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any good color sheme ideas?
Ok i still haven't come up any good color scheme ideas for my Omnious Seraph Build so I'm asking if anyone has some good color scheme ideas so far I only got the arm's down 200/200/200 on the top portain of the arms 100/100/100 for the mid & 0/0/0 for the bottom.

The Weapon colors are also down as the back units are white, arm units are black, and FUNI just happens to be a nice shade of grey so i just need a color scheme for the head,core,and legs these are the parts:

Head:CR-H05XS-EYE3 (Detail of the head is already 70/0/0)
Raven name: Rexzo
AC name: Propagation, Melancholy, & Gotterdammerung (Soon: Omni Seraph)
AC type:MW Bipedal or MW Reverse Joint (either way)
Favored weapons: Rifles, Machine Guns, Hand Guns, Micro Missiles, and Laser Blades
Attack Style: Either Aggressive or Backpedaling

Being born with angel wings (Propagation)
Rose after fallen from paradise (Depression) (Melancholy)
Accepted my inner devil for if I fought; I would have ultimately lost (Gotterdammerung)

Having undergone these trials I've have become an Omnious Seraph

"I'm a Mercenary, I'm used to betrayal...
But power is all that matters now...
In the end, Human arrogance will eventually usher in our own downfall... -Genobee"\

Mindlessly killing is something everyone can do; however, only a few think and efficiently complete the task at hand
Try using the random paint generator until you come up with something you like. Or look at your other favorite mecha for inspiration.
Is this close to something that you are looking for?

[Image: greedn.jpg]

Can't get the exact scheme right now, but it is probably something like this:

Base: 50,50,50
Aid: 200,200,200
Optional: 70,20,20
Joint: 90,90,90

It is a simple black and white theme with red highlights.

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