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Next Armored Core Rumor Thread
AKA The hope thread
Basically in this thread, we become paranoid and hopeful at the same time. Look out for signs of Armored Core development and all and post it here.

Quote:As for Armored Core, a series developed by From Software which last saw a new release with Armored Core V in 2012, Miyazaki said, “Personally, I want to do it. After all, I was involved in three games in the series. Armored Core is one of the pillars of From Software Software’s lineup. But I cannot yet reveal anything.”
I hope they end up MAKING AC FOR PC!!!! PLEASE!!! Need them 120fps smooth gameplay possibly mouse aiming too.
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Miyazaki hinting on more Armored Core. Again.

Quote:"We don't have an option to not make a new [Armored Core] game."
Geez these interviews just wouldn't shut up with the next ac game LOL
Kapag nagalit si Miyazaki sige...
Several gaming news outlets suggest an AC title is in the works among other games FROM is working on.
I wonder if they can port it over to the PC as well since there are PC compatible controllers now?
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Hopefully they are more than willing now to port the series for the PC after the success of DKS.
It'll make it easier to extract in-game models too Smile(for reference purposes)
Very true. More playmates too. As long as they don't get discouraged with the control's learning curve, that is.

PS4 Controller on the PC? The future's looking bright :3
'Signatures are overrated.'

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