his railgun long enough to blow up the Intercine's core. His death has never been confirmed though, as it remains to explore the Intercine's ruins.

Armored Core Name: Heaven's Blaze
Armored Core Description: A lightweight close range fighter, this AC excels in the mobility and close quarter departments, being able to outflank, outmaneuver and outgun most other enemy ACs at the specified range.
The AC has got different variations, but all hold a distinctive level of similarity, especially the one of rapid fire weapons combined with missiles.
The different variants all differed on the defenses/speed ratio, some preferring one, others preferring the other.

Pilot Performance:

The PLUS abilities give this raven an extraordinary battle performance, but this is activated only when another Neo-PLUS experiment with the "PLUS Synchronizer" device is nearby.

When in normal status, the raven is still able to exhibit a good amount of skill, blending skill with resourcefulness. However, the insane reflexes take a hitch, as well as the ability to use back cannons.

Neo-PLUS effects:

- It gives the same effects as the PLUS
- Can drive people mentally unstable
- Works in a different way than PLUS. While PLUS actually made the subject no more human, Neo-PLUS simply allowed the user to be "synchronized" with his AC, actually "feeling" the AC. This also allowed him to effectively re-direct power to the appropriate sources quickly to allow back cannon firing while on bipeds and such.
- Only 3 subjects are known to have survived. (Although one died in the AC3 era)


- AC3 era: Although he beat Ace, he never accepted the 1st place and remained in the B-Class rankings. (he had got a special shot at Ace due to his mission performances)

- ACNX era: Ranked 11th In the arena

- ACLR era: Was considered along with BJ and Zinnaida as one of the best freelance ravens out there, although he did favor Vertex more than Alliance.


Raven Codename: Serenity
Real Name: Only surname is known, "Haruka"
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Height: 5"70 ft
Weight: Unknown
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Red
Skin Taint: Pale White.

Raven Background:

The first female Neo-PLUS experiment, Haruka was raised along Phoenix and Azure since they were little children. Like the others, they were handpicked from an entire selection of "guinea pigs".

She harbors a very sensible and gentle nature, something that most of the scientists deplored, as she was meant to be a killing machine. However, her piloting aptitude, and her ability to perfectly withstand the Neo-PLUS experiments made her an indispensable element.

As told before, she was one of the 3 survivors who broke out of the Neo-PLUS facility.

The main side effect that developed on her body was the most interesting of all. Her initially black hair turned silver, and her green eyes turned red, with her pupils dilating. Her canines underwent a set of very intriguing changes, including the ability to become rather long, vampire-like teeth. And indeed, they were vampire teeth. A special set of veins were lodged
right unto them, and worse of all, Haruka's body developed an urge for others blood. Her body became unable to create

essential blood cells for sustaining most of her needs.

Her gentleness and strong will though, prevented her from sucking other's blood most of the time, much to Phoenix's and Azure's chagrin, as she was slowly dieing of illness. Medicine and any kind of artificial help did not seem able to help her.

Blood, and only blood could save her. Phoenix and Azure decided to giver her daily implants of there blood. It was sufficient to keep her alive, but she was still very frail.

However, her piloting skills did not waver. In fact, she was the most skilled of the trio. She followed them during the AC3 timeline, wanting to help them, and being romantically involved with Phoenix.

Time went by, and Phoenix eventually destroyed the Controller.

Haruak had already engaged herself to Phoenix, and both were planning to leave the Raven life behind, when Haruka was grievously injured in an accident.

Taken away by the medical staff, they tried there best to save her, but the Neo-PLUS experiment had tremendously messed her body's way of working, to the point that the doctors were totally clueless on how to heal her.
Her PLUS regenerative abilities though, kept her alive much longer than a normal human. KISARAGI quickly took note of the situation, and seeing the ability to experiment on such a rare specimen, they decided to take her and keep her alive, albeit, in a coma. Faking her death, they kept her in a dormant state for years, researching Neo-PLUS, and ultimately developing the jewel known as optional Intensify.

She was awakened during the Last Raven era, when Kisaragi loyalists summoned her to defend there secret illegitimate research center.Maddened at the fact that Phoenix and Azure might be dead, she rebelled against them, and escaped, along with a redesigned AC of hers.

She later met Phoenix and Azure again. Although her memories were stil hazy, she remembered them to some extent.

Her final fate is unknown, but she is in general, acknowledged as killed in action during the last fight with the pulverizers, a fight she fought along with Phoenix, Azure, BJ, Zinnaida, Jack-O and Evangel.

Armored Core Name: Serenity
Armored Core Description: A middleweight AC putting emphasis on long range combat. She very often sport a sniper rifle, accompanied by Vertical missiles. It also possesses great maneuverability, being equipped with an OB core.

Pilot Performance:

Haruka performs every well, even when in normal mode. Her frail state however, makes it very easy for her to be hurt or pass out if her AC receives too much concussions. When she does have a good enough dosage of blood though, she becomes a force to be reckoned with.
For her PLUS ability, unlike Azure and Phoenix, she does not require some other Neo-PLUS pilot to be in vicinity for it's abilities to work, thanks to Kisaragi's tampering with her when they had her under there hands.

Neo-PLUS effects:

Her Neo-PLUS effects have yet to be discovered, as she has never used it to it's full potential, because she spends most of her battle time weakened from her lack of blood.


Raven Codename: Azure
Real Name: Only surname is know, "Yuji"
Age: Unknown, estimated to be between 20-30. (When not counting years in cryogenics)
Gender: Male
Height: 5"80 ft
Weight: Unknown
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Taint: White.

Raven Background:

A Street Child like Phoenix, Azure followed a similar fate to Phoenix's as a Neo-PLUS test subject. He however, was the most "Perfect" result as he did not develop any negative side effects.After running away along with Phoenix and Haruka, and living the same experiences as them, Azure always backed Phoenix like a brother, and Haruka as a sister. His more distant and a bit more mature attitude gave him the status of the group's "Daddy".
Acting as a united family, the trio served as Ravens during the AC3 timeline. Azure played an active role in up keeping MIRAGE's supremacy, while Phoenix seemed to prefer CREST. Haruka sympathized more with KISARAGI. Even though there views were different, they always avoided missions which would pit them one against the other.
Life was good. All the money that they were amassing went into finding a cure for Haruka's and Phoenix's side effects.

Nothing however, seemed able to undo the damage that had been done. Everything swayed aside after the controller's destruction, by Phoenix's hands. Shortly after these events, Haruka seemingly died in an accident. Following the previous stories, Phoenix became insane, because of his second personality taking over.

Azure saw that it was upon him to bring Phoenix back to normal.
When Phoenix was on a murderous rampage, Azure took a contract directly with Global Cortex to stop him. Ready and determined to bring his friend back, Azure set out for what was the beginning of a new chapter.
Phoenix and Azure fought a long and grueling engagement. Seeing as they were reaching a stalemate, Azure tried using

Haruka's name to awaken Phoenix's sane persona. It worked for some time, and as Phoenix was struggling with himself, Azure was able to tackle down Phoenix's AC. An intense conversation happened between them two, and it was apparent that Phoenix had regained his senses. But just as Azure turned away, Phoenix's mad side delivered a lethal shot at Azure's cockpit. Or so it seemed so, because in reality, it only hit the cockpit's side.
Azure, taking precautions and trying to get a grasp of what was happening, played dead, leaving his AC as an immobile carcass.

The traumatized Phoenix, horrified at the perspective of having killed the only "family" he had left, did not even re-check if the cockpit had been hit. He left Azure there for dead, lamenting on his loss.

Azure, seeing that Phoenix still hadn't healed from his second personality's influence (Azure had supposedly suppressed it with a special treatment he had researched), Azure put the blame on himself and went to search for another treatment, while carefully hiding from Phoenix, in fear of triggering back another insanity spree.

His research lasted throughout the NEXUS period.
Aside from his medical achievement, he also ranked N.1 at that time in Raven's Ark arena (some time after Genobee's death), and was the main man responsible for releasing the Unknown suicide weapons. (Not to be confused with the player, who was sent there to STOP the activation)

When the UNKNOWN suicide runs started, he took refuge within his own personal base, a bunker hidden in the lyndis everglades, an area . Cut-off from the world until the suicidal waves subsided, he spent his time re-designing his AC as well as developing even further Phoenix's cure.
Later re-emerging, and finding the world at war, with Vertex and the Alliance waging a merciless conflict, Azure decided to set out and seek Phoenix to see if he had survived.
He would meet much more than Phoenix though... he'd meet Haruka once again.

Although Haruka was at one time in love with him, he did not reciprocate the feelings, as he was unable to detach himself from the image of "brother". They kept in good terms afterward, but this event still deeply marked both of them.

Azure is said to have been killed in action during the final confrontation with the Archangel Pulverizer. However, other evidence than BJ's word are to yet be found.

Armored Core Name: Alastor
Armored Core Description: An AC named after the Christian demon of vindication and vengeance. It bears an extremely powerful
energy rifle, and a support handgun as well as missiles that allow it to dish out quick damage bursts. It's surprisingly agile for an AC wielding the huge KARASAWA rifle. Like Heaven's Blaze, Azure often changed the AC's configuration, and it varied from a lightweight to a medium weight AC, although the KRSW always remained. It's latest version is a light bipedal type AC.

Pilot Performance:

Azure, when in Neo-PLUS mode, exhibits superb reflexes and skills, nearly matching those of Phoenix. What sets those two apart though, it their battle preferences, Azure is a lot more tactical and surgical than Phoenix, relying on precision shots, while Phoenix is more of a rapid fire maniac.

In normal mode, he takes the same hitch as Phoenix, but is still a threat to be reckoned.

Neo-PLUS effects:

His Neo-PLUS effects are about the same as Phoenix's save for the fact that Azure retained all his mental stability.
One thing though that seems to have developed in Azure alone, is the fact that he is able to see seconds in the future.
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Going to ask first, just in case someone might get angry. Are long Bios allowed? I have about 2 pages in Microsoft Word. More than 6 Paragraphs and counting, single space -_-

If not I guess I can summarize it....
(05-22-2010, 02:08 PM)Fox Wrote: Pacquiao says OK to blood test -

Dare we hope that the fight may now stand a chance of actually pushing through?

Oh don't worry about posting text-heavy stuff here. It's getting people to read all of that that you have to think about. Smile
@ T98: You're fond of PLUS, aren't you? All three of yours have it. Smile Lol.

Why does everyone suddenly feel the need to redo their bios?
Because the bios that we all made before were just enough to fit in the window for the in-game descriptions. Then someone had the bright idea to post a text-heavy, long-ass bio that's more than enough to build a sizable dossier. And of course, those of us who posted before wouldn't wanna be left on all the imaginative fun now, do we? Shifty
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
Good answer. Smile I just got the idea for my posts from T98's, too.
Name: Dubba XL
Raven Codename: Tubby
Age: Close to heart failure
Gender: Can't tell if I'm still human anymore...
Height: Hold on, I don't have a ruler with me... Just describe it as a big Hobbit.
Weight: Fat
Hair: Greasy

A Raven who despite repeated attempts, still hasn't gotten over his weight problem. He currently owns a heavy hover-type design that is built for long endurance missions and currently loads the AC's inside parts with snack dispensers salvaged from numerous vending machines. He also equips a custom radiator that doubles as both a soda dispenser and a fridge. Needless to say, this Raven is comfortable with guard duty and missions that do not require a lot of moving around, but will complain when prompted to relocate to a different area and will increase his hiring rates.

He uses hover legs because they don't remind him of exercise. He despises quads because they look like bipeds that run twice as fast, though he is sympathetic with Tank users because they remind him of comfy wheelchairs.

Additional info: He can manually override a radiator's Forced Cooling in order for the cockpit to stay cool during hot missions.

Rank: E-89

(I'll post a serious one soon. Just enjoy this one for now :p)
Given name - Solomon Voss
Callsign - Firecracker
Age - in denial
Height - not as tall as he'd like
Weight - not as light as he'd like
Hair color - depends on his mood
AC name - Carpe Cerevisi (Latin for "seize the beer")
AC type - midweight biped with enough firepower to conquer a small Eastern-European country
Raven ranking - n/a, keeps getting knocked off

A former heavy-weapons specialist in the army, he was discharged from the service for exhausting his unit's budget with his overboard ammunition expenditures during campaigns. After a brief stint as a mercenary working for different warlords, he was approached by an old friend who invited him to become a Raven. Often described as a silent lothario, he has attained near-legendary status among his fellow Ravens for sharing the beds of many a female colleague over the course of his career. Scuttlebutt around the Ark says that he only passed the Initiation Trials because he slept with his operator the night before.

This Raven loves a good round of drinks and has a history of going on sortie while under the influence. On one memorable occassion, he was drunk enough that he destroyed an entire battlegroup that he happened to come across. Unfortunately, that particular battlegroup was the very force he had been hired to escort. Needless to say, the client was suitably pissed. Voss has also been known to start bar-clearing brawls when inebriated enough. As a result, few establishments dare to accept him as a customer nowadays. A common occurence before missions is Voss's crew chief posting bail and picking him up from whichever stockade he managed to land in the previous night.

He was once selected to take part in a shadowy "human-enhancement" program meant to push an individual's piloting abilities to the limits through the use of cybernetic augmentation. As it happens, he never arrived at the facility on the designated date. It turns out that, en route to the lab, he had stumbled upon a newly-opened bar on the outskirts of old Amber Crown and proceeded to spend the night getting fabulously legless with the owner's daughter and her best friend.

Due to his fondness for high-powered weaponry, he has outfitted his Armored Core with a variety of rapid-fire armaments. Voss was never one for precise, surgical strikes, instead preferring to saturate an area (and whatever targets are in the vicinity) with a non-stop wall of fire. As a result, he is constantly broke as most of his profits always go towards procuring more shells and bullets for his weapons, as well as more drinks for his liquor cabinet. Always wary of being bested, Voss has rigged his AC's generator with a low-yield thermonuclear device which is programmed to go critical if ever he falls during a mission, ensuring that he will always have the last laugh over whoever defeats him.

Fellow Ravens remark that he has never stayed with an operator long enough, as few can put up with his extremely foul-mouthed vocabulary. Even as a soldier and mercenary, Voss has been known to shout out long-winded streams of curses and expletives while unloading on targets. Due to his predilection for non-stop cursing as he unleashes his guns, the longest record that an operator has done mission control for him stands at three missions. Even the venerable Sophie Emilia dropped him after just one sortie.

Voss is currently on vacation in Tijuana, saying that he's just "looking for a good time" after a lot of strenuous missions. Coincidentally, the Ark's quartermaster, just after Voss's departure, has also reported the theft of several cases of vintage vodka and brandy, which are said to date from before the Great Destruction. The High Council is currently investigating the matter.
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
Hahah there's serious quality in the recent bios. LOL I especially enjoyed Rick's.

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