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liger and alligator
how best to take em on?
been fighting these two on the VS mode and so far ive only won once against liger (barely, i was left with only 700 something hp) not counting the times he got himself stuck in a wall. the grenades seemed daunting at first, but eventually i got the timing down and i can dodge them a bit better now. enough to let me close in to shotgun and blade.

unfortunately this isnt enough for alligator. the moment i get within effective range of his machine guns, hp just starts going down the drain. this puts me in a bind since i need to be very close for the shotgun and blade. its hard to out turn him or flank him coz he's a quad. the grenade keeps me on my toes in mid-range adding to trouble of trying to circle him. the only thing i havent tried is to attack from the air since he doesnt seem to like jumping up too high.

so yeah, any tips?
Liger has 6 shots of GLL. Stay away and have him use it up till he drops it. Close in from there.

And then you just need good fundamentals and a good AC for Alligator.

Winning with a shotgun/blade AC is difficult even for vets. It's just a handicapped setup to begin with.
I f I were you I'll soup up the SHELL def on my AC...

If fighting LIGER, you better watch out of the GLL and the Linear Gun

If fighting ALLIGATOR you must finish him quickly... be for he does it to you...
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