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LR - Simple Questions
wat underweight tank?
I'm not sure if tanks also get the underweight speed bonus, but their air speed definitely increases with decreased total weight.
Yeah I've been thinking about making underweight heavies if that's even possible, or does it even make sense trying to build one...
Underweighted FA always makes sense!
I'll try that one. I've been tinkering too much with jackal/2 + TP and they're still a bit slow.
I started messing around with FA coupled with an OB core. It underweighs fairly well so far.

edit: It's found here.
[Image: 43-Diddy-Ballin.gif]
"Armored Core is so boring; I'd categorize it with Tetris."
question would this combo work?

birdie 2 - fudoh - cr-g69

I've been thinking of ways to capitalize on the birdie 2's low heat value.

Birdies have higher charge drain than Gull or V2 so my general rule on [Birdie2 + low output generators] is to have a AC with a very low EN consumption. So were looking at an AC that should have at least 3000 EN supply. I'm not sure if that's possible with the fudoh or g69. Why use them anyway?
just wondering if it was doable I was thinking of things to slap on my new design for the next pact and this thing popped up LOL

anyway I was thinking of placing this on a rj mid weight like my previous designs but I was wondering what I can change. admittedly I was not sure if this would work but maybe in certain situations I hoped it does work ><..


(11-01-2010, 05:12 PM)clonezero Wrote: birdie 2 - fudoh - cr-g69

Try Hazel, it drains less than Ananda yet is cool enough to be used on most low heat designs (if you are not OBing). Also the Fudoh has a higher output and lower calorific value than the Lotus, so imo is one of the better generator out of the mix if it is not so heavy.
yeah I remember nix suggesting that to me already I guess Im just stubborn in try9ing to find a shred of worth from the g69 :p

g69 -> hovers
fudoh -> tanks
aaw man I suck at hovers XD.

Someone tell me why is gavial 2 lighter than gavial?
Am I hallucinating or what?
[Image: 221918_217017848328331_100000603537747_7...4932_n.jpg]
I'm not sure why, either. But suffice it to say that the GAVIAL series is pure garbage. LOL

Anyway, this isn't the proper place to ask. I'll go move these posts a little later. Tongue

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