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LR: SPIRIT laser rifle
any way to make it usable?
Despite some potentially great attack stats, its got two big stats against it: low shot velocity and small hitbox. I guess you can joust with it ... but there are better jousting weapons out there, I know. Is there any other way to use it effectively?

The only other solution is to use it at very close range, but factors against this are: 1) it weighs a ton, affecting mobility 2) it takes energy to put out damage, but it takes most of your energy to attain and maintain a good flanking position for this use. Also since its heavy ... it usually ends up being the primary weapon. And it seems to suck!

Any creative ideas?
Unfortunately, you've mentioned most of it already. But I think combining it with a left arm machine gun or rifle would help.
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The best way I can think of is pairing the SPIRIT up with a left hand WS lock weapon to increase its lockbox size, making it easier to use against opponents. However the other problem of the SPIRIT is its long lock time, almost as long as the back mounted GL, which makes the SPIRIT difficult to use in close combat. Having to re-acquire a missed lock on your opponent means another whole second spent on aiming and it will be a disadvantage if your opponent keeps going in and out of your lockbox, screwing up your aim for most of the time.

The KARASAWA seems to be the closest substitute followed by the BP bazooka despite being a solid shell weapon. Both guns feature powerful single shot damage and moderate ammo reserves at around the same weight class, w/o the long lock time associated with the SPIRIT.
I don't see the point of using it. There are better choices out there. It might work against non OB tanks though.
The ping time is bad enough. The accuracy makes it so much worse. LOL I'd choose the KRSW over this in almost all instances. HOLLOW is ok too.
The only time i liked using the SPIRIT was back in AC3. It just got really bad after that. Hell, now i'd just choose the ETTIN over it.
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Tru dat re: ETTIN. Its joustable and droppable. That being said, how to make SPIRIT work? To compensate for its lo velocity and small projetctile ... I would say the FG arms are a must, tuned for max accuracy. That's the most accurate arm set in the game (I know LORIS may seem higher, but you HAVE to factor in the aim-adjust time).

As for the lock-time ... can that be minimized by appropriate choice of FCS and head part?
Only an FCS can reduce the needed lock-on time. But even then, the ping just takes forever. And you're not even sure if the beam will actually hit after a full lock.
The arms too if you'll put into account. Helps locking on faster whenever targets are off the box.
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Well you can build an energy efficient frame equipped with energy extensions and optionals.
yep ... this all true ... I have to admit you guys r right, this is one of those weapons that, sadly, just has a better alternative on every stat. parameter. There's no real reason to use it. Its a second-class weapon in every respect.

That being said, I started the topic hoping to find an unusual solution to this problem. I think no matter what we come up with, there will always be better choices. That being said, how about stun or heat? See, if the enemy just wouldn't move so damn much, this would work Ohmy)

There are better ways to add heat than SPIRIT, but a hot handgun + SPIRIT at close / mid range ...? Oh well let's just 4get it. Any heat/stun ideas basically rely on other weapons doing their job before SPIRIT can do its job ... and given how much SPIRIT weighs, this line of designs is pointless.

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Your best bet for spirit is to single wield with miroku. spirit+hp on F73H is doable but there are many better right arm options for that kind of build.

Try this:

screens, L+, codon, golgi, histon

Just go for jousting, one punch and run style.

I use a crappy AC for fun that uses spirit here:
I'm not trying very hard if you can't tell.
I see re: the build, but one question - why not use FG arms tuned for max accuracy? I think that's a must given spirit's limitations. FG arms have the best combination of low aim adjust time + high accuracy.
Aim adjust shouldn't affect spirit at all since it's the time it takes to readjust your aim after firing. The only weapons with a reload fast enough to match aim adjust are MGs. Arm accuracy itself isn't a big enough factor to warrant using a low defense armset, especially when Macaque is extremely close to having the same accuracy. You could go for a light build on panther or vixen but it would probably drain too much for FG and end up using XS instead. Even if the drain is fine FL is a better arm choice.

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