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Weapons and myths
I knew some of this(I love mythology), but some of this suprised even me.
Okay, so i wasn't able to post this stuff last Friday. Better late than never.

A Titan, the son of Iapetus and Clymene. As punishment for his part in the war against the gods, he stands in the far west and supports the sky upon his mighty shoulders. He is the father of the Pleiades and in some accounts, of the Hesperides and Calypso. When Hercules weas seeking the Golden Apples of the Hesperides, he took the burden of the sky upon his own shoulders while Atlas fetched the apples for him. The Titan brought the apples back but had enjoyed freedom so much that he refused to resume his task of carrying the sky. The wily Herc tricked the hapless Titan when he asked the Titan to hold the sky until Hercules could fix a cushion for him to lay his head against in order to ease the weight. Atlas agreed but found himself unable to lay the burden down when Hercules ran off with the apples.

A Titan, son of Uranus and Gaea. He emasculated his father and seized control of the world. By his consort Rhea, he begot the Olympians: Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Hestia and Demeter. It had been foretold that he would be overthrown by one of his children so he swallowed them all - all except for Zeus, the last-born whom Rhea substituted a stone in swaddling clothes. The actual Zeus was smuggled out, hidden in a cave on Crete and suckled by a she-goat. When Zeus came of age, he waged war and defeated his father. After subjugating his parent, Zeus made Cronus vomit up his siblings.

The dawn in Greek myths. In Roman mythology, she was known as Aurora. She was the daughter of Hyperion and Thea. She was the sister of Helios and Selene and the wife of Astraeus and the mother of Memnon. She had many lovers, among them Clitus, Cephalus, Orion and Tithonus. Orion, a giant, was killed by Artemis. Eos begged Zeus to make Tithonus , whom she loved, an immortal but forgot to ask for eternal youth for him, so that he withered and shrivelled with old age and became completely helpless except for his incessant talking, an old man's shrill chirping, which annoyed Zeus so much that he changed Tithnous into a cicada.

The Earth Goddess whose name is the first syllable of geography, geometry, geology and other studies connected with the earth. The offspring of Chaos, she of herself begot Uranus (heaven) and Pontus (ocean). By Uranus, she was the mother of the Cyclops, the Hecatoncheires and the Titans. By Pontus, she produced various sea creatures. The Erinyes sprang from her when the blood of the mutilated Uranus fell on her. She was, ultimately, the source of all life; hence the ancient custom of placing an ewborn child upon the earth. The Romans identified her with Tellus.

God of the Sun, sometimes called Hyperion in Greek mythology and Sol in Roman mythology, although he was commonly known as the son of the Titan Hyperion. He drove a chariot with four horses across the heavens everyday from east ot west. Every night, he floated back in a huge cup that was swept along in the current of the great ocean that surrounded the world. Because he saw everything, he was invoked to witness oaths. Apollo is often confused with Helios in that he - Apollo - is the Olympian deity of the sun. But Helios is of an older generation tahn Apollo and represents the sun in its daily course, in its physical manifestation; whereas Apollo represents it brightness, its light and its healing power.

Misspelling of Icarus. Icarus' father Daedalus was imprisoned by King Minos of Crete for designing the bronze cow that allowed his wife to satisfy her weird lust for the bull which had been gifted to King Minos. In Crete, Daedalus also designed the labyrinth which housed the Minotaur that arose from the unholy union. During his imprisonment, Daedalus constructed two pairs of wings for himself and his son Icarus. The wings were made of wax and feathers and father and son used them to escape to freedom. Despite his father's warnings, the boy flew too close to the sun, causing the wax to melt and his wings to tear apart. Icarus fell to the sea and drowned. Daedalus escaped to Sicily. The sea in which Icarus drowned is now known as the Icarian Sea.

Misspelling of Selene. The Greek Goddess of the moon. In many ways, she corresponded to the Roman Diana although there were significant differences. Diana, for instance was a huntress: Selene was not. Diana was a virgin while Selene had fifty daughters by Endymion and several by Zeus.

The sky. Son and husband of Gaea (!), the earth and father by her of the Titans, the Cyclops and the hundred-headed monsters, the Hecatoncheires. He confined his progeny in Tartarus and this angered Gaea, who supported their son Cronus in his revolt against his father. Cronus overcame and castrated Uranus and chained him down in Tartarus. From the blood of the mutilated Uranus camed the Eumenides and the giants. Big grin

Anyone need more info? All you gotta do is just ask.
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
So this is what you meant when you said you were researching myths. That was a lot of good info. Especially on the Cacus, the Ladon and the Python.
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Didn't know where to put this, and some of you people might know it already, but anyway.

MOONLIGHT (laserblade in all AC game titles): This is another in-joke that From Software made in reference to their King's Field RPGs (which was made before AC), much like how they named the Karasawa after someone. The sword was a recurring item in all King's Field games, and supposedly the most powerful sword in every title. Like the Karasawa, the name stuck throughout the AC series.

From Wikipedia:

Quote:Moonlight Sword - Also known as the "Holy Sword", the Moonlight sword was created by the dragon Guyra (a.k.a. the Forest Dragon) to tempt powerful warriors into his service with hopes of finding a champion strong enough to help him be reborn. The sword was then given to the Forrester family by Guyra in ancient times and was handed down to John Alfred Forrester. In the US, through poor story cohesion management, a King's Field 2 (US) guide erroneously stated that the Moonlight sword was created by Vallad as a means of destroying Guyra and Seath and given to King Alfred by Vallad himself. This story is not supported by the King’s Field games and conflicts with many game facts and plot points.

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