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Your quotes as a Raven
What would be your quotes as a Raven when you are about to die, lose, win, etc.

This would be mine:
"I want peace... and to obtain that... one of us must die." (death)
"Your skills are still questionable, Raven." (winning/your ap at 50%)
"How pathetic I am.." (losing/my ap at 40%)
"This is a Raven's duty.." (losing/my ap at 10%)
Hmm... the beginning of a fanfic for me? Could be, could be...

At encounter: "Ah, practice."
Winning (opponent at 50% AP): "Is this all you have to show for yourself?"
Winning (opponent at 20% AP): "What a waste of time."
At victory: "Hmph."
Losing (at 50% AP): "Your skills are of note."
Losing (at 20% AP): "This is truly interesting."
Losing (at critical damage levels): "Could you be the one?"
At death: "Finally... I'm free."

While it's certainly anti-heroic, even arrogant, it suits the character of my imagined pilot, LOL. Ravens should be all cold and calculating. Tongue
A whimsical Raven, now that would be quite a pleasant surprise to hear, haha.
Here's mine...

Jaeshi: "I hope you brought some extra ammo..."

Enemy at 50%:
Jaeshi: "Darn... I my favorite show's on air..."
Enemy at 20%:
Jaeshi: "Darn... I don't think I'll be home in time... I hope she taped it..."
Enemy at 10%:
Jaeshi: "Oh boy... I won't be home for the last episode of Snailermoon..."

Jaeshi at 50%:
Jaeshi: [Chanting]"Aim... Breath Deep... Fire... Aim..."
Jaeshi at 25%:
Jaeshi: [Chanting] "Focus... Breath Deep... Evade... Fire... I think my head just popped off..."
Jashi at 10%
Jaeshi: "Where are the -toot- ejection button in this thing?!"
'Signatures are overrated.'
Encounter: "It's time to settle this... Like Ravens..."

Winning (at 50%): Hmmm...
Winning (at 20%): Come on...
Winning (critical): Accept your fate!
Win: Cruel is such fate...

Losing (at 50%): ...
Losing (at 20%): Ghosts of the past like me will cease to exist
[Image: nines.jpg]
Hmm...Let me try!n_n

Avelus at the start of match:"You'd best leave...You don't have to be involved..."

Avelus winning:
Enemy at 50%:"..."
Enemy at 10%:"I'm sorry..."
Enemy at 0%:"Forgive me...But this had to happen..."

Avelus losing:
at 50%:"..."
at 10%:"Not yet...I can't die yet..."
at 0%:"So this had to happen?"

If you'll read the pilot bio of my pilot back at ACO,you'll understand why he's so passive.n_n
To be in that extended moment...That long lasting feeling of contentment...To be alive for but a moment...That extended moment...
lol my other pilot's quotes:

"Let's see who's going to be the better one..." (Beginning)

"Keep on going, Raven..." (Your first hit)

"You're too slow." (your AP at 50%)
"PATHETIC."(your AP at 30%)
"I'll be suprised if you can still bounce back, weakling. (10%)

"Fate can be cruel." (AP at 60%)
"Tell me... what is the meaning of life...?" (AP at 50%)
"This cannot be..." (AP at 30%)
"This is reality..." (AP at 10%)

*lol cutsene*

"Ravens... had days like this." *Points right arm gun at you*
"I'll kill you. It's... still possible..." ....*right arm collapses*
"Nevermind. I take that back." *runs away but AC explodes after boosting away for a while."
*Just before AC explodes totally* "...Wait 'till I get 'modified'."
ako nga rin let me try ^^

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Before the mission</span>

"mission accpeted.........."

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>In the Mission</span>

"you're a bother in my mission die............."

"target confirmed commecing attack..........."

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>After the mission</span>

"mission complete..........."

ano ito heero-yuy hahaha LOL
Pre fight: So you wanna be a hero eh? I'll show you what heroes are made of... They all die!
Winning @ 50%: I'll kill you! And if I see you in hell, I'll kill you again!
Winning @ 10%: The grim reaper has sent a fine representative...
Losing @ 50%: *Manical laughter*
Losing @ 10%: The last thing you'll hear is your soul screaming for mercy...
"I've been fighting for so long now that i've forgotten what i was fighting for". *looks up skywards*

"I lost so many comrades that my soul feels dead and empty". *looks at opponent*

"I've been in this business so long that i've forgotten how it feels to be free". *charges up boosters*

(As the first shots are fired)
"Now! Set me free and make me feel alive again!"

(AP at 75%)
"Do you know what you are fighting for, Raven?".

(AP at 50%)
"A wounded Raven is more dangerous than a vulture".

(AP at 25%)
"Is my time already over?".

(AP depleted, before exploding) *lifts head to the sky*
(Braveheart-style yell) "FREEEEEDDDDOOOOOOOM!!!!!!".

(Opponent's AP at 75%)
"Warriors like us exist only for one thing: to fight".

(Opponent's AP at 50%)
"It is only on the field of battle that we feel truly alive".

(Opponent's AP at 25%)
"Those without conviction are destroyed by those who do".

(Opponent defeated, after exploding)
"Rest now, Raven. Your journey is finished".
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
Second encounter of my other pilot :excited:

"You haven't changed. You're still the Raven I knew before..."

"It looks like the modification is effective." (Your AP at 50%)
"I will kill you... to get revenge on what you've done before!" (Your AP at 30%)
"It looks like the heavens favor me... this time." (Your AP at 10%)


*Your AC kneels in front of the enemy's AC*
"...... My turn to die was finished, now it's your turn. Rest in peace, Raven."

*Points right arm gun at your AC*
"Thank you for the memorable moments... it looks like it's time for you to follow my foosteps."

"Goodbye, Raven. You will be remembered." *Shoots R.arm at your AC's core and you explode* :tongue:

"I see... you're good. You're better than our last match." (AP at 45%)
"This... is impossible!" (AP at 20%)
"You...! Are you a dominant...?" (AP at 10%)

*hahaha another cutscene*

*AC kneeling in front of yours*
".......... Y-you're... better than me. You are a dominant... are you not?"

*AC stands up*
"Well then. It looks like... I have to go."

*Kneels again and both arms explode*
"Goodbye, Raven. Thank you for the last memorable moments of my life."

*AC stands up again*
"Until then..." *AC falls over again and explodes*
"Let's see what you can do, fledgling!"
(AC boosts head-on, arm weapons readied)

AP 75%
"Tsk, careless of me..."

AP 50%
"That's it, show me what you can do!"

AP 25%
"Not quite!"

AC Loses
*AC, right arm, head blown off, legs twitching.*
"Magnificent...I have no regrets. Do with me as you see fit."

*player chooses to either
A. blast the AC (1 AP), or
B. spare him.*

A. "Victory goes to the superior. There is nothing more to be said."
*Player shoots, AC crumples to ground, no explosion*

B.*Player raises right hand gun, lowers it after 3 seconds, and boosts away.*
"(radio transmission to player) Remember this day, Raven. We will meet comrades-in-arms."

75% AP
"This fight's only beginning!"

"Keep your focus, pup!"

"Now we will see your limits!"

Player destroyed
*Player AC kneeling, sparks, head, arms destroyed.*
"A good battle, but you're still lacking."

*raises rifle at player, lowers it, and walks away, leaving player alive*

"Come back when you get better,
and it won't end as badly for you."

*Mission failed announcement*
[Image: totallyrandomkane.gif]

almost winning:"............."
really really close to victory:".............."
final blow:".....time's up" "KAAAAPOOOW"
win:"hello Smile "
after winning:"i'm hungry Mellow "

almost losing:"............"
really really losing:"....................."
after losing:"i'm sleepy Mellow "
Intro: I am your Deah raven.

My AP 50%: Oh your good
My AP 10%: Don't count me out yet!
dead: NOOOOOO!!!!!

his AP 50%: Not dead yet? you will be!
His AP 10%: Say hi to death for me.
The Strong shall live and the weak shall suffer.I'm too weak to know I'll win but too strong to know I'll lose.
(Snowcone's Pilot)
Intro- The cutscene begins with a close side view of an AC ground boosting into the area through an entry hatch. The camera zooms and angles in front of the AC as it brakes and stands still.
"It's not too late to walk away."
The cutscene ends.

Battle start- "Very well, you had better be prepared to finish what you started."

AP at 50%- "Incredible."
AP at 20%- "If this is the end I desire nothing less than the death of a raven."
AP at 0- "Victory... is yours." *AC explodes*

Enemy AP 50%- "Come on pick up the pace!"
Enemy AP 10%- "I want you to be serious, or were you serious that this is all you have?"
Enemy loses- "With skills like that, this outcome is to be expected."

(Ice Cream's pilot)
Intro- The cutscene begins with an AC flying in and landing a short distance behind the player.
"An invader. Sorry, but go ahead take one last look around before we begin."
the cutscene ends.

Battle Start- "Let's get this over with."

AP at 50%- "I guess I underestimated you a little."
AP at 20%- "I hate you..."
A cutscene begins with Arcturus now smoking and sparking, turning and activating the Overboosters to fly away. "You're going to pay for what you did to my precious AC!" The cutscene ends.

Enemy AP 50%- "Hmm, You're not too bad, but..."
Enemy AP 20%- "I've got you now!"
Enemy loses- "Aww too bad."
Hellraiser in Thundershot

encounter: "Heads up! Here i come!" *aims and charges ladon*

*starts off the fight with a shot from his railgun, sneaky bastard. Big grin*

your AP at 50%: "Lemme turn up the heat for ya!"
your AP at 20%: "This is MY world."
you ac destroyed: "hehehe-hahahaha-HAHAHAHAH-BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" (starts off with a mild chuckle then burst out in a sinister laugh as your ac blows up Smile))

his AP at 50%: "WHOA! Hahaha! You got some skills...."
his AP at 20%: *static* "Dammit! " *static* (frustrated)
his ac destroyed: *static*"AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"*static* (deathscream)
FRONT MISSION FOR LIFE.<br><img src='' border='0' alt='user posted image' /><br><i>RATATATATATATATATATATATA!!!</i>

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