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AC:FA parts discussion
As of reg 1.20
Okay, in this thread let us discuss the weapons of FA. What you think is overpowered and underpowered, which weapons go best with others and which can just be left to scrap.

Here’s a list of weapons that outshine others.



The 063ANAR is a hand mounted assault-rifle that outclasses all other rifles and assault rifles. It has the best muzzle velocity among all rifle class weapons at 1375, which no other hand-held, solid-shell rifle can match (with the exception of sniper rifles of course). While its damage per round may be sub standard, its high rate of fire and large ammo magazine and reserves at 80 and 480 respectively IIRC, which make it an easily spamable weapon at mid range. In contrast, rifles and AST rifles typically have 30 in the magazine and around 240 in reserve. The 063ANAR also weighs at just around 800, which is light considering its capabilities. Its melee ability is on the range of assault rifles as well at around 136, while lower compared to the MARVE or the 700R, its accuracy outmatches other assault rifles in the category. The closest competitor is the 057ANNR rifle, while the ANNR is more powerful damage per round of ammunition, the ANNR lacks the deep ammo reserves, higher melee ability, and the lighter weight of the 063ANAR. In essence the 063ANAR performs like assault rifle with the superior accuracy of the rifle that outclasses all other rifles available.


The SAPLA is a back-mount grenade cannon that looks like a Panzerfaust. It seems to outclass other grenade cannons due to its extremely light weight (listed as 1300-ish, in contrast other back-mount GCs weigh around and over 2000 and 2500), superior rate of fire, and accuracy and melee ability compared to other grenade cannons while retaining the same damage. The only drawback of the SAPLA is its low ammo reserves, marked at 12, and a slightly smaller blast damage radius marked at 88. The SAPLA though, is more than useful for middle-weight or even light-weight ACs that need a powerful direct-fire punch against slow armored opponents.


Back mounted railgun. A true railgun in every sense, a high velocity and high damaging weapon with no recoil, outclassing all of the sniper cannons. The PHACT boasts a faster muzzle velocity than any sniper cannon and with 36 rounds, has more ammo except for the lightest SC, not to mention that it reloads the fastest and is considerably lighter than any SC. The only downside with the PACT is its high EN requirement and EN usage to fire, and a lack of stun when it hits opponents. A little bit overpowered IMO due to having 36 rounds of ammo.

An arm mounted railgun with an absurdly high melee ability stat. I would compare this to the 98L Hi-laser rifle back in the days of LR, where similarities include a very accurate shot velocity and a wide weapon lock for its type of weapon. The KAPTEYN remains useful at all ranges due to its extreme accuracy and high melee ability. The only drawback is the high equip drain and low ammo capacity and total damage potential.



The SOBRERO to FA is what the KONGOH was to LR without much drawbacks. It has the highest output of all generators and leads its competitors by a large margin, but unlike LR’s KONGOH, it doesn’t suffer from a low EN capacity that the KONGOH has. The importance of a high output surplus is pronounced in the game by actually allowing one to fly (or quickboost) eternally given that he is equipped with an efficient booster setup. The only drawback it seems, would be its very low KP regeneration rate, which can be a bit problematic if your opponent manages to destroy your PA or after an Assault Armor engagement making one vulnerable to many weapons, but with that many EN reserves, one shouldn’t get it in the first place Tongue.


The LAHIRE is a well balanced generator with decent output, energy capacity, and KP regeneration rate. If there’s an uncertain choice for generators, the LAHIRE is always a safe choice to go with any design. Overall the LAHIRE is a superior generator to the SOBRERO after tuned, its fully tuned output stat can match the SOBRERO’s default output stat while retaining its decent KP regeneration rate, something the SOBRERO cannot hope to achieve even with maximum tunes. However, the SOBRERO remains a popular choice due to its overall superior output, which is very much needed for mobility inclined ACs.


A true heavyweight generator in every sense. The AGYROS is the heaviest generator in the game, but its high output is only next to the SOBRERO’s, and it also has the 2nd largest (if not, the highest) EN capacity, and godly KP regeneration rate which is the highest in the game. The AGYROS makes itself a worthwhile choice if you have free weight to spare.

Welp, that's it for me so far. Post your impressions of parts in AC:FA. Maybe we can get a discussion going on on what part combination work best. I'll work on a missile discussion upon further testing.

This gun has every practical advantage over other rifles. Ammo, accuracy, range, velocity, melee ability.
what the hell is From thinking? they should tweak this to be more like an assault rifle or just a big ammo nerf.

This thing needs some tweaking on its ammo to weight comparing to other GLs. It looses too much weight just for 6 less shots to traves. but even heavies in ACfa can dodge GLs easily.

The pitone just needs better tweaking to be a bit different from this KAPTEYN.

A ammo nerf to 24ish


This arm very common online for lightweights, as they provide the highest manuverability and has better overall stats compare to Soluh.

In the heavy arm category, Hilbert also has the highest manuverability with also good EN and probably the best heavy arm choice for rifle.
ahaha that makes my design somewhat borken ahahaha with 3 disputed parts XD not fair XD
whargarrblwhargarrblwhargarrbl[Image: whargarrblcounter.jpg]  ...
*deleted because cringe*
Great weight, great ballistics velocity and insane accuracy for an assault rifle (what do you expect from sniper-themed company BFF?), and unbelievable ammo reserves and magazine capacity, this assault rifle is superior to all others to the point that you could actually make dual rifles cheap again in AC:FA. Pack a few missiles, throw an assault armor or two with arms that have good stability , firing accuracy and maneuverability, and you've got everything set for you.

Among the energy blades, this one stands out not only for having the first blueish color and different initials (most energy blades have "EB" in their names), but for its incredible attack power, range, weight, and amazingly low energy drain as well. This, in fact, has the lowest energy drain among all energy blades, making it a very practical choice for pure bladers and occasional bladers alike.

While having somewhat low energy capacity and KP output, this thing is a MONSTER when it comes to energy regeneration. As soon as you quick-boost two to three times in a row, it recovers the energy practically instantly. Even energy users feel its efficiency when using this generator, as the energy used for every shot they fire is immediately recovered the next second/half-second. That just goes to show how powerful this thing's output really is. Added the fact that its practically the one of the lightest IF NOT the lightest generator in the game, this is truly an excellent and overpowered generator... Just make sure you don't get caught in an assault armor/missile barrage with it.

Since Regulations 1.20, White Glint arms have been given a huge increase in power, having great AP and solid defense, average energy defense, amazing maneuverability and a rather high energy compatibility for a middle-weight arm. I'd say this one's pretty close in performance to a light-weight arm if it wasn't for its weight and EN drain. The only real downside is that it can't use shoulder weapons, but I never really bothered with them anyway (not sure if this applies to others).
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I think the game is too fast for most weapons as the game requires accurate weapons as the way to go (anar rifles, railgun, sniper cannons, missiles and probably laser weapons) MGs, SGs, bazookas, GL and plasma are hard to use.
Wow, I actually have time to write all of this… only because AC:FA is the only PS3 game in my house right now (the rest aren’t here Tongue) and I’m actually somewhat forced to play and get my gear head turning due to a lack of any alternative.



Missile launcher that launches 16 missiles in a sequence. The WHEELING01 launches them in a vertical missile fashion but starts arcing towards its target from a lower altitude than other verts such as the WHEELING03 and OSAGE. Missile agility stat is slightly higher than most missiles (listed as 17, while most missiles have 15) and deep ammo reserves lend to its longevity and usefulness in battle. The long firing sequence can both be a blessing and curse, as the line of missiles can distract opponents while leaving one open to attacks due to the inability to cancel the firing sequence. Best used off angles, as the slight vertical flight pattern adds a new angle of attack and thus potentially distracting an opponent.


Proximity detonated missiles with decent homing and damage. Supposedly worked very well in AC4 and remains useful in FA. DEARBORNs seem to travel slow towards their target, but their blast radius damage to PA and the AC itself is noteworthy especially in conjunction with other weapons like a constantly firing rifle and another missile salvo. The DEARBORN 02 and 03 differ where the 03 fires a bigger salvo of missiles than the former, while the two have no real performance difference between the two aside from that.


The MUSSELSHELL fires 16 missiles in 2 salvos (8 missiles per salvo) in a tight spread pattern. The advantage of the MUSSELSHELL is its firing salvo, where there is an existing chance that an opponent may eat a whole salvo instead of a series of a single chain of missiles, which can be dodged in between the pattern. The drawback of course, it creates a huge visible salvo which can be anticipated from afar. They perform like beefed up scatter missiles (AKA micro missiles) with greater damage and homing abilities. The usefulness of this missile system depends on one’s fighting style and preference between chain firing and group firing missiles.

Sniper Cannons

I was actually thrilled that FROM added a weapon like the Sniper Cannon in the game. I’ve always wanted a back mounted, hard hitting and accurate weapon for long range purposes without having to use a sniper rifle. Their implementation does not disappoint me, but they could use some upgrades especially because of the existence of the PHACT.


With 36 rounds and the fastest reload rate of all the sniper cannons, this is the easiest to use sniper cannon in the game. With good damage, accuracy, and a fairly spamable amount of ammo it can also be used at shorter ranges compared to other sniper cannons due to its higher melee ability compared to other sniper cannons or sniper rifles. Overall a well rounded weapon though its heavy weight and recoil prevents it from being used prolifically by lighter AC units, though that is not outside the realm of possibility.


Armed with only half the amount of ammo as its predecessor, slower rate of fire, and increased weight, it pays for its disadvantages with a slightly more accurate muzzle velocity, accuracy and damage. With only 18 rounds, one has to constantly pick shots with this weapon. At first glance the lighter sniper rifle seems to be a superior choice as there isn’t much of a difference between the two in terms of performance (not to mention the lighter SC has twice the amount of ammo), however, I find myself hitting more often with (mid sniper) than with the (light sniper) at least against AI testing which lends to its usefulness.


Ridiculously heavy sniper cannon with only 16 rounds of ammunition, it weighs way much more than the (mid sniper) and has less than half the ammo of the light SC and fires the slowest. However, it is the most damaging and the most accurate sniper cannon in the game.

Laser Rifles


A new laser rifle based on the ANTARES. It provides more damage than its predecessor without much compromise to other areas, which I just love. I find this weapon just as useful as the shell based 057ANNR, as it has the same melee ability and almost exactly the same muzzle velocity of its projectile, though the AVIOR’s 60 rounds of ammo means you have to pick your shots more often than the spamable ANNR, but other than that I think this is a great weapon overall.

Laser Bazooka

Another EN weapon I can learn to love. Its damage rating is comparable to a bazooka, thus lending to its description. Unlike bazookas in the game though, it has a superior melee ability, better shot velocity (on par with rifles) and better rate of fire than its solid shell counterparts. Surprisingly, it only drains as much as its other laser rifle counterparts despite the increase in damage. The weapon is also a good alternative or competitor to the CANOPUS. However, with only 32 rounds of ammo you have to pick your shots carefully, but still, its better than any of the bazookas available in the game.

Grenade Cannons

Grenade Cannon area effects done getting its radius and using it to find the area of the 2D circle:

Blast Radius: 88
Area of effect: 24328.494
Spherical surface area of explosion: 97313.974

Blast Radius: 106
Area of effect: 35298.935
Spherical surface area of explosion: 141195.740

Already we see a huge difference between launchers despite the small difference in the blast radius stat. Let’s not forget that we’re looking for a spherical area effect, and not a mere 2D circular area effect as the numbers show above, therefore I’m expecting the difference between the YAMAGA and OIGAMI’s splash damage to sky rocket once we factor in the spherical area of effect. At the moment, grenades are quite ineffective weapons due to their poor shot velocity and the speed game the AC:FA puts a premium on. The only way I can think of balancing grenades if they were proximately detonated as soon as they pass their target (without having to hit an obstacle in order to detonate) making their blast radius work for them at any range. Other than that, grenades have a hard time tracking areal and speedy targets.

On a side note, people in RH started calling the OIGAMI the ORIGAMI due to its long unfolding time of around 5 seconds. Big grin

Other stuff:

I take back what I say about the LAHIRE and would say that the SOBRERO is a truly superior generator when output is upgraded to the max. The shear EN efficiency of the SOBRERO offsets its low KP regeneration rate, as one is now allowed to perpetually fly and QB, assuming reasonably efficient boosters are equipped, without any serious penalties (except for the low KP regen rate). FROM should have prolly balanced this by giving it a much lower EN cap, thus giving it more limited QB usage.

I don’t think the PITONE needs any upgrades, it’s already good the way it is IMO. I’m just worried that the KAPTEYN’s high melee ability coupled with its roughly equal performance with the PITONE outclasses many of the sniper rifles if only it had more ammo than it already has right now.

EDIT: Included spherical surface area of explosion for grenade cannons
@ Leperman: Thanks for lending me ur MGS4 BTW, I'll return you the favor come next event.

Rail Cannon: Phact!

I realy like this weapon over all, It's damage realy phacks a massive punch, it can be used in any range and boasts the fastest bullet velocity of all weapons ever conceled in the game(I could be wrong, could I?) The only down side to this weapon that I can think of is the reload tym and the phact(horrible pun terminate) that it does'nt stun, but then again this is'nt an ultimate weapon after all, but it sure as hell is one of the best. Personaly I don't think the shy ammo count offsets the effectiveness of this cannon, as I find myself always having plenty of ammo left after dropping an AC or 2Laser..
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So for now we have a clear cut picture of a couple of seemingly overpowered parts, the PHACT and the 063ANAR. What about frame parts? Any consensus on those?

I'll try do add some more weapons analysis later this day when I have the time.

DT its alright I don't mind, Tongue it just means I can concentrate more on AC:FA this time around XD

A few more things I'd edit in rather than make a new post:


The OSAGE03 is the most accurate of all the vertical missile sets in the game to the point that it can be considered as a high-act vertical missile. However, with only 60 missiles available with 6 missiles a salvo lends to its short longevity in battle, but its accuracy and decent acceleration make it effective distraction weapons.

I'd like to move the discussion a bit to part and weapon combinations and how they are used:

Common tactics:

The most common tactic I’ve seen online besides teleport blading is combining the 063ANAR with a missile weapon, usually the DEARBORN, MUSSELLSHELL, or WHEELING01 on either back mount and on a high speed design frame. The point is to constantly keep the pressure on the opponent by using a various missile and gun fire from multiple angles (usually from the air and QBing like mad on various angles while making sure not to lose sight of the opponent) and overwhelm a target.

Proven weapon combinations:

Dual 063ANAR + MUSSELSHELL/WHEELING/DEARBORN (any combination of the three or other missiles in the bunch)

A fairly common combination in online matches. The barrage of missiles and accurate rifle rounds makes it useful for highly mobile combat against a wide variety of enemies. The ANAR works like how the SRFL/70 worked in SL in conjunction with the RF-160, but this time a barrage of missiles complement the offensive. QBing in the air replaces the OB rush that people used to do to dart in and out of combat engagement ranges. This Weapon combination works very well for fast and min ACs due to mobility in the air where they can constantly keep tabs on an opponent while remaining out of their sight.

Theoretical weapon combinations:

Sniper Cannon + Grenade Cannon (ANSC050 + TRAVERS for example)

The combination high velocity stun weapon with a slow, but high damage weapon sounds appealing at first thought. The trick is to fire both weapons at the same time in order for the SC to hit and hopefully stun an opponent long enough for the subsequent grenade round to score a direct hit or at least the blast damage. Great against ground targets, but the grenades will most likely miss when used against aerial targets, making only the sniper cannon the effective weapon in such situations. Theoretically sound, but unproven in practice. The lack of proliferation of this weapon combination among players suggests that it’s less effective as it sounds or it just hasn’t caught on yet.

L back Sniper Cannon + R arm Sniper Rifle, L arm Laser Bazooka + R arm OSAGE03 (or 063ANAR and WHEELING01) and vert extensions.

This weapon combination allows for both the Sniper Cannon and Sniper Rifle to be readied and used at the same time, as well as the missiles and L arm weapon at the same time. The point is to overwhelm an opponent at extreme distances while having an all purpose mid to short range weapon system for use when an opponent decides to enter close mobile combat ranges where QB and missile do a better job at dealing damage. Good for heavy setups with enough weight to handle the weapons, especially the heavy sniper cannon.

Setup was inspired by one of Imori’s heavy AC4 tourney AC.

Any inputs regarding these? I haven't really tested them, I'm just messing with them in my mind while at work.
How about Blade tracking + Assault Armor?

it practically turns your AC into a kojima missile
(12-06-2008, 10:46 AM)atdsutm Wrote: How about Blade tracking + Assault Armor?

it practically turns your AC into a kojima missile

Haha nice. I like the thought of that.
I think that's actually quite workable despite the risks. You just have to beat your opponent to the punch at AAing though, or else you're the one who's gonna end up with no KP and a lot more vulnerable to attacks Tongue. Otherwise, I think its workable.
X_X ehehe advance tactics Im suddenly getting scared of the meet on the 27nth XD
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*deleted because cringe*
Missiles and a Bazooka

POPLAR01 High Act missiles

High Action missiles that fire 4 missiles a salvo with above average tracking, but slightly lower acceleration than most missiles. While a fast AC can outrun them, in the heat of a CQ battle these missiles just track an fly toward an opponent despite the all the QBing in between, making them good for setting up attacks or as a short range missile set. Its small salvo and slow acceleration work to its advantage by allowing other weapons to be mixed immediately after its short launch sequence, where one can mix other weapons into the mix while missiles are still in their flight path, thus adding confusion for an opponent. In a nutshell, they are true fire and forget weapons.

OSAGE03 vertical missiles

The OSAGE03 is the most accurate of all the vertical missile sets in the game, to the point that it can be considered as a high-act vertical missiles. However, with only 60 missiles available with 6 missiles a salvo lends to its short longevity in battle, but its accuracy and decent acceleration makes it very effective distraction weapons. In essence they function like High Act vertical missiles due to their accuracy and speed, which like the POPLAR, can be used in a variety of ways, though their limited ammo may limit their use.


I’m biased for Bazookas, because of my tendency for heavy weapons, and the BROCKEN is my favorite along side the BP (There is a BP bazooka in FA) and the spread bazooka. The BROCKEN features the fastest muzzle velocity, fastest fire rate, and largest melee ability of all bazookas in the game, making it he most accurate bazooka for any range in addition to being the lightest in weight. It is also the weakest of the bunch, with only 8K-ish attack power per round, and with only 35 rounds in reserve, one has to be picky of shots even at its effective range. In contrast, other bazookas have 40 and 52 rounds of ammo in reserve and have damage ratings listed at the upper 9K and 11K levels, in addition the BP has a muzzle velocity slightly lower than the BROCKEN’s thought the difference is still significant.

Its melee ability allows it to be used at close range, similar to the laser bazooka. Come to think of it, both the laser bazooka and the BROCKEN fulfill the same roles, but one is much more accurate at the expense of EN usage while the other one fires faster and does not consume EN, but pays with it with significantly lesser accuracy. It will depend on one’s design approach on which weapon to equip. IMO the laser bazooka is a superior weapon, but due to the BROCKEN’s lack of EN consumption, its more compatible with mobility based designs, as it allows them to save precious energy for mobility use.

LR’s BP bazooka is still the best bazooka ever IMO Tongue

Chaingun and some back mounted laser weaponry

R500 Chain Gun

A low damage and accurate back mounted machine gun would best describe this Rosenthal Chain Gun. With a muzzle velocity similar to most rifles and assault rifles, it is the most accurate fully automatic weapon in the game. Its high rate of fire and accuracy make up for its low damage per bullet, and its high melee ability (on par with hand MGs) ensures that opponents can easily be tracked while having greater range than most hand mounted MGs. Still, it is very weak on its own and is usually paired up with more heavy hitting weapons. Typically used against more mobile units at close range.

EDIT: I take back what I said about its low damage ability and would say it does almost zilch damage on fully PA'd enemies.

O300 Laser Cannon

A light and fairly damaging EN cannon with a decent ammunition supply. A basic backmount laser cannon with enough accuracy (Similar to a rifle) for mid distance engagements, while having EN damage comparable to that of a solid shell bazooka at around 9.4K. Its performance is balanced with its slightly average melee ability for a laser weapon at 70 and its long cool down cycle, making the weapon more suited for fast hit-and-run engagements than in extended shootout strategy, as when using rifles. A light and good weapon overall, if you can get past its long reload cycle.

ACRUX backmount dual hi laser cannon

I’d like to think of this as a beefed up version of the CANOPUS or a SIRUS. It fires twin beams whose total damage reaches around 15K with decent accuracy, above average melee ability (for an EN weapon) and weighing just as much as the CANOPUS. A truly superior weapon if you’re looking for a beefier upgrade from the light backmount laser cannon, and on the plus side it looks really cool with the wing effects and all. Tongue

I think I'll do some weapon arm analysis by tomorrow, does anyone have a particular weapon they'd like to discuss?

On a side note, I'm having trouble finding effective weapons for a heavy except for sniper cannons, any suggestions?
I personally like the spread bazooka and the arm-mounted gatling gun on heavies, although sniper rifles aren't a bad choice is you're using sniper's arms.
[All systems online. Kojima output normal. Synchronizing AMS Compatibility... Done. Engaging Primal Armor... Done. All systems green. Firing main boosters.]
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takte nakakainggit talaga me mga ps3 (albeit the large eletric bill XP)
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