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AC3p Discussion
Port of the original PS2 game
Tried ad hoc multiplayer, it's not bad at all. Lag appears when there are too much stuffs flying around the field. Also,the psp in use remains in question. If playing with a certain unit, the following result apears: ( note we used a Go to play around the following to gain the results

PsP fat= SOooo LAGy (probably coz it has slower processor than those of the current units)
Psp 2000= So so. Lag here and there but nothing in paricular that ruins the experience
PsP 3000= Smooth sailing. Lag appears if too much stuff flies around the field
Psp Go= Lag is not an issue,it's the money to purchase the game...

So far, this game is addicting,as always Big grin
Dunno about that, it might just be the difference between units. A friend and i tried out the NA version on two PSP2000s and the only times we saw lag was when we were having missile carnivals. Aside from that, there wasn't any noticeable lag.
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And I'm officially stuck. XD

I can't defeat this particular AC in the Arena who is also the final enemy in the only mission I can't fail at. T__T

I don't get how it deals about 2k dmg to me and it spams it. D:

I think its name was Nocturne.
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He's a fast blader with high turning speed. Try using weapons with a wide and shallow lock type (Hint: Right arm RF/220 + Left arm HZL/50) along with a wide and shallow FCS or the ROA FCS. It should help you keep track of him especially when he lines up for a blade strike. Using an AC fast boosters (MARE or FLEET) with legs that have high turn rates (066 or ORDER mid legs) should help you out.

Anyway, always keep track of him on radar whenever he goes off screen. Nocturne is one of the early AI ACs armed with PLUS/OP-I granting him inhumane turn rates and boosting durations unattainable through normal means, as well as that blade wave he frequently spams (You can get that OP-I ability as soon as you finish the game).
OP-I? In a remake? Don't they know how much death they just gave the game?
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Well, its more of a port than a remake so OP-I is definitely there. Besides, it really is a lot of fun having AI powers :p.
I agree. I like using OP-I against AIs and on story mode. But I don't use em on PvP
OP-I is a guilty pleasure but i haven't touched that part ever since 2004. Defeating your enemies using your own skill and AC's performance is much more satisfying.
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have it (finally) gonna play it when I get the chance XD

so by any chance will we be having pvp matches on the 30th?

edit: okay this sucks ... I tested it a bit because of my curiosity of how well the controls worked and decided to interchange the view up and down with the left hand weapon and change weapon buttons the thing is this action disables the disarm controls >_> man ... so do I have to get accustomed to the original setting or live without being able to use the disarm function??? TT
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I picked the game up about a month ago, finished it and never even dropped a single weapon.

Ano, laban na sa trenta? Matalo eh itatapon sa pool nila Sforza. LOL
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