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Mollycoddle X Genobee
Whats the difference?
(05-12-2011, 11:50 PM)Caspian Wrote: Its Agraya and AC Comet, or is it Comet and AC Agraya?

Yah! That's it, I think It started with an "A". So it's Aragaya then, And I remember pretty well now that she pilots that Red Star. Genoobe is better than her though.
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[Image: x05.png]
MollyCoddle has a cooler emblem, though. THats my opinion.
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I'm sorry but i just noticed that the title of this thread sounds very yaoi-ish.
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
Thats the main target of the title.
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IIRC it's Zinovi and not Genobee, Aglaia and not Agraya. The mispronunciation by the Japanese got carried over in the english translation.
Anyway, genobee is just a stepping stone for you to get better. Not much point making a fuss over who genobee or mollycoodle as they're not a good basis for competitive play.
If I recall correctly, Genobee was a nutcase AI/human-plus; at least that's the feeling one gets from his dialogue when you fight him. Mollycoddle uses a similar build, granted- but was a "normal" using OP-I type equipment (as most acs in the game were at that point).

"I firmly believe there are three tenets that determine victory in warfare; and they are firepower, firepower, and more firepower."

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