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Port of the original PS2 game
Quote:Originally released on the PlayStation 2 in 2002, mecha video game Armored Core 3 is getting a PSP port.

As with most PSP ports, it will feature ad-hoc wireless play as well as customization options. Paint your mecha pink! You know you want to.

Thanks cacophanus for the tip!

[Image: nines.jpg]

From Kotaku's article, they suspect wireless ad-hoc gameplay that hopefully supports up to 4 players. The interface looks touched up as well, reflecting AC:LR's menus.

Shit, I hope they rebalance the game properly. Armored core 3 was already well balanced as it is except for the HZL50 and RF220 IIRC. And I hope they add more parts without ruining the balance. If they pull this off, learning from the experience of PS2 generation AC games, this could be the definitive old style AC title. I wonder if they'll implement FF's auto vertical tracking for the game, which makes it hard considering singleplayer missions might be implemented.

Damnit, I was only a few minutes late in posting it in another section >.<
(04-16-2009, 06:58 PM)Lord_Leperman Wrote: Shit, I hope they rebalance the game properly. Armored core 3 was already well balanced as it is except for the HZL50 and RF220 IIRC. And I hope they add more parts without ruining the balance.

You forgot to mention CROW too Rock on
[Image: nines.jpg]
Oh and that too. I hope they add SL parts as well, and maybe the post NX parts as well. Man, I haven't been this excited to play an upcoming AC game since LR. They also changed the aspect ratio to fit the PSP's wide screen, I wonder if they'll adjust its FCS size as well?
They better get their balancing issues right this time when it comes to the AC parts; they've been making these AC games for years! Oh, and they better implement an online gameplay feature for the game.
Hahaha the PSP is getting some GOOOOD games recently.
thank goodness I have one XD

Release date: July 30, 2009

Can anyone translate the features? All I know is the screen got changed to 16:9 aspect ratio. Any word on other features listed in the main page?
what? there wil be a AC3 in the psp?? well I hope you can fire back weapons
My first impression of you was right

But there is still that needs to be done

We must hurry
while browsing I found this wat is it?????

some ac story maybe i CANT UNDERSTAND JACK XD (not you jack - o)

^ I think that novel is around the timeline of ACNX-ACLR not sure though

Release Date in Japan: July 30, 2009

[Image: B0026MT5Z6.01._SX503_SCLZZZZZZZ_V244977814_.jpg]
[Image: nines.jpg]
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[Image: nines.jpg]
Online taisen = online battles. I still like where this is going.

The best part is, I get to use BB's emblem again. Smile
I hope what I just saw in that trailer is what AC3P is when it gets released; stable framerate, unlike ACFF's crappy framerate when fighting opponents in an open arena which plays just exactly like an outdated PS2 emulator.
Rejected promotional poster

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