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yay binalik na yung blade tracking at tinangal na yung radiator part and moonlight and karasawa still in the game parin "sabay namatay sa sobrang tuwa" xD
Oh joy!

An AC game would not be an AC game (in my book) if it didn't have some form of Moonlight or Karasawa in it. Those two weapons are practically hallmarks of the AC series.

Bite me if you think so otherwise!
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I won't bite ya' because I feel the same. Trademarks ang Moonlight at Karasawa. Tongue

I actually feel good about these changes. While AC4 may be newb-friendly, these two things in particular (blade tracking + no more radiators) should set up some interesting battles, despite the fact that most of them will seem to take place mid-air now.

Blade tracking, from what I've read around various AC forums, is making a real comeback, as in blade tracking MoA style. Now that was nice. It made it a bit easy, but it was fun. Also, from what I heard last Saturday, it's going to take place in a circle around your AC. That said, will it track targets behind your field of vision as well? Or will it just be limited to a field-of-vision cone in front of you (like how radar worked in Metal Gear Solid)? It will be nice to see.

About the radiators being taken out, I should say oh well, but I really want to say it's about freakin' time. Tongue They worked well as a balancing factor in the earlier games where it was present, but now it's just an another annoying part that you have to equip and tune. Maybe it's because Ananda can handle anything now that I think like that, but whatever.
I've heard that blades in AC4 can take out at least 4k per hit. Yeah, definitely put the rad idea out >D

Come to think of it though, tracking sould definitely be back, I mean, battles will be taking place at 1000 kph after all.

Besides that, I switch my loyalty to 3qbal! XD
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