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AC4 and ACFA
need refreshment
i'm going to play these two again but i'm being playing AC3P ACSLP and ACLRP for 3 or 4 months straight and it's been even longer since i played these two so i kinda need some refreshment on some stuff i'm not gonna be specific because i'm not exactly sure...i guess the differences from the PS2 era and PS3+Xbox360 like stats i should avoid, stats i should aim for? And the weapon behaviors differences? I guess anything you can think of (except boosting been knowing how QB works and how OB works).

I would ask someone else because i know the majority of you doesn't like how AC4 and ACFA is so much different that ACLR and before that. However, I don't know anyone else who plays AC Facepalm
Raven name: Rexzo
AC name: Propagation, Melancholy, & Gotterdammerung (Soon: Omni Seraph)
AC type:MW Bipedal or MW Reverse Joint (either way)
Favored weapons: Rifles, Machine Guns, Hand Guns, Micro Missiles, and Laser Blades
Attack Style: Either Aggressive or Backpedaling

Being born with angel wings (Propagation)
Rose after fallen from paradise (Depression) (Melancholy)
Accepted my inner devil for if I fought; I would have ultimately lost (Gotterdammerung)

Having undergone these trials I've have become an Omnious Seraph

"I'm a Mercenary, I'm used to betrayal...
But power is all that matters now...
In the end, Human arrogance will eventually usher in our own downfall... -Genobee"\

Mindlessly killing is something everyone can do; however, only a few think and efficiently complete the task at hand
Tbh I like both of these games, but I play this just as some sort of generic mech game. I wouldn't really mind changing some of old-skool AC's gameplay mechanics, but changing it completely is kind of like renaming Chrome Hounds into Armored Core, if that'll ever happen.

AC4 was bearable in terms of gameplay mechanics (not much parts, but most are still useful unlike the last-gen games). ACFA made it worse when they just revamped the in-game mechanics and started making players spam QB almost infinitely, making the game proactive rather than reactive. It also looked worse than AC4 in case you didn't know.


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