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Competitive Building, LR
Looking for a veteran's opinion.
I'm currently running 4 ACs.


A humanoid middle/heavy hybrid.

E2 Core with Lefty Grenade rifle (Jack-O) and PYTHON.

Middleweight SL Arms. F73 sw Lock box.


MEDUSA deeks.

I'm using ss2 extensions, but the ai is too easy, so it's 5there to slow me down. :p

1701 en and shell defense w/o exts.

FA legs, gull boosters.


Old head from AC1, Boss Savage's.

AC Deathmask

Quad design with MV2 and MG weapon arms.

A LADON sniper with BIRDIE 2s and a Rakan for peek a boo. Uses RENGA for AMS, URCHIN insides. LadyB head, no radar... (Much oversight, wow.)

Uses those heavy crest quads. GP... 94? The heavy 11000 output model with LINDEN for back door cooling.

ND lock box with 990 range.

AC Flare Falcon

Sniper jouster with OB.

B81/UL2 running R69 tuned full cooling and the G... 86? The one under the 91 model.

RS/HP on MACAQUE arms with LB hangered.

Radar head H84SE or something like that.

RJs, not the GOAT... The crest ones.

Geryon 2 for AP leading. Squat thrust for great justice!

Max range ND lock box, normally useless, but great for those effing kamikaze tick MTs at that kne reactor protection mission.

AC Wonder Wasp

HPS Shotty with Gaea/LB2 on LANGUR Arms.

SAYAKATSURA on the L.Back Hardpoint.

SYAMANAs inside, but those aren't sporting in the ring.

Running G91/HAZEL with VULTUTRE2s on Jaguar2 legs.

Cicada head.

MIROKU lock box.

I've started the game again, but w/o converting. 116% complete.

I've followed Vesperas, and lurked around some of the things written by RR and ACO members. I lurk the ACgarage too.

Any tips?
You want a war? You got one, but you might not be so happy you did.
I've made a couple great resources over the past couple years on ACU that you can check out. They deal with competitive play for PvP purposes, but what's good for PvP is generally good for PvE as well.

Last Raven Frame Part Guide

Last Raven Hand Weapon Tier Chart

A couple of general tips: try to maximize your lockbox, avoid using left-hand weapons that are special or narrow/deep type of lock. About the only case where you'll find yourself wanting to use a special lock left hand weapon is if you're using Griffon. Likewise, you'll almost never want to use narrow/deep lock FCS, unless it's for a very specific purpose in a mission.

Don't try the backdoor cooling strategy. It's not even a strategy, merely just a weird concept thought up by some guys way back in the Nexus days on ACO who had no competitive experience.

Don't run anything less powerful than Vulture2 for your boosters. There's only 3 boosters you want to run in Last Raven: TP, Gull, and Vulture2. Ideally you'll run TP the whole time for single player purposes.

I also have a Last Raven Garage over at ACU which you can check out to get ideas or playtest the designs to see what you like and maybe even get ideas from.
Good resources.

SL arms get a lot of hate.

Thanks for the reply. I don't have anyone good to play against, so my builds aren't usually up to snuff these days.

Lol, when I used to play AC:AA I could hit a flying midweight biped with medium rockets, while flying. LR and NX, enemies are too fast.

Quick question on PYTHON, good bad, or ugly?

The shot velocity seems to be there, but how does it fare outside of the SPECIAL lock problem?

Might pair it with a WS lefty.

I'm always trying to make a good B81 design.

I don't have all the parts yet. I wanna run KONGOH/RAGORA on Wonder Wasp.

Flare Falcon is my mission AC alongside Rebel.

I'm going to edit the designs at a later point. Thanks.

EDIT: Back Door cooling does suck, but I have the HAZEL on Wonder Wasp until I get the KONGOH.
You want a war? You got one, but you might not be so happy you did.
Yes the hate on SL arms is understandable. They're just a little too heavy for what they provide.

Not only is it the speed in nx and lr, but the AC hurtboxes are way smaller, and the rocket hitboxes are way smaller, compared to AA. Using large rockets was actually a viable strategy in competitive play.

Python is amongst one of the worst hand weapons for competitive play in PvP, because it literally tells you when it's going to fire, and its velocity isn't stupid fast like its back-mounted counterparts, so unless you're in a pressured or compromised situation, you can literally dodge the Python 100% of the time. This casual PvP vid of me against another player at the time shows just why the chargeup sound sucks and how easily you can dodge it. For PvE purposes, I'm sure it would fare better, however it just doesn't put out enough dps compared to many other weapons, so there's still far better choices.

No real reason to use B81 compared to TP, Gull, or Vulture2. If you want super long boost durations, then use Gull with Fudoh. If you want to stay in the air forever, then use the hover extensions with Kongoh and some low drain frame parts. Both of those strategies aren't too good, but at least they're funny. B81 is jut so slow, so you'll get hit in both PvP and PvE.

Hazel is a good radiator because of its super light weight, but it doesn't work for backdoor cooling. Ideally you'll use it with Vulture2/TP for boosters, and Lotus as your generator. That way you're maximizing speed, while still staying cool.
I don't plan on using HAZEL for that.

And I see what you're saying about PYTHON.

I ran GAST/GAST a lot with Rebel, but now I usually go to RA2.

And the SL arms are certainly not worth the weight. Which is frustrating, as they're aesthetically BA.

Okay, that's good info. BTW, I'll be posting the revised builds soon.

Flare Falcon will keep the B81, but I don't play cannon squatting anyway. :p

It's just my AC for annoying missions.

Kills shit pretty quick though...

I appreciate the help.

Lol... Back Door cooling? You mean cannon fodder?

Gen-bust/GERYON3 go home you're dead.

EDIT: S2 arms. Not SL. Oh Hell no... Not even once.
You want a war? You got one, but you might not be so happy you did.
Well, if you are feeling super competitive, there are parts that are head and shoulders above everything else, like the EYE3 head, LORIS arms, DINGO2 legs, ANANDA radiator, the staple RGB (radiator/generator/boosters) combos and so on, but where is the fun in that?

Feel free to post individual builds in the design forum, including parts tunes, and your play style with each, so we can give you more specific advices.
I generally will just go for the staple booster gen rad combos such as lotus gull ananda, or vulture2 g91 ananda just to get those out of the way.

V2/g91 is arguably the most reliable and stable combo imo, hence why I use it a lot.

Yes RA2 is a bit better than GAST. Good choice there.

In general I still have preference for some Vanity Parts like Eye head, S2 legs and stuff like that, but at the very LEAST I try to keep the internals stable. I sorta avoid the usual top tier stuff like dingo2 as they are getting boring already despite their efficacy, and I hate how Dingo2 breaks a lot.

NEVER EVER, like mom said, go for forced/backdoor cooling. The idea is to almost never overheat in combat. Do not build around the possibility of overheating and overcompensating for it. At least, from experience, 15k cooling stat is okay already.

Mom is one of the best sources for ACLR advice out there, so listen to him too! Smile

You can also check out our vids in the PACT subforum here for reference on playstyles and tactics for competitive play. Check the PACT 6 thread.
Been busy all of October.

Watched a good deal of PACT 6 on Youtube.

That Pink Hover legs was good, and that tank.

Cluster or Verts would have flushed out the enemy biped.

I got lots of good ideas now! I'm going to try to find the builds and test them.

Ol' Tessy didn't survive the trip back from Jersey, so I need a new power supply.

Will be more active soon.
You want a war? You got one, but you might not be so happy you did.
Oh man, I don't remember coloring my AC pink during that tournament. Was I drunk or something? Because I couldn't remember.

Anyway, if you're interested Ardentsoul, I was using a technique called hover rolling in that video, which is basically pressing the boost button at a certain interval that allows you to continuously boost on the ground with minimal energy consumption.

You'll know when you do it correctly when your hover legs continue dashing on the ground instead of flying in the air. It's a bit tricky to pull off since the timing is quite stringent and I often screw up, but when done correctly and consistently, you maintain top speed with very minimal energy consumption. Smile
Hover legs and Cetus arms in a LR tourny; you got some balls!
Nah, Leperman was actually screwing around with us during that tourney Tongue
Clone Zero's Quad was very cool.

My power cables have arrived, so tomorrow the trials commence.

A call to trial, justice by combat.

Arsenal Tengu and that "peek a boo" strategy make much more sense now. AC Dauntless was all wrong for that.

(Don't think it was the same quad)

Who was the Cheese McSpamalot in that Gunmetal Gundam from the video against Lepermans Pink Hover?

(It was Grim. Somehow I guessed it before looking)

I'll see it latet anyway. But LORIS + Blade/ SIREN2 (Nymphe2) Extensions running UA and Dingo 2. Ouch.
You want a war? You got one, but you might not be so happy you did.
Which McSpamalot are you referring to? The RL+R3?
My Arch Angel was the one with the RL R3 with the verts I think.

Spamalot was the quad iirc.
Grimweld in the mid-weight bi-ped VS Lord Leperman in Pink Cetus Hover.

Armored Core 4 just came in my mailbox.


Is that the R. Arm Line Gun with... Uhn'noh?
You want a war? You got one, but you might not be so happy you did.

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