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Efficient Control Configurations!
If you have good configurations, post your gameplay style and configurations here, to help everyone along!
Guess I'll put down the config I have for AC4/FA.

Generally I mix styles, so I had to come up with a control scheme that would cover everything. This one's a gem because it's intuitive for both weapons and movement, still keeps full analog control of boost, and has (and I stress this one) an easy and intuitive way to execute the QB Turn. (!)

Turning and camera controls on default obviously; left and right joysticks.

Use Left Weapon: 360 - Right Bumper | PS3 - R1
Use Right Weapon: 360 - Right Trigger | PS3 - R2
Shoulder Weapon: 360 - B | PS3 - Circle
Switch Left Weapon: 360 - X | PS3 - Square
Switch Right Weapon: 360 - A | PS3 - x
Boost: 360 - Left Trigger | PS3 - L2
Quick Boost: 360/PS3 - R3 (Click button and turn to do QB Turn)
Over Boost: 360 - Y | PS3 - Triangle
Camera Lock (Hold to Switch targeting mode): 360 - Left Bumper | PS3 - L1
Camera Reset: 360/PS3 - L3
That looks exactly the same as mine( R shoulder buttons for weapons and Left shoulders for boosting). From LR-ACV I'm using the same layout with the few differences, namely the boosting mechanics for the ps3 titles.

Last Raven-Ps2

Use Left Arm: R1
Use Right Arm: R2
Boost: L1
Switch Main Weapons: L2
Drop Current Weapon: Triangle + R1/R2
Extensions: L3
Inside: X
Over Boost: R3
Camera Reset: 360/PS3 - Square


Use Left Weapon: R2
Use Right Weapon: R1
Shoulder Weapon: L3
Switch Left Weapon: Circle
Switch Right Weapon: Triangle
Boost: L1
Quick Boost: L2
Over Boost: R3
Camera Lock ): X
Camera Reset: Square


Use Left Weapon: R1
Use Right Weapon: R2
Switch Weapons: Triangle + R1/ R2
Drop Weapons: Down Button +R1/ R2
Recon: Circle
Activate Boost: L3
Boost: L1
Quick Boost: L2
Overodo Boost: X
Switch Modes: R3
Got an alternative rounded ACV configuration for you to test, if you're curious. Keeps mobility and weapon controls separate but intuitive. It was particularly useful for Story Chapter 09...

Controls not listed are left at default values.
In PS3 format:

L Arm: L2
R Arm: R2
Shoulder: R1
Boost Toggle: L3
Jump: R3
Hi Boost: L1
Hover Boost: x
Scan/Battle Mode Switch: Square
I'm using the default controls, except I switched High Boost with the Shoulders.
(04-09-2012, 09:58 AM)NiX Wrote: I'm using the default controls, except I switched High Boost with the Shoulders.

I did that starting out; only bothered coming up with a new layout entirely because I use wall-jumping a lot in tandem with quick-dash, and trying to do those maneuvers without being able to use the camera is really limiting.
Ya, you just gotta decide which is more important to you to use with aiming: Jump or quickboost.
The controls i'm using for ACV on the PS3:

Move forward - Up (left stick)
Move backward - Down (left stick)
Turn left - Left (left stick)
Turn right - Right (left stick)
Look up - Up (right stick)
Look down - Down (right stick)
Strafe left - L1
Strafe right - R1
Jump - X
Quickboost / Highboost - Square
Overboost / Glideboost - Circle

Switch modes - L3
Boost toggle - R3

Fire left weapon - L2
Fire right weapon - R2
Shoulder equip - Triangle
Recon unit - Right (right stick)
Switch weapons - Up (d-pad) + L2 / R2
Drop weapons - Down (d-pad) + L2 / R2
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Oh, and let's say you do put your quickboost on R1, you can still use your right index finger to press the face buttons so that you don't have to remove your thumb from the right stick. Just needs a bit of training, but it's probably the most efficient way to hold the controller.
Those are pretty unique. I've messed with different ways to use the controller, but the most adventurous I've been is getting both forefingers up to occupy all the triggers. And that take on the classic controls is REALLY unique, I wanna roll something similar through the AC Test... if I can shake the Dual-Stick Syndrome, it'll probably be quicker than what I came up with.
default with some stuff modified to mimic my lr control preference

R weapon: r2
l weapon: r1
on/off booster: l1
QB : l2
triangle: switch weapons
o: purge
x: jump
square: shoulder weapons

up: release recon pod
whargarrblwhargarrblwhargarrbl[Image: whargarrblcounter.jpg]  ...
*deleted because cringe*
Move Forward - Up
Move Backward - Down
Strafe Left - Left
Strafe Right - Right

Turn Left - Right Stick Left
Turn Right - Right Stick Right
Look Up - Right Stick Up
Look Down - Right Stick Down

Switch Weapons - Triangle
Quickboost / Highboost - Square
Jump - Cross
Recon Unit - Circle

Left Weapon - L1
Right Weapon - R1
Boost Toggle - L2
Shoulder Weapon - R2
Overboost / Glideboost - L3
Switch Modes - R3

Weapon Purge - Up [Left Stick] + L2 / R2

Not as wacky as my controls in the older AC games.
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Here is my ACV (slightly similar to what I used in fA.) Vaguely remember my LR controls. I think they were default xD

L1 - Left Weapon
R1 - Right Weapon
L2 - Jump
R2 - QB

Up - Glideboost
Down/Left/Right - Default

Triangle - Switch
Circle - Shoulder
Square - Recon
X - Booster on/off

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