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Implementing Right arm Laser Blades
Eheh, I'm just wondering if it's fine for Fromsoftware to make right arm laser blades for the next game.(if they are)

Voice out your opinions and PLEASE no <span style='colorWhistleed'>flaming</span>. :smile: State your answer and explain why you chose it.

YES, it should be because there'll be new techniques in blading and if they would really make it, they should just make weaker versions of laser blades. It's gonna be imbalanced if your AC is carrying two moonlights, LB4s, or ELF3s, but whatever. XD
Right Arm Laser Blades...YES, why not? it would add to the versatility of AC's

kung ang left arm, nagkaroon ng left guns... dapat ang right arms magkaroon ng right arm lasers blades...

But it should be implemented in a way that it will not break the "balance" of the game... maybe it would have longer range but weak attack, or have slow swing, or the arm has separate stat for blading aptitude on L & R arm... basta maging fair...

There should be no R arm version of strong lasers blades with long range and quick recovery strike. For example, like the MOONLIGHT, LB4, ELF3 (imagine getting hit with damage of 1780 x 2 :blink: )... L and R ELF2, LB2 would be fine, I think.. :smile:

I hope it would be implemented in AC4...

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Yes, because it adds a new dimension to CQC. Blades are already hard to use, so doubling that damage done in close range seems like a fair idea, considering you have no other weapons to rely on, aside from back units. Maybe about 2000-2500 AP would be a justifiable range of damage. That reminds me, that was the original damage of the MOONLIGHT's wave back in the PS1 games.

Now that I think about it though, that idea of two blades already exists... SYURA arms. Tongue

However... if FROM decides to create right arm blades, people may opt not to use blades on the left, and substitute other weapons for those instead. But whatever... some lefty weapon categories are nerfed in comparison to their right arm counterparts anyway, generally speaking.

You got it right on the restrictions though. Some of the part attributes of the right ones need to be lowered a bit. Or maybe, make right blades unequippable if you're not packing a left one. Something like that.

But in the end, after all the excitement on the new batch of blades has died, this will most likely be left for the more effective guns, honestly speaking. But it's a new game, a time to try new stuff out.
If they are gonna implement right arm laser blades,i think they're gonna make a whole bunch of new ones.It would really be fun to see dual moonlights(pulverizer anyone?) but that would be just plain unfair...Imagine anyone being able to master playing with dual blades...Hmmm...

Now if it comes to the concept of making those right arms blades,here are my ideas(or theory) of how they will make them:

-They might make them just like their left arm counterparts,and see what happens afterwards...From has this habit of doing a trial and error experiment on the new ideas they come up with.(remember EO cores back then?look at them now...)

-They would either be heavier,weaker,drains more,has short range,no blade wave(i doubt this but hey,the idea of right arm blades isn't even real yet right?),or any combination of what i mentioned.

-This i think would be the closest possible to happen if ever it becomes a reality...They would have a specific ratio for each of the part stats.Example,if they would make a blade as strong as the moonlight(e.g. 1600atk pwr),then it might have a huge usage drain of 7000-8000 or more,only has a range of 3 or 4,weight of 800 or so...You get the idea.It would have some sort of disadvantage and advantage.This way,all the blades would be useful in one way or the other.Each would have a specific use for different situations.

So there...Those are my ideas of how they will make them.Overall,it would be hard to make right arm blades balanced i think.But men,if they make them a reality,i can already think of designs that can abuse them...Imagine a quad with dual blades...Dual PoD...Ouch...
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Well this is gonna be off-topic a bit, but eh. It's nice to see that these are gonna be the types of discussions we are going to have. From the looks of your posts (which contain adequate explanations and signs of serious thought), it looks like we'll have deep and meaningful AC topics to talk about.

Good good. Now back to the topic. Tongue
these are the 6 cooperations of armored core 4
<a href='' target='_blank'></a>

from gin of gamefaqs...

GA Global Armaments America
Uses simple yet durable designs. High physical (solid) defense and stability. Prefers heavy weaponry such as cannons and missiles.

Utilizes highly sophisticated, all-purpose designs. Perfers general purpose weaponry with low stress (something I couldn't understand) and high reliability.

High-speed, close range combat designs, specializes in allowing sudden speed boost. Uses rapid fire weaponry and blades, and is maximized for instantaneous attack power.

Bernard Felix Foundation
Incorporates cuting-edge technology for long range attacks. Armed with highly accurate weapons, and equipments (radars) that increases the ability in search for the enemies.

Leone Meccanica
Energy weaponry focused. Uses heavy-weight designs with streamline shapes to reduce the stress to the body. Extremely firepower and damage.

Enphasis on close range melee attacks. Exchange defences for high mobility/agility for 3-dimensional combats.

(check the lower left picture of Eqbal.... either he is shooting the ground... or he has a very big right hand blade.... we can hope)
as AC stands right now, i don't think the addition of right arm laser blades are going to make much of an impact. i really can't think of anything a blade on the right arm can do that th eleft arm blades don't already do.

but who knows. if FROM manages to change the game mechanics for AC4 to be more blade-friendly, then perhaps a right arm blade may be useful.
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It's gonna be done. Eqbal ACs have right arm laser blades, from what I've seen in the pics. But then again, maybe it's just a matter of mirroring: maybe Eqbal units can't have blades on their left hand. In that case, it's just aesthetics at work. But I really do hope to see some deeper dimensions of gameplay at work, if indeed right arm laser blades are made available for all the corporations.
I think this video can help >>

Its easy to see in their arms the laserblades installed...

I think it will not have problem with handicap using 2 blades...

It will be more different if were 2 parrying blades [no energy gauge, - 4000 ap EACH + hi degree of heat]. The handicap of these is the low ammo and the already hard-to-strike delay of parrying.
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Yeah this topic is already more than one year old so any posts here will have pretty much happened already. Tongue

As it stands though, dual blading didn't really take off that well in AC4, what with dual rifles taking all the playtime of players online.

Welcome to the Republic by the way.
oh damn, i didn't saw the last post's date...sorry =P
You fire at me,
You try to destroy me.
I only evade.
Your ammo ends - My pleasure begins.
Since I tried Syura, and used it and what happend is somewhat devastating.

If yes:then the back weapon can be used without kneeling, why, then try using Syura without any ranged weapons, and you're attacking no one, if there is a weapon that can catch an AC, like a fishing rod, and better players can do it.
If no:if there is a Right Moonlight, and the Moonlight is a heavy and high energy eater, then you're energy will be gone, and charging

well that is just somewhat a theory.
and did I do the right thing?????
My first impression of you was right

But there is still that needs to be done

We must hurry
Ac4 does allow right arm laser blades and even dualing the moonlights

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