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Your Raven
(05-25-2010, 04:46 PM)NiX Wrote: I especially enjoyed Rick's.

Sorry for pushing yours to the back of the page, Fox. Tongue It was a good read too.
Hahaha, no prob, i just put that up for laughs anyway. You know what, i would really love to have a character like that in one of the games. Or at least someone who behaves like Ace Ventura in an AC setting. LOL
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
Hahah yeah it can't be that all ravens are grim and serious. LOL There've got to be a few goofy ones.
From my viewpoint, the new bio is basically the AC equivalent of a rock star. Instead of sex, drugs and rock & roll, my guy's all about mechs, chicks and booze. LOL
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
For ravens, it's sex, PLUS, and Kota Hoshino. LOL
Codename: Zefyrus
Age: 17 (SL) 24(NX, LR(“dies”)) 24(AC4(cryogenically revived)) 29(AC:fA(dies for good))
Height: 5”8 (SL) 5”11(NX, LR, AC4, AC:fA)
Gender: Male
Skin Color: Slightly Tanned
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Length: Short, covered his ears (NX, LR), Neck length(AC4, AC:fA)
Disposition: Has hyperness issues, very friendly and can’t sit still. After his operator dies though, his disposition goes to cynical and sarcastic. Still friendly though, to people he sees as trustworthy.

Attack Syle: Aggressive, inhuman even. His nickname during the LR era was Glint, because he utilizes the OB core with the Geryon 3 to disappear from the enemy’s lockbox in a flash.


He was an orphan as a child, even though he’d been the son of a renowned Raven at the time, who was killed during a mission by an unknown enemy. His only loved one left, his guardian, a young woman by the name of Serena who was also a raven, took care of him during his days as a child. He swore to become an even better Raven than his father and Serena, who just ruffled his hair, smiling at him.

During the early days as a Raven, he shot through the ranks of Global Cortex as he dominated both the Arena and the Missions handed to him. His AC remained nameless, as he couldn’t find a word to describe it yet. On the other hand, he was nicknamed the Tempest, because of how he fought his enemies was more with a ferocity only comparable to a hurricane. When the fixation of the companies began to lie in the area past the Silent Line, he himself was handpicked to go through it.

Having successfully completed the mission, his operator was assassinated, seemingly to silence her from what they had seen during his last mission at the Silent Line. Unknown to the ones who ordered her assassination, her radio and video contact with Zefyrus was cut off by the facility’s devices, and her death had been for nothing. Zefyrus had been in the hangar fixing up his AC, and by the time he heard the gunshots, it was too late. He escaped with his AC, nicknaming Jenesis, in assurance that his operator’s death would not be in vain. This was the beginning of the end for the bastard companies that assassinated her.

A few years later, he would once again enter the Raven’s Nest, under the codename “Skye” to try and bring the companies to justice. He was assigned a new operator, who he thought looked ominously like... He brushed the thoughts aside. After seating himself in his AC, He sought missions that would eventually lead to the companies destroying one another, but during one of these missions, he had activated a device that would send suicide MTs around the world, killing off many Ravens. Driven mad by the deaths he’d caused because of his need for revenge, Zefyrus promised to her and to himself that he would make things right.

Only a week after the Suicide MTs surfaced, the ruling companies formed The Alliance, and Raven’s Ark’s Jack – O formed Vertex, and in 24 hours they would launch an all out war with one another. Zefyrus, removing his disguise of Skye, rushed into the middle of the ongoing chaos as Ravens killed each other off. Daemon, the Arena’s Top 1, warned him that if he put his neck on the line out there, he was sure to die. Zefyrus accepted his fate, trying to make amends to all the lives he had taken. But, he soon found out that the killing would never stop unless shut down the system that started it all: The Internecine. Having to take even more lives in the process, eventually there were only three Ravens still standing.

Growing weary of all the battles, outfitted his AC for the last mission he would have. Jack –O, the leader of Vertex, fell to an Airborne “Pulverizer” as people have dubbed it. Zefyrus, honoring Jack’s final request, vowed to stop everything. Upon defeating the Airborne Pulverizer, he saw Zinaida fall victim to another, more powerful Airborne Pulverizer. Having only his Railgun left with him, he engaged the Pulverizer to the death. He rammed his Railgun into the Pulverizer’s Torso, and destroyed it along with himself. The cockpit of his AC was left behind, and Daemon found his dying body. Having his start-up company Aspina take his body to be frozen, Daemon looked at the remains and the sacrifice of a noble Raven.

“Your time hasn’t come, not yet.”

Jenesis: Close – Mid Range AC, armed with the Karasawa and an OB core. Gets in close and personal with the OB core while hailing enemies with Blue, Hi-Laser bullets.

Revelasyon: Railgun equipped AC, with OB cancelling in mind in order to utilize the Geryon 3. Has many variations as the missions vary, from using two Rifles, to the old Karasawa, to dual Shotguns.

Character 2:
Name: Zefyr
Age: Looks to be around 19(AC:fA)
Height: 5”8
Gender: Male
Skin Color: Slightly Tanned
Eye Color: Gold, with a red line running across the middle of his iris
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Length: Just past his ears.
Disposition: Cheerful but blunt and straight to the point.

Attack Style: Close-Range, keep the enemy in his sights, then finish them off with a steady bead of bullets. For White Glint and Revelasion, get in close to use Assault Armor, and get out and hail them with bullets or Energy Fire while they're stripped naked.


Awakened in a facility that was in a decrepit state by GA’s May Greenfield, whom he nicknamed Merry because of her sunny disposition, he had no idea who he was or how he got there. The facility was attacked by an Unknown NEXT, carrying the symbol of the eye of Horus and a pure white frame, which retreated for some reason after it saw Zefyr. He found an old Rayleonard NEXT, and he tried to pilot it himself. Much to his and Merry’s surprise, he could pilot it with amazing aptitude. He escaped the facility, taking out a few enemies along the way with little difficulty. He was met at the GA base with hostility, and escaped after thanking Merry for waking him up. He became an independent mercenary after meeting up with someone named Serene Haze, who had promised to help him for unknown reasons.

Engaging some major battles, including destroying the Arms Fort Cabracan, as well as going through half of the Arena, stopping at rank 10, he was given a choice to either defend or attack the base of the white NEXT he had seen a month before, which was apparently called White Glint. He chose to attack the base, engaging in a 2 on 1 battle, his ally being the Rank 1 Collared Lynx, Otsdarva. They engaged White Glint, who showed the same ferocity Zefyr did in all of his battles, almost mimicking all of Zefyr’s moves. Before being heavily damaged, Otsdarva escaped, warning Zefyr to do the same if he didn’t want to die. In a gamble, Zefyr charged at White Glint with all guns blazing, did a feint to the left, and Quickboosted to his right. His MOTORCOBRA was in White Glint’s head while Glint had its 051ANNR pointed at his Strayed’s cockpit. They agreed to a momentary ceasefire, and they headed to Line Ark’s hangar.

Zefyr found out he was a clone of White Glint’s pilot, Zefyrus, who was a legendary “Raven”, as they were called in his time, who was cryogenically revived by Aspina to see how he would fare in the new world crisis. Zefyrus, now dying from the chemicals used to revive him only had a few months to live. If he was to die, he would entrust the parts of White Glint to Zefyr. Zefyr refused, saying he wouldn’t take up his legacy, and he wanted to leave his own behind. Zefyrus acknowledged this , but still wanted to give the parts to his “successor”. After only two days of rest, Line Ark was once again attacked by Otsdarva, this time accompanied by Fragile. Zefyrus and Zefyr made short work of Otsdarva, but White Glint suffered a fatal blow from Fragile’s combat tactic “Plan D”. Zefyr barely managed to use his DRAGONSLAYER to slice Fragile in two.

He received the White Glint parts from Fiona after that. During the course of a few weeks, he used White Glint to do missions in his predecessor’s stead because he couldn’t leave the people of Line Ark to fend for themselves. During the attack on a special Arms Fort that used Sol Dios cannons, Merrygate was shot down. He lamented that maybe his life was doomed to play out just like his original’s, losing those close to him, and being the cause for the deaths of others. He fought on knowing this.

Soon, White Glint was heavily damaged from Totient’s Assault Armor as he was ambushed along with Gerald Grendlin during the Defense of Arteria Carpals. He used his own Assault Armor to deal the final blow to Totient, and he barely managed to get out of his NEXT before it overloaded. With help from Gerald and Lilium, along with the parts he recovered from Julius Emery's Asterism, the Totient, and the Assault Armor Overboost salvaged from White Glint, he built Revelasyon.

He received a message that told him to Defend Cradle 03. Even with his new NEXT, he failed to stop Old King from destroying the group of Cradles. With the weight of 100,000,000 deaths on his shoulders, he took down Old King with his Assault Armor, leaving nothing behind. He alone went ahead to destroy ORCA’s forces stationed at the Anti-Satellite Cannon, and to defeat Otsdarva, who was now known as Maximilian Thermidor, along with Shinkai at Arteria Cranium. He received a message just minutes after that, summoning him to Arteria Carpals. He was the one framed for the fall of Cradle 03, and he was trapped by 5 NEXTs, belonging to Roadie, Lilium, Gerald, Wynne, and one he didn’t recognize. He tried to talk them out of it, saying that Old King had done it. He realized he was framed by Old King, and he stood there, disengaging his NEXT, and getting off. Just as he did, Roadie’s NEXT was damaged by a long-range shot. Thermidor was still alive, along with the other 4 founders of the ORCA Brigade. Zefyr scrambled back to his NEXT as the others engaged their respective enemies. The ORCA Brigade had faked their own deaths to gather the remaining LYNX to a death match

One by one, they all went down, first Malzel, then Julius, then Shinkai. Zefyr’s force, as well, thinned out. Finally, he and the NEXT he didn’t recognize stood toe to toe with Thermidor and Neo Nidus. The LYNX at his side introduced herself as Serene Haze, or as she was known to his original as Serena, his guardian. Shocked though he may have been, Zefyr fought with Thermidor, and Serene Haze with Neo Nidus. Eventually, Zefyr shot Thermidor down with a well placed Railgun shot after he took down Unsung’s Primal Armor by ramming himself into it, cancelling both of their PA’s out. Neo Nidus as well was shot down by Serene Haze.

All but two survived that fight, Roadie, who was inevitably shot down above water, drowning him, and Wynne D., who protected Zefyr from Neo Nidus’ Assault Cannon. He got down from his NEXT, as did the other survivors of their triumphant battle. He embraced Serene Haze, who’d been there for him since “his” life began way back during the era where Normals were considered the most advanced fighting machines to date. They looked to the Horizon, as the dawn came into view.


Strayed: Basic starter Independent AC, but having the MOTORCOBRA instead of the HITMAN and a back Gatling instead of the TRESOR.

White Glint: Self Explanatory

Revelasyon: Rail-gun/Grenade Launcher shooting, blading Assault Armor NEXT. His final NEXT.

I told you it was long, didn’t I? Sorry for the wall of text… haha it’s as long as one chapter of my fan-fictions XD.

Um, if you want me to take it down, just tell me -_- I know it's long...
Wow, guys, where is all this coming from? LOL Did you all have these prepared in a word file or something? These are pretty epic. Hahaha.
Looks like the creative juices are running really free today. Woot
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
Lol. I've noticed. Smile
Yep, it is.

@Someone earlier who said I liked using PLUS.

This thing is, I implemented something special with that PLUS in my fan-fic. It's called Neo-PLUS, because it does have a distinctive characteristic from the normal PLUS. Azure and Phoenix need to be in vicinity to activate it.

Also, two of my chars suffer from huge setbacks because of the experiments they suffered from. Look at Haruka...
And yes, Phoenix just goes insane at times.

I gave all three of them PLUS as well more for binding purposes than powering ones. The PLUS project performed on them weights heavily on them.
Also, I had them get PLUS, because... well, they age much slower with it in my fan-fic (confirmable with Leos Klein). And I need that, because they appear 19 YEARS after the LR era...

I'm currently working on my fan-fic, and hope that'll it be up soon.
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That was me. Smile

Is your fic on, by any chance? Thanks. Big grin
Nah, it's partly on ACU (only chapter 1 and 2).

Actually, I've got 3 Fan fics, the 1st and 2nd were lost when ACO went down.
I had already started to work on my third one, so I didn't bother trying to get my older ones again.

Now, I've felt the need to write/edit and re-post the 1st one because, well, it just explains the back story and the source of the problems in my 3rd...

Still writing the 3rd, and it's far from complete.

P.S: Just summed up my 3 chars on one post in the previous page. Tongue
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I thought of that one off the top of my head. I had to make an outline for the AC:fA universe fan-fiction I was going to do, so I told myself "Hell, make the outline here and just look at it from time to time if I get writer's block." XD
(05-25-2010, 04:38 PM)Fox Wrote: Always wary of being bested, Voss has rigged his AC's generator with a low-yield thermonuclear device which is programmed to go critical if ever he falls during a mission, ensuring that he will always have the last laugh over whoever defeats him.

is he related to a certain "Raven" with Aleut backgrounds that is VERY good with a knife? Rofl
(06-19-2010, 12:32 AM)strawhat_luffy Wrote:
(05-25-2010, 04:38 PM)Fox Wrote: Always wary of being bested, Voss has rigged his AC's generator with a low-yield thermonuclear device which is programmed to go critical if ever he falls during a mission, ensuring that he will always have the last laugh over whoever defeats him.

is he related to a certain "Raven" with Aleut backgrounds that is VERY good with a knife? Rofl

Well, if you're referring to the "Raven" who once crossed the Bering Strait into Siberia, then i hafta say no, he's not related to him. LOL

Funny you mentioned that though. Back when i was still writing Wings of Tomorrow, i toyed around with the idea of a supporting character named James Proudheart, a Sioux AC pilot who would show up in some flashback sequences. Never did get around to actually finishing the chapter in which he was supposed to be introduced in. Glare
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."

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