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ACV (PvP) Match Videos
I assure you, its quite fun. Funny things is people rage about it until I tell them I'm not using subcomps. Bullet Velocity FTW Big grin

If you're ever interested in learning about it, hit up Onyx_Star. The dude introduced me to it and is much better when it comes to taking clean shots.

New vid from earlier today.

Ya, been using No Luck occasionally. You need to catch them not accelerating, or you have to be GB/HBing while firing to boost MV even more. Really short of ammo for team/battle royale scenarios, though. But really fun, either way.
Battle royals are okay, but NEVER use it in Team. The gap between what it can do and a normal dual subcomp sniper becomes keenly evident as No Luck is a build that requires you to exert a higher level of skill, with it becoming disproportionately higher the more enemies there are (or put more correctly, the more enemies that are focused on you) .Its simply not able to carry its own weight in team battles. Too many factors working against it.
New vid. I'll have more vids up in the next few weeks.

Sorry for double posting.

*posts again

Sorry for the double post.

Using Proto-Heavy, a new AC I built.

Go on and post, the more the manyer Big grin
Sweet! Happy


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