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Online AC game with the JAPANESE
I dont' mind them using kojimas or anything like that, cuz if you base it off true Armored Core yeah.. most likely the big guns will be put on the battlefield.

What I do dislike is the fact they think we suck and that gives them the right to treat other players like trash.. and then.. you beast them.

However I've seen some of them be very well coordinated in a squadron. Like one particular pilot will sit on the back ground picking us off with sniper cannons while the rest of the team strategically take us out by separating us whilst they stay together. I thought that was well done.. then again.. that was after my squad school them a couple times due to them and their bad mouthing.
I just don't like their dual weilding rifle style
R.Leonhardt Wrote:I just don't like their dual weilding rifle style

Lol how do their style go? I mean I use dual rifle on mid to low rane combat.

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