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ACV (PvP) Match Videos
Ok, thats it! I'm making battle rifles!
A tank armed with rapid fire sniper cannons LOL
Blue9ball with dual pulse mgs.
Tanks can fly if you try hard enough Tongue

Mid-Air Murder

2v2 Tie Match. Seriously, I get a lot of this.
(04-23-2012, 12:04 PM)J.E_Magog Wrote: Blue9ball with dual pulse mgs.

I love this guy's vids. I especially love the hand cam.

Since I'm running out of things to build, I might as well try something similar to this quad. Any idea what gen/booster he's using? edit: Nevermind. It's SONNE/SHINATSU.
I think it's a little too specialized but it should work fine for team battles. One of the guys from MV only uses a single Arachide+SONNE+UBT-25/H on a lw biped and it can easily chase and damage my mw AC.
For the most part, it serves best as a Counter CC Build. Does wonders against mid and light bipeds too, and there are few of them running around on the NA side.

"True' CQC Sniping. Fun stuff.
lol, Onyx Star. He's really good, we had weapon test sessions where we try out different styles and innovate. This was one of the styles he introduced to me which I was really fond of =)
Onyx Star's pretty funny on his mic, too.
Does he ever rage when he loses? He tells me that he doesn't like losing and can get heated but he's never done it against me, win or loss.
Well I've only played with him in Team Free Battle. Nope, no rage fits. But then again, we swept most rounds. LOL
We dueled a lot, he's had some few losing streak but so far he's still cool. Maybe he's fine losing as long as he thinks he put up a good game or something like that =)
I've honestly learned a few tricks doing operator and seeing how most of the RR guys fight.. XD
Matches with Fygar. More on my YT page.

I love how you just dry fire with your sniper. I haven't been able to use it effectively like that, yet. Tongue

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