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need a little help figuring something out
last raven
game- last raven
mission- attack distribution center, what are the requirements for s-rank?

i've tried just taking out every single generator, also taking them out with all the enemies, tried just about every kind of AC layout and i just can't seem to get it right

so yeah, anyone know the requirements for s-ranking it? i saw the other thread, but it doesn't seem to be helping me any, and i thought someone could give me a more complex answer
Time is the key in this mission to attain the S-rank; if you try to play it safe by hanging back to avoid enemy fire, you may not attain that rank. Here is the AC that I used for this mission:

Head: CR-H06SR2
Core: CR-YC03U4
Arms: A06-GIBBON2
Generator: FUDOH
Radiator: ANANDA

The parts are a personal preference really; any fast AC with decent AP and defences will do.

As the mission start, boost down the corridor, avoiding any missiles that the RJ MT at the end launches. Kill it off with the machine gun (the blade will make you run over a few trucks whose explosions will damage you) and blade the mini-generator in that room.

Boost down the next corridor, and waste the opposition with your blade. Remember to attack the shield MTs only when their shields are open or you will be wasting precious energy. Take note that the MTs in the next room may fire on the shield MTs in their attempt to hit you, making your job a little easier. Once that is done, take out the RJ and the generator, ignore the floating pod MTs.

Go down the corridor through the shield MTs and ride the elevator (if you have 25 seconds or more on the timer, then you are in good shape). Once on the lower floor, rush through the next room to another corridor guarded by a RJ.

The next step is critical to your success: the last room before the outside area is guarded by pods, with its exit blocked by shield MTs. You'll want to rush the shield MTs first with your blade, and then backtrack to remove the generator in the room. Run out of that room as quickly as possible to avoid any more damages from the pods.

Wait in front of the final door for your energy to recover. When that is done, make a run for the generator (now marked on your map) on the left, taking out any missile carriers with the machine gun. Use your blade on the generators while airborne will save time. Now go forward and shoot the grenade artilleries (line them up behind a generator if you can), one or two full bursts will suffice. Finally go to the right and blade the last generator, remember to hide behind the building or the starlings (laser spamming MTs) will get you.

I ended up with ~4000 AP as the AC above is still too slow to dodge the lasers - there is no need to remove every single starlings or missile carriers to obtain the S-rank. If you get an A-rank, try harder as it really is not that difficult.
I hope these help.

what do you get for getting an S-rank in this mission? some kind of new part?

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