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The World of AC
about the geography of the AC3-LR world *my other question*
For now I'll make it short. The events of AC3-LR generally revolves around a substantial patch of land but you have to admit its damn small for a whole planet my question for this thread is that its rather impossible that only less than a handful (I think only 2) of layered existed I think its more probable that the scenario is like Fallout where there are numerous layered scattered around the globe some like the ones in AC some drastically different due to numerous possible factors (for one different builders).

for now what I want are your thoughts about it.

It may look damn small because pretty much what we get from the storyline the events usually just happen in one region. Also take note that teh internecine and some of the lost tech in LR were just recent discoveries.
Given that there was a second Layered just within the vicinity of the first, I wouldn't be surprised if there are a third and fourth and so on. Really, it's amazing how much you don't see in the AC games. What led to the Great Destruction? What happened between Another Age and AC3? Heck, we barely even have much explanation in terms of who filled in the missions you didn't do in ACLR. Some other Raven must have, or else it wouldn't have any sense of continuity. (Think about it. Triturate was killed somehow in one story path, but by whom?)
Fromsoftware tells us that the games of AC are not connected but theres a few examples that show otherwise

.For one the ending cenimatic to armored core 3 showed a door opening to the outside and that door looks just like the one in another age were the cover AC jumped into

.Maybe its like what clonezero said its like fallout,people fled to giant bomb shelters ,maybe after the great destruction happen some people got through first like in AC1 you destroy a giant AI that looks alot similiar to the controller in AC3. also maybe in AC2 they were the first ones to get out of thier "Layered" and that would explain why they were on mars and all the others were not

.And in AC1MOA you fight nineball seraph then in AC3SL you fight a AI high combat unit (no were as hard as nine ball) in the second layered. that thing looked like nine ball but black right?

.Another thing is the way the story goes the master controll AI in the first generation AC made nine ball to keep everything in check right?maybe the controller in AC3 was malfunctioning from the start and never created such a thing. while in silent line you faced off against that AI made to keep that layereds civilization in check but some how they got wiped out and the AI was still protecting the area.

.In silent line you fight against an army of MTs protecing that layered,maybe the others did that to to keep humanity in and from contacting each other or doing things that might harm themselfs

.Then theres alot of things that AC never really elaborated on. Like how the hell did the great destruction start? maybe people went to mars and the moon phobos and descovered alien technology and made a super advanced A.I like skynet and it orcastrated the great destruction because it thought it was helping humanity and created nine ball, pulvirizers and all the other stuff to ensure that humanity dosnt go outside the region and "hurt or destroy themselfs"

.maybe in nexus to last raven the AI controller never activated and they went and explored other regions and they discovered the "lost technologies" but it really was another layereds AI system booting up and protecting from outsiders and went otu of controll and devistated the whole world ,and not to mention the very last pulvirizer kinda looked like a nineball

.In conclusion they need to make a game or remake the other games with more story that fills the fucking plot holes in all this damn subtle talk, reading mail and manuals,and so much damn speculations

P.S thank you to who have read through all this and i know my grammmer and spelling is crappy for someone in high school
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