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My Armored Core music vids.
now streaming once again.
Now that I finally got YouTube to cooperate, I can post my re-uploaded AC music vids for all to enjoy in one complete list.

Armored Core - I be an retarded
I suppose this vid doesn't really need an introduction, lol. it was actually uploaded by someone else a long time ago, and exploded throughout the AC community.

Armored Core - Bleed Remake
Bleed was the first actual full music video I ever made(unless you include "I be an Retarded"). this video was my attempt to remake my original Bleed video. I think it coulda been much better, gameplay footage is a little older, and is unfortunately against AI so its rather unimpressive I think. regardless, the vid sparked a big reaction back in the day, so I'm happy with it.

Armored Core - Wont Back Down
this one was my second video, and one I used footage of other players to make. you cant go wrong with Shadowspears epic blading prowess during the days of NB, or Mirshans sick cannon jousting and hooking in SL.

Armored Core - Blow me Away
this was a vid I originally tossed together in like an hour, when the song was requested at the ACG. I later remade it, putting more time into it, and this was the result.

Armored Core - Stand my Ground
My final Armored Core vid, that unfortunately youtube wont let me upload for "copyright" reasons they say. but a high quality version can be directly downloaded from, once you sign up.....sign up and download is free, so no worries.
this video is far beyond my other AC vids I think, and I had a blast making it. I was always a fan of the "way of the raven" themed AC music vids, and wanted to make that style my final ACMV.

anyway, there they are, enjoy.
be sure to leave some feedback, its always appreciated.
"do you know what this is? neither do I, I made it in my sleep...I put a button on it. I wish to press it, but I don't know what it would do" - Gune from Titan AE

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