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obtaining human plus codes for action reply max ps2 pal (for nexus and LR)
apologises if this is not a apropriate question reasons inside
Hello not sure if this is a appropriate place to ask this but been scowering the net for pal action replay max codes for human plus for a while now and have turned up cold . (again sorry if this is apropriate but desperate to find a working code) I've played/finished both nexus and LR quite a few times now and basically wanted to recreate functioning designs of both Oracle versions, nineball and other ingame acs that utilize backweapon cannons such as grenade launchers and linear cannons. I've found the human plus code for a nstc/us version of action replay max (tried it on mine however it does not work ) but have yet to find a Pal version.

understand that human plus is cheap and has caused alot of debate on its use by community. Most of the time I refrain from using Human plus/OP when playing against friends or finishing the games, however since I've completed all the titles w/o it, I kind wanted to try my hand at replaying nexus/LR with it for fun. anyone know the codes? thanks. (let me know if this is against the rules and be happy to ask somewhere else, )

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