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S-Ranking Destroy AI Prototype
Hello all ravens. I'm "new" to the series and am enjoying AC very much. I'm currently finishing up on Silent Line but am having trouble getting an S on one mission. In fact it's the only mission which isn't S.

It's hard to get information about this mission and I've tried various sites. Actually it's the reason I joined RR - not the only reason though.

In case forgotten, Destroy AI Prototype is that mission with a resupply vehicle at the beginning, wire fences, unmanned quad and hover MTs, squads of high-end MTs, and an infinite deployment of AI ACs at the end. Quite a long mission and not exactly fun replaying it over and over.

On my best attempt, I destroyed all enemies and cargo, no resupplies, destroyed 2 AI ACs and ended the mission with 72XX/95XX AP. I used energy weapons and sturdy but cheap parts - BEE, GRP, CASK and SHUT.

I'd like to know how you guys did it. thanks in advance.

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