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if anyone can write reviews/ opinions, etc. on each part fell free to do so. i'l keep updating.

[Image: AC-HEAD-PARTS.jpg]

[Image: AC-CORE-PARTS.jpg]
Did you take all of those by yourself? Blink
Im guessing he did, and it is really nice work.

I noticed that some said "Equip" on them and i could just imagine what some of your ACs look like.
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Use the pix for the builder? Tongue
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Lol, this is like the fourth reply to this topic and not one of us has made any substantial contribution. Tongue
if you insist:

U2 - UA banned? use this. Smile)

S3 arms: well balanced middleweight arm set. nothing stellar. the low blade proficiency stat suggests that this should be used for dual-wielding.

A72F - lighter than the S3. more heat resistance and solid def. weak en def. seems like a decent arm for blading. nice reaction/recovery speed for its class.

SR - looks like a usable head to me. i don't know why. Big grin

SL - underappreciated lightweight arm set because everyone else is whoring out the XS/MACAQUE/FG/FL Tongue. pretty good actually.

LADYB - man, i love this head. it's heavy but it has great core stats.

S3 head - the most durable S-series head, IMO, assuming you opposition whores out "breaker" weapons like the GL or GAYRON3. (GL can break the cougar2 and mafly in 2-3 shots).

U3- only use this when you want an extra 2 slots and cannot afford the draniness of the U4/5.
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