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Your All-Time Favorite Weapon~!
Well... What's your all-time favorite weapon?

I'll post mine later... hehe...

But hell~ Why limit this to weapons? Make it, ALL TIME FAVORITE PARTS~

Mine's the the MG-500/E energy machine gun in MoA...
They say the scariest weapon is the karasawa...
I say it's this kawaii~ stripper baby~!

Hell~! The Silky's nothing compared to this!
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ako what else the karasawa im very fond of this weapon since the first AC ^^
WG-AR1000 from the PSone era.

As for the frames and the other parts, i'll hafta think about them first and post them later.
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The BP... Bazooka love at long last! After the ineffectiveness of zooks through out the past AC games, this one single part transformed people's perception of zooks from being heavy useless guns into competitive weapons of mass destruction.

But in terms of looks, I like the B2 NX/NB/LR or BZ30 from AC3/SL (The high attack power bazooka) because it looks and feels like a real man's gun. Big grin

As for classics, the heavy back mounted GLs are timeless pieces of art in AC.
Hmm... the old school Karasawa. Sexy mechanized death. Yum. :tongue:
You get 40 shots, yes, but 30 of those when well-timed can down almost anything. Plus, the Moon's always there to back it up, yeah?

On that note, the Moonlight of the PS1 era gets major love from me too.

For the PS2 games (of which I've only played AC:SL, NX, NB and LR), I would have to say the Mini-Sawa, and the SP shotgun, in that order.
The Finger from ACPP.

yum finger licking good wahehe ^^
I'm sticking with the RF 150 back in ACSL,

and my old reliables: the Shade (forgot the old name XD),
and of course, my GL, or GNL15!
[Image: totallyrandomkane.gif]
Karasawa, Moonlight and Finger (PP version)

The EN machine gun


Shade, Elf3, Hollow and BP
RS sniper rifle + HP handgun and just about whatever hangers for LR. it's just so stupid easy to win with it lol.
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All-time favorite, this combo never fails me.

Karasawa [AC, ACPP, ACMOA]

and the Moonlight.

Oh, if could only see an armored girl with this combo, my life would end happily.

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The energy machine gun. My MOA staple was an RJ with only this gun and an ammo pack. It was enough ammo for anything.

AC3 & SL:
XCG-20. Man I loved that gun. It wasn't top tier but it was really fun to use because each shot had to count.

My other favorite gun was the RF-150. Old reliable.

I like the RL so much that I'm already trying to avoid it.
Large Missile of armored core PS1 era..

They fire like hell(you could populate 4 of them chasing one target in about 40 secs!!) and they almost always kill in 2 hits :bigsmile: ..
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Linear rifle or Bazooka and blade will do...
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93RL, karasawa, LB4, RF-150, LADON oh I love the railguns, PYTHON, KARRURA, and FUNI. Yup, this could be my all time favorite weapon combo.

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