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How to beat Daemon easily
As we all know from Last Raven Daemon can be hard as hell especially since he loves his linear cannons which can annoy the crap outta you (even more with those that play LRP) well honestly his linear cannons is the only thing that keeps him at 1st place take those out and he's pretty easy.
Q:um how?!
A:Easy just make a nice stable AC that's how! With at least 10000 stability
Q: how the hell do I make a AC with that much Stability?!
A: Again Easy look at what parts that have a decent amount of stability with legs that dominate with it
LH12-LYCAON (HW-Bipel Legs)
CR-LF93A2 (Quad Legs)
LF03-GAVIAL2 (Quad legs)
Q:But um HW-Bipel? are you sure?! they're not known to be fast and Daemon is pretty FAST!
A:Yes I'm sure i made an AC with the LH12-LYCAON and my initial (no purges) max speed is still pretty fast (391km/h)
Q:I still can't win what do i do?
A: 1-Don't Get your leg parts destroyed otherwise you lost your big advantage
2-I shouldn't have to tell you this but don't stand there like a sitting duck! (hence the reason why i didn't put any tank legs examples)
3-Destory his Leg parts like many AC battles (against AI's not against others) this will make things so much easier
Raven name: Rexzo
AC name: Propagation, Melancholy, & Gotterdammerung (Soon: Omni Seraph)
AC type:MW Bipedal or MW Reverse Joint (either way)
Favored weapons: Rifles, Machine Guns, Hand Guns, Micro Missiles, and Laser Blades
Attack Style: Either Aggressive or Backpedaling

Being born with angel wings (Propagation)
Rose after fallen from paradise (Depression) (Melancholy)
Accepted my inner devil for if I fought; I would have ultimately lost (Gotterdammerung)

Having undergone these trials I've have become an Omnious Seraph

"I'm a Mercenary, I'm used to betrayal...
But power is all that matters now...
In the end, Human arrogance will eventually usher in our own downfall... -Genobee"\

Mindlessly killing is something everyone can do; however, only a few think and efficiently complete the task at hand

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