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AC:FA parts discussion 1.4
1.4 REGS is out in JP
1.4 REGS is out in US version!!!

What's new?
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im checking it out atm
these are some vids in 1.4

for the most part, the speed is slightly nerfed from 1.3 and the inertia has gone down as well. so maneuvering your AC here is much crisp than 1.15/1.2

BZs/ GLs and SGs have been buffed in shot velocity and accuracy overall. (except for one)

for the most part, mid range gameplay is now revolving around them as well and rifles are now secondary.
GLs get crazy buffs. The OGOTO and YAMAGA get an extra 100+ muzzle velocity, while the TRAVERS gets around less than 50. The SAPLA got nerfed to 6 rounds, which I think is just appropriate for a light weight GL, also it is the least accurate back mount GL, but still the fastest firing. Overall, the TRAVERS and OGOTO are more general use GLs while the YAMAGA is for more accuracy oriented heavy designs, while the SAPLA are for rushers. The OIGAMI is still the most accurate and damaging GL at 950 MV and 40K damage at 10 rounds of ammo.

BZs get slight buffs in MV, but the overall slower game speed helped them score more hits compared to previous regulations, they also got an extra 1K attack power for all BZ models. SBZs get an extra 500-1k damage per projectile AFAIK.

Rifles generally remain unchanged, though the GA rifle got a slight MV buff at 1050, putting it along side other AST and regular rifles. It is still too heavy for its capabilities IMO.

Shotguns as Drew has mentioned, have an increased accuracy stat, making their buckshot spreads much tighter and more effective at longer range. This is most evident with 0700 SG with its 74 shot precision.

The heavier GA handgun does as much as a rifle now, but don't worry about it turning into NB and LR's HP handgun, as its accuracy is still pretty poor compared to other handguns.

Sniper Cannons get an extra second of reload time across the board, meaning they are less likely preferred weapons at mid range and are more suited as distance weapons.

If I had to point out a particular weapon where they overdid the upgrades, it would be the NIOBARA03 hand missile. in 1.4, they get a missile agility stat of 25, essentially making them salvo firing high action missiles, and with a ridiculous rate of fire of 110, and 2 x 4 salvos of missiles per attack, the NIOBARA can easily make high homing swarms of missiles. The down side is its 120 ammo count, which is half of normal back mount missile sets. In all aspects, and performance, it outclasses the other hand missile set, the ALLEGHENY01 except in missile acceleration and number of missiles per salvo.

Minor changes:

-SALINE05 spread missile ammo cut from 36 - 24, but the missile spread seems to home in better now.
-Scatter missiles get ammo buffs by around 40-50% from 1.3
-Rocket damage cut by around half from 1.3
-R500 chaingun got an ammo buff from 400 to 600
-Plasma Cannons get damage and MV buffs
-PA Moulders get significant PA rectification and durability increases.
-Flares nearly get double the ammo, making them last longer against missile spams

Part Changes:

LANCEL legs get + 500 drain, while I'll miss the EN efficiency of this leg set, I feel it is an appropriate decision on FROM's part as it puts it more in line with other mid leg sets this time around.

The AGYROS core gets a minor shell defense decrease AFAIK

All in all, 1.4 helped heavy weapons become more competitive with buffs given the accuracy and damage buffs to heavy weapons. Heavy weapon setups seem to be more viable designs this time as GLS and BZs are being used more often online from what I hear.

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